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Social justice or Religious masturbation of sorts!

“A person changed against their own will, is of the same opinion still!” Quote unknown.

When writing about religious things, I have always recognized that we all have different views, different beliefs, because we hold these views close to our hearts religious conversation / writings, can and often does start arguments. Having said this, I must also say it is my true intent for people to have at least an open mind to my points. It isn’t my intent to start an argument, or leave readers with ill feelings towards what was written. But rather open your minds to a problem. Often it is the same problems with in ourself’s. At least I have found this to be true within myself.

Improvements can not be made, until we have a compleat willingness to recognize where the improvements need to be made. Then all that is left to do… IS JUST GET OFF OUR OWN BUTTS!!

Thomas Jefferson said ” Question with boldness even the existence of God: because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason then that of blindfolded fear!” ( Jefferson The 3rd president 1801 – 1809, author of the declaration of independence.) Jefferson must have read this in the bible expressing his thoughts in his statement ( Matthew 6:1-4 )

I have recognized that lately government and the politicians who make up government are trying to bend our hearts and minds using religion of sorts / or religious quotes, speech, attitudes, or values, in an effort to gain more power over us all. All over the world it is not all that different. It can be said that it is government’s efforts to socialize religion, taking advantage of common believes. But if government gets involved in this kind of socialization, doesn’t it also diminish these religious value systems, and beliefs, even to the points of nationalization of morals. Should we, or could we clams any morals nationally? Should we even have such a mind-set as a nation? Despite the nations make up of 97% or so who clams a religious belief of some sort in America, does our government have to reflect our individual beliefs? Should government then have a moral code of ethics all on its own? Should government just reflect the moral effects of the population as a whole? All the while recognizing we all must certainly have differences with regards to religion, and religious beliefs.

Most people have heard of ” separation of church and state. ” ( State being used as the description of a nation, rather than describing different states in this union.) But most have different opinions of what was the common belief at the time of our founding in the USA. The common belief was that on a national scale, there should be no central government who would impose their moral values or version of religion, onto its people. Yet they left the door wide open for individual stats to have, if they wished to create their own say so, on this issues of religion. With the freedoms to be able to move from state to state for any portion of the population if they should choose. ultimately giving us a vote with our feet, should differences of opinion arise. This would then preserve the ability to have, individual religious Liberty.

Today we have a governmental opinion as well some portions of the population has this same opinion in common. The opinion of ” Being offended as being wrong!” The common beliefs then are ,”so corrections must be made for those that are offended.” Which often leads to offending everyone all the same time. It is in this war on being offended some how or correcting every offence no matter how small. Is where the government always seeks to find a perfect compromise. They have convinced themself’s it is the job of the government to always find a compermize.But what they don’t realize is no one can not compromise with the devil! Doing this will only lead to disasters. Because the devil is always in the details!

Lets face it people, if all we are doing is looking for an offence of some kind. Then we will often find 2 or 3 more.

In an attempt to ( Finding a compromise with the devil) the government often uses catch phrases like ( Helping the least among us, Social justices, equality for everyone, equal human rights…ect) Not that these things are wrong in a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world, now do we? When we also consider government doesn’t have the perfect motives involved within any social issues. We now can see there is practically an open door for corruption on a wholesale scale, when evaluating governmental motives.

Power corrupts everyone, and everyone is corrupted by too much power absolutely.

” Government is evil, but a necessarily evil! “  ( Gorge Washington out nations 1st president )

Using terms like those already pointed out, is just misguided charity! All the while it is impossible for governments to act with a true charitable motive factor. In fact a government receives moneys from its people in the form of taxation. Taxes are taken from people by force. Charity is supposed to be given by people from love. A free choice!

With religious liberty those who profess religion, also have some social responsibility’s. Charity is just one of those responsibility’s. Yet with the common standard of charity most of us living in modern society have seen the lines become blurred. The common comment is ” I gave at the office.” with regards to someone raising money for some charity. A true statement when we consider, Taxes paid by force. A government then deciding who, what, where all that money is going. But only after they skim of the top to cover the overhead costs of government officials. So in all, maybe 2 out of every 5 dollars makes it to someone in need.

Years ago the churches of any community were not only the corner stones of the community’s. But a refuge for anyone who needed some kind of help. The people also were more likely to help out strangers, then we tend to do today. Just an observation of sorts.

Take Benjamin Franken for instance. He said ” The national religion of America is charity! The charity of neighbor helping neighbor.”   

