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Breastfeeding here… Stop looking!

It isn’t just happening in my town, but it is an epidemic of sorts! Some people live life looking for what easily offends them, passing by the roses they could smell, complaining of thorns.

This is well… different at best. I didn’t know that a state legislation had to get involved with breastfeeding mothers. Only complaining how they are made to feel about having to feed their baby’s in public or where ever. Having to then legislate a new law or program, dealing with things that are natural in nature like breastfeeding? Nothing wrong with breastfeeding! If people find something wrong with it then we should question their true intent with their objection to it. On the other hand, why should mothers just be able to breastfeed at will without some regard to others. Seems to me that breastfeeding mothers feel offended in having to go some extra mile in order to feed, but at the same time don’t seem to mind if other people get offended by their feeding. Who’s offence trumps who’s? Shouldn’t people just get along with each other? Why don’t people solve problems between themself’s anymore? Instead, they seem to use just about anything as the standard of the day to run towards an already to big government to help with things that should be already common sense in most people’s minds.

Most older women think this is just bogus. ” What seem to be the trouble… I just used a blanket to cover up a bit in order to feed. Nothing to be offended about, net alone feel uneasy, or uncomfortable. ” Now before you make some funny faces and just convince yourself that this sounds like a younger woman VS. older woman thing. How about just examining some of the points made. You can read the short article of some reasons for a need for breastfeeding legislation’s in our lives today.

Breastfeeding Legislation & Discrimination

” Even though breastfeeding is normal and the natural way mothers feed their babies, many women feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public and some even face discrimination. This is most often due to disapproving looks and comments. Because we live in a society where bottle feeding is common, many people don’t know how to react when they see a baby breastfeeding. It is probable that they did not breastfeed and/or it’s possible that they have never seen breastfeeding and view women’s breasts only as sexual. Many people don’t know that babies stomachs are tiny and empty often, necessitating frequent feeding.

Sometimes women who are breastfeeding a baby are asked to leave where they are or to feed their baby in the bathroom. Women who feel they must hide themselves or their baby to breastfeed may view breastfeeding as difficult or restrictive and may choose to wean early. The following information was developed to help understand these situations and existing laws. ”

End of the copy.

First to use the terms of “natural”, as describing the act of breastfeeding, therefore no one has the right to be offended by it. So you may choose to feed at will, any place or any time. Should this be just wrong! It is natural to use the bathroom? Yet capping in your neighbor’s yard or out in public is frowned upon. Just excuses! Having sex is natural as well, yet public displays…… Just to mention natural acts that wouldn’t be acceptable, that are also regulated today.

In their post they state ” Many women feel uncomfortable.”

I didn’t know that having some uncomfortable feelings is such a big deal that we must now legislate comfort. Then they go on to include ” Discrimination ” as some thing being played out ageist breastfeeding people in public. Really? Discrimination? How and where? In public places like in restaurants, where people are having diner? Is asking someone not breastfeed out in the open really discrimination? Restaurants have sings that say ” No shoes,  no shirts, no service!” Is this also discrimination? Are the actions by some or reactions by others just jousting of the offending kind? A battle of wills! How dare people look at woman who are trying to provide for their baby’s by using the political in-powering words like “discrimination”. It takes balls to have such altitudes! On the other side of things people who themself’s may feel uncomfortable with aggressive attitudes of brestfeeders, may just be thinking it takes chest-a-cals.

They sight that all of these attitudes may come about by offenders using ” disapproving looks, and or comments.” as the action of mean people trying to take away their comfort. Honestly are we adults or are we kids in the back of mom and dads car complaining?  ” He / She is looking at me that way! ” using breastfeeding by people as the subject in order for governments to get involved, with regards to complaining about how people are looking at you. Is just opening Pandora’s box of complaints. If I complain about someone looking at me in an uncomfortable way, would I get the same favorably response with some legislation? How far could all this then go, and where does it all end?

Comments or even offending comments are protected. Yes by the little thing we all call free speech. You know the type of speech that some may feel is offensive. For non offensive speech needs no protection. But anyone reading this part of my post must use some common sense! Just think about it for a while. There are words that we can not use on TV, radio..ect  in order to protect kids. Yet parents of these same kids can use these words in ear shot, and nothing happens. Maybe we should contact our government and…..

I see the issues of breastfeeding in public as a non issue. Why not just place a lightweight blanket over yourself and baby and have at it. Is this not an easily solved problem? Too much to ask of moms out there? Is using a blanket too much? Really? I’ll buy into the facts of feeding your baby in a bathroom is just gross! After all no one would except getting served dinner in a bathroom! That’s just unacceptable! But the blanket is still a good answer to that problem. Saying that breasts are be viewed as sexual. Is just stretching things out of proportions. 14-year-old nerds, that have never had the chance to see breasts may think so. But no one really wants to get into the heads of 14-year-olds to discover just what else they see as sexual. If you really do want to see that, check yourself into a hospital please, or better yet just think back to your childhood and just how puberty was. Awkward!

Oh one more thing. If bottle feeding was all the rage and breastfeeding was so out dated? To a generation that is just blinded with bottle feeding or so it seems in your minds. People who now see the act of breastfeeding as being strange, different, or even sexual, at least those in your views. Doesnt this just point out how you choose to view other people who came before you, as being the problem. Rather then your ridged ideas. It isn’t your great discovery, or your wizard of smart to figure out that those breasts are for feeding baby’s at some point. don’t act like you know something the rest of us just lost with the discovery of the bottle. By the way, a blanket still works bets as the answer to the problem of breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding here….stop looking!! So it is, crybaby’s who found themself’s lost with having to feel! Whether it is something likable or not! These overly sensitive choose to offend everyone, by choosing to get big bad government to legislatively slap us around. No one should make clams of an abusive government overreaction, or that they are now having to live with be offended! All so you can be in favor of not having to lug around a blanket, or God for bid even use one in order to feed baby. To be legislatively protected, is like a government issued security blanket for the insecure. This is the new age progressive attitudes of feeling comfortably numb! Of course with a misguided government that is slightly out of control in support of the new age progressive attitudes in life. It is easier to give a middle finger to common sense, as the exercise needed to prove chest-a-cals do exist!


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