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Human bulldozers!

Human bulldozers! What? How can a human be a bulldozer? Yes that’s what I must have thought when it happened, but there I was and it was just a new fact of life now days. People! Love them, or just hate them? Each of us must pick as to which one it will be. To those who hate them ( people in general as being ” Them ” ) Just a short observation. Save the world from all of your hate and lock yourself away and hate at will, or all that you want, with in your own self-imposed prison. But if you crawl out from under your rock… hate in compleat silence and keep it to yourself! No exceptions please! If you love them ( people in general I’m speaking again) love the differences and one at a time please! It is the differences that makes, all of us in the world worth discovering. love is truly in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure that someone out there in the real-world thinks that a bulldozer can be, or to some are completely SEXY!

Recently some occupy people were protesting in my neck of the woods. Something about the military sending supply by railway to the port, for shipping overseas. War is hell all by itself, but then people who love to protest war don’t think about that at the least. They only see the world as what they want it to be. Even if it is unrealistic. Thinking to-day we have professional protesters whose interest is only to bitch about something. So their protests are more of a self-directed and misguided protest. May I add. Their protesting the men / women in the military that have no choice in the where and when. They simply must go to war if so order. These protesters should protest their politicians not the grunts carrying out the orders given. But these protesters by protesting, just decided the way to go is, getting in the way of the trains transporting war supply. Apparently these protesters didn’t know, or care to find out about trains. This mother who brought a little girl to the protest, then decided to use her ( The girl ) as an ultimate manipulation, just standing her ground against the on coming train. STUPID! STUPID! BITCH! (sorry about the word Bitch.) But some times stupid should be just paralyzing painful! Stopping stupid in its tracks. If some one, then still chooses stupid over good reason. In just such an instance… well extreme pain…. survival of the fittest is the rule, that rules the day.

She was asked by some news reporter as to what she was thinking? The answer… ” Well they should have seen myself and daughter and stopped the train. But they just kept on coming! Who does that?” Pain.. extreme pain I say. How did this brainless  person become a mother, and how will she pass-down survival skills to her daughter? Well even the stupid can multiply I guess. But with regards to the train stopping? Well these trains can take up to a mile to stop. Depending on the speed and the amount of weight of all of the freight and cars pushing on the engine. In short! THEY DON”T STOP ON A DIME! Oh ya! the engineer saw you and your daughter all right. But despite applying the brakes just had to sit there and watch with horror. Ever thought about these brave men and women who have to live with this for the rest of their lives? Despite applying the brakes, they have to watch stupid in action, unable to do anything for the survival of the helpless kid placed in harm’s way by their parent.

Just like this women, there are people who do this kind of thing with their driving as well. Yes they do! Not that they are protesting anything. But maybe getting to work faster? They cut off a semi-truck just so they can see or take the next exit. Maybe thinking they will move faster, or just thinking they are moving to slow and… or getting off the starting line with too much speed so…. Only finding out traffic is holding up the speeder drivers from moving faster. The truck is moving with traffic after all. Once again these drivers explain to the police officers who are investigating the accident they cause. “Well they have brakes and should have seen me instead of hitting me.” The pain of stupid just wasn’t in the injuries they certainly suffer by getting into the accident. But should have been accidents preventing paralyzing pain. ( Just a dream I know. But one can dream.)

The problem with evolution is….. 20 million years later or so and stupid keeps finding some how to adapt and survives another day. How? Stupid, shouldn’t be smart enough to survive or adapt. Extinction would and should have been its fate. The only other way for stupid to survive, is for people who are just on this side of the border line of stupid, who then tend to save the more stupid, in order to disguise themself’s, that their lacking in IQ points. No other way to explain it!

Walking along on a sunday afternoon. A day out on the town so to speak with my wife. We were trying to take in some community event. Tones of people! So true to form. Put lots of people into a small place and you get people who think they should have privileges over everyone else.