In the bible it says ” God loves a cheerful giver.” or ” To whom much is given much is expected.” ( luke 12:48 niv version )

But in the bible Jesus asks the question after observing people who were giving offerings in the temple. ” Which one of these gave more?” There were those who gave a great deal of money. But then there was a women that gave 2 copper coins. ( Luke 21:1-4 niv version )

There is also written in the bible ” The right hand shouldn’t know what the left hand is doing.” Speaking about the motive in giving charity appropriately. (Matthew 6:1-4 niv version )

Are morals, or some kind of value systems held within people so old fashion, to a point of completely being useless in modern society? Government seems to think so. But then government is after power not helping. Progressive people think that government is ideal to give charity to people. But then progressives don’t get that charity was designed for people to be humbled, thankful, as well as allowing charity in helping with controlling the temptations of becoming greedy within themself’s. Besides God also intended to bless those who also give. It becomes hard to bless  individuals, or the government who takes by force through taxation, when all they do is wastes moneys for manipulations. Those are not good, or God like values, or morals, worth the sand they are written in. Just some details,  the devil is always in the details, as I said before.

Any church, religion, or mind-set that also profess some moral values, but looks to the government to do the job of charity. Is just reducing their own social responsibility’s, for their own satisfaction. This is why I say these types of religious values are just an exercise of RELIGIOUS MASTURBATION!

Charity is and was designed for people to get involved with sharing their blessings with other people. Not saying that religious people are blessed more. But saying they should be more aware of, just where blessings are coming from in the first place. If they are so-called or self-proclaimed to be christians, are they also then saying they are christ like? If so? What oblations to society do they then have?

What makes government evil is the manipulation of good meaning people, with a dishonest lie, presented by a professional liar, for the purpose of gaining reelection. In every instance the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. Is freewill choice. Using truth equally when presenting the issues to those who could then choose for themself’s. Along with the knowledge that truth has no agenda! Is never the tactics of the government! Manipulating people with a half truth is evil at best. But getting people to choose something that they would never have chosen it using freewill choice? while governments always are presenting a guilt factor, corrupts everyone equally by spreading the misery equally so.

Nothing destroys so completely then misguided charity, presented in an over abundance way. So the receiver of this charity. Who then needs to do little for themself’s. Shielding good people from failure, or the pain of it, with little to do with regards to making some efforts for themself’s, kills the individual from within. Destroying true potential of any individual by promoting some kind of charity is evil.

Isn’t the purpose of religion, to promote individuals potential, by doing for yourself?

Religious organisations of all kinds have somewhat relived themselves of doing the works of charity’s and promoting these values through acts of faith. But since the creation of the social net by government, faith has been reduced. As well as promoting human potential to its fullest through faith. In short charity is now expected to be a partnership between organisations of faith and government. Everyone excuses themself’s by saying ” The need is greater today, then any one organisation can handle.” So government steps in and forces the issues, through the power of taxation. Have we forgotten Mark 6:30-44?

With forced power of taxation and controlled, along with manipulative charity, government has only destroyed the moral compass, and purposes of government as a whole. A government that engages in economic seduction of its people, deceives them, makes slaves of them!

How is it that churches, or religious organizations that minster, or even their ministers who preach, can then promote social justices as defined by the government? It seem like churches have plenty of money to build grand churches, schools, collages, health hospitals…ect for the promotion of their individual organizational beliefs. Ministers that only pad their own pockets while proclaiming we need to do more with regards to social justices to the extent using governmental definitions. Have just counterfeited faith, by preaching devilish words of false religion. But any faith organisation that allows their government to then undermine human potential through supporting irresponsible life styles rewarded by governmental charity’s. Without speaking out is only destroying faith slowly from within, both on the total organisation, ( Religious, or social society ) as well down to the individual or personal level.

Why would churches do this then? The only thing that would explain it is…. for reduced responsibility’s! They would rather not, take action by acting on faith, by just doing the job that government is doing at present with their social trap. ( I call it a social trap instead of social net.). These organisations have just taken the easy way out, reducing their faith somewhat. Believing in the past failures of governmental social manipulation. Not considering the unintended consequences down to the individual level! After all, over the past 40 plus years of the war on poverty by the government. We still have poverty. In fact we have more of it today then we have had 40 years ago. I think this qualify’s that governmental social programs as being corrosive to the moral fiber of the nation and the nations religions organisations, and individual people as well. All of whom have been trapped by the social trap, by partaking in it. Reducing their value systems. Forgetting faith, or reducing it to a point, that it becomes only an after thought. If it’s  thought about, at all!

Churches then have indeed exchanged responsibility and some of their faith, for an easier existence, through self-gratification. Jumping into bed with government and promoting their version of social justices, through economic seduction, charity, redefining faith, all these abusive actions given through forced taxation of its people. A compleat avocation of true faith, and replaced with, religious masturbation!

Just some thoughts. So what do you think?

All the best.

PS. For what it is worth department ; most of everyone is forgetting these nuggets of truth.

To have riches or in being rich… Matthew 19:16-30 or Mark 10:17-31 niv version on in the same story

Love your neighbor…  Mark 12:28-34 niv version

Just a small amount of faith can … Mark 6:30-44 niv version

Thanks for thinking with me!


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