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I’ll be good, with the last drop!

That’s right I’ll be good when I get the last drop of coffee out of this mug. Past my teeth, beyond the tonsils, and down the hatch. It travels the normal pathway untill it gets into my bloodstream, racing along untill the caffeine hits my brain. Signals then sent from my brain, to the heart, saying “Speed it up buddy, he is awake now. So lets get-er-done!!” Well in a perfect morning at least. But today, monday morning, and those don’t always go as smooth or as planned. Besides perfect is all in the definition of it. Some mornings just have a little different kind of perfect to them. This monday morning may be just that way?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Followed by the usual music being played on the radio alarm-clock. My eyes just a crack, enough to find the glowing alarm, then hitting the button, turning the damn thing off!

“Crap! Its morning again and got to get to work.” I was thinking and sleep whispering all at the same time. ” just a few more….”

Beep! Beep! Beep! slapping the off button a bit harder this time. Just frustrated because its morning. Not that I hate mornings. But the working mornings are the worst. Throwing back the covers just enough to get my legs out and myself sitting on the edge of the bed. Stretching my arms up till they are touching the sky, and turning my head from side to side, loosing up a bit before making the final plunge, feet to the floor and assuming the standing position. Yet somewhat asleep still.

No sooner than my feet hitting the floor then I get the unexpected different alarm awaking. Standing on the cat’s tail! She lets out the loudest of screams! Followed by cat claws running up and down my legs or so it seems. My heart is now pumping without the aid of coffee, practically knocking me back into bed.

” Come on! For real? Out of all the places, on my side of the bed?” I was yelling in my mind, but trying to be some what quietly yelling at the cat. So not to wake-up my wife. Knowing her, she is laughing quietly, faking being asleep while just listening to me moan and groan.

Retrying to get back to a standing positions on solid ground. I start to make my way to the dresser. I’m using my feet as if I were blind. Slowly sliding one leg forward and then back and forth, followed by a slight step forward. My version of a blind mans white cain, all to avoid any more unexpected surprises. Once at the dresser I pick out some new clothes for the day. All by the use of my senses, touch and feel of course.

Without turning on the lights I make my way to the bathroom and place my new cloths on the vanity. Then I make my way down the hall into the kitchen. Here is where I can finely turn on some lights, that won’t disturbing my love. Although my eyes are now somewhat used to the dim low light situation. Despite that I turn on the lights! Forgetting that we changed the 50 watt lightbulbs with something like the light of GOD!! Instantly blinded once again, like looking into the direct sunlight. Now I know just what a cockroach is saying, or thinking when someone turns on the light. The same thoughts are running through my mind. I need coffee now more than ever! Fumbling around the coffee pot and sink I get the magic into the brewer, and with a some frazzled nerves so far this morning, I press the button to start the process. Finlay relief, with the first sounds of coffee brewing. The nerves calming down some what, with the sound. So it is for the caffeine addict in me.

With a few minutes before the coffee is drinkable, I turn off the lights and make the blind man walk back to the bathroom. Kind of multitasking, making coffee and now for the three “S’s” ( Shower, shave, shine, ). Once in the bathroom with the door closed, and with a flip of the switch, the familiar flash of light leading to temporary blindness once again. But this time I’m more prepared for it. I must be more awake.

After the three “S’s” my mind is drawn into the coffee’s mind-set. Telling my body to function in the manner of feeding the addiction, the sooner the better. Without real thought my feet take over and with the body along for the ride, we all scamper back into the kitchen. cupboards open and close, finding the biggest mug among the collection of mugs. The refrigerator opens and closes loudly, as arms and hands retrieve the cream. Everything seems like a well orchestrated well run machine. My eyes just seem to look at the production the mind is putting on. I never knew that making a mug of coffee was so entertaining before. Yet it was nothing but the selfish mind looking to use everything at its disposal, accomplishing the task of feeding the addiction. If it were up to the mind only, we would have a direct line of an IV, pumping caffeine into the system 24-7. With my mind using the body like a run away train, the noise is too much for my wife.

” Hay! You out there. Just what the hell is all the noise all about?”

The mind has the body briefly stop to call out the prepared answer. ” Nothing dear! ” Then back to the blizzard of activities.

” That’s not nothing! What gives? Are you…”

“Yes I’m making you coffee dear! You caught me red-handed. Be there in a few.”

Just what the mind needed. Now making a second mug without even having taken the first sip of this one. It is all about the cover story, and then the follow through. This hides the true addicts motives. Finishing up the second mug of coffee, but just before delivering the coffee to the queen of my life in bed. The first sip of my coffee…. With trembling hands the lips slightly part and the liquid libation is delivered to the taste buds. With signals delivered to the brain, confirming the liquid containing caffeine is in fact coffee, the nerves are quieted down with the calm of an addict receiving his first fix after a long dry spell.

“Here you go honey. Your coffee on this wonderful morning.” I present a perfect mug just the way she likes it.

” So what is the special occasion? ”

” Oh nothing! I just thought you would like to have some before going to work, so why not in bed?” Smooth. Very smooth, great cover mind. I’m thinking. Sounds so much better than I’m just feeding my addiction!

” That’s nice but you do know that it is sunday morning, right?”

“What!” The mind is laughing inside I’m sure. This body is so easy to manipulate, what would all of those parts do without the mind? Thoughts running wild, while the facial expressions are fully hiding the true motives of the early morning activities.

“So, After your coffee we can snooze a few more minutes / hours, since it is Sunday then!”

My wife looking somewhat tired still, finishes up hers, and then we snuggle up together. Seem like a snap of my fingers and she is fast asleep once again. As for me! Well with coffee’s caffeine fully taken over my body and mind. The chemicals and mind trickery erasing all weariness from me. I lay there having to listen to the quiet sounds of the tick, tick. tick, tick, the mocking of the alarm clock. With each second ticking by as if to say. ” Who’s your daddy now!”

I’m really beginning to hate Mondays with a passion. Because weekends are just to short, made ever shorter by abusing caffeine. Tick, tick,tick…….

All the best.

About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


One thought on “I’ll be good, with the last drop!

  1. damn!!! I hate when that happens!!!!!

    very funny post!!!


    Posted by BuddhaKat | April 21, 2012, 6:21 pm

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