At first I started noticing that people with baby strollers, were just pushing through the crowds. In some cases they were just bumping into people or at other times, they were just going ageist the grain of movement. You know? People have this herd mentality, and move along with other people in the same direction, speed, and pace. Like lanes of traffic, some going to the event and others leaving. Some Moms and Dads with strollers just think people will see they have a baby, hopefully stopping in their tracks. Clearing the way for them. So people are using the defenceless baby’s as the human bulldozers. Going through the crowds like virgin ground, clearing the human trees.

I try to be polite with people. I’m in no real hurry when I’m out on the town with my wife. After all, we are just enjoying time spent together. No need to hurry through our day. But if anyone knows how to get some extra hours on days like that please drop a line and let us know.

But when people use kids like this just because they feel entitled to do what ever they wish, with no regards to their kids safety, I then have problems with people at times! Getting bumped into, time and again. I can handle alright. But getting knocked down and then having insults hurled at me. All because I didn’t see them, when they were the ones that hit me… Then yelling at me without checking first with their kid to see if they are okay, then checking with me for the same thing. But no! Choosing to yell at me, as part of the verbal training of their kids on how to sware at strange people in public, as the lesson of the day. The training, all good parents should teach their kids on how to be great human bulldozers some day.

The only thing these people could find to meet their match, was this old guy in a wheelchair. After all who is going to hurl insults back in the direction of little kids and stupid? After the collision this parent just broke into the same routine. Yelling first before realizing they plowed into an old man in a wheelchair. This old guy didn’t have too much patience either. Nor did he like kids and just out swore the parent. so the parent just strolled away at a high rate of speed.

Just where are they going so fast as to use their kid’s stroller as the bulldozer to clear a pathway through the sea of humanity, come hell or high water? The beer garden! The stroller parked just outside with one parent on guard and the other drinking down a beer quickly, after a while, giving in to the old switch-ola of parents and the responsibility’s of guard duty’s of the bulldozer.

I don’t know about you? But there should be a new attraction in town. Two screaming stone sculptures of paralyzing stupid people permanently pushing an empty stroller! In excruciating pain may I add! As the new art works in the park. Named, the human bulldozer! ( The stroller has to be empty to give a signal to everyone else that these kind of people just should not be parents.) For these parents who had no regard for their kid, or other people. Who had to cross through what seemed like impossible crowds of people. People who would have only liked to enjoy some sun, spending time with loved ones, while out and about, just enjoying life itself. But then.. stupid people had to get their beer fix! Like a crack cocaine whore at a free crack cocaine giveaway in the middle of the buzzy freeway. With no regard to anyone else’s enjoyment of a sunny day. Or their personal safety, net alone their kid’s safety. For them BEER was just more important!! It is one thing if you choose these kind of actions on your own, to play in the middle of the freeway of sorts. But bringing your kids into the picture just to gain an advantage for yourself? Shows compleat selfishness on your part! The mom by the way, looked somewhat like the person who was on TV saying “The train should have seen them and just stopped on a dime!”

Small kids should be asking their parents or anyone who will be listening to them… ” Hay why are those stone statues screaming while pushing a stroller?”

“Oh! That’s what happens to people who are really stupid! So do your home work and never become a stupid people.” Is the answer that should be given..

” Why are they screaming?”

” That’s because stupid also hurts really.. really bad!!”

I say Never use or abuse your kids! Life’s gift to you should be great pain, for those who have no greater importance for their kid’s, only to be used as a human bulldozer, in order to get your way. If you feel like this Just never leave the house untill your kids are adults and moved out on their own. Save the rest of us in having to deal with your stupidity. Better yet! Don’t have kids in the first place!! It is better for the kids that way. As for these kind of parents… who love beer more than kids. You deserve a special place to live out your addictions all alone. Go to hell with your misguided attitudes and your use of The human bulldozers!

At least I feel better now!!

Kid’s… must have a greater value to you, then even yourself, If your going to have them!

In dealing with the public in general. People have to know their own limitations!!

All the best!


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