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Who goes there ?

In the life and the times of a dog, everything can be exciting, and often is made more exciting. Truth, dogs just have an over active imagination. But then when spending lots of time at home, with only cats to bother, and no such thing as doge dog-nip. The dogs mind tends to go stray. Just an animals wild ride of imagination.

Who goes there?

What was that … looking around with only the ball sitting there quietly mocking your doge senses. But starring the ball down, not really knowing whether to attack it, or grrrrr growl at it, or just trying your best at the worlds greatest David Copperfield doggie magic trick … mind control, mind over matter and just making the ball move through thoughts. When it just doesn’t work out as planed the extra mental workout leads to a quick nap.

The super sleuth of cats, that tends to over indulge in cat-nip thus the drunken attitudes it expresses to everyone. People and dog, and other cats when present, and the occasional kitty impersonator, that always seems to look like there is two sleuths under this one roof. With a meow, she tends to say where is my cat-nip. Much like a drunk that sometimes can’t cope with the world, so is driven to drinking. Kitty just soothes herself with her own addictions. Reasoning that it makes this world more exciting. See that ball over there? Ya It’s not moving now! But with a swipe of my paw, game on! That ball will wake-up the dog, who in turn will chace the ball and I the sleuth after all will attack the dog / ball or anything else. It doesn’t matter which one. Extra cat-nip = extra food eaten = having to play extra hard, keep me from turning into Garfield. That’s my story and I sticking to it. Besides I watched baseball with my owner and took a try at a swipe or two at those balls in the TV window. But nothing!  This one… is the ticket.

Kitty was sneaking between the wall and the dog on her way towards the ball. Quiet! Now easy does it, just a few more steps now. The dogs eyes seem to be opening up ever so slightly unknown to the super sleuth. Playing dead or sleeping real hard was the dogs trademark of surprise. Kitty was in range, one small pounce and… Dog springs to life! Jumping to her short feet, with just a motion of feet trying to run on hardwood floors, leaves feet moving at a blur, then catching traction and launching dog forward. Kitty out jumping dog with her heart stuck in her mouth, springs up and flies through the air towards the couch, catching herself on the edge and climbing the rest of the way up in escaping. One of the other cats that is more sacred of himself, appears around the corner to see what is going on. A Ball! One that is seemingly unattended to. One swipe and the ball was rolling down the hall, with scared-d-cat at a full on chase. With concentration fully broken dog is out for a relentless attack of cats, all and any cats will do!

With her ball finally safely in her mouth, dog slowly walks down the hall towards the livingroom. Half way down the hallway there is that one door, the port-hole that “Vac-Koom!” tends to pounce out from. With this doorway one must always be carefull around. Dog just moves slowly inching up to the door, but then with a rush she passed the door un-scathed, with ball still in mouth. Walking over to her bed she stashes her ball and then settles in for another nap.

With the sound of the keys going in the door lock, dog spring to life. Who goes there? Around the corner and down the 6 stairs rushing the front door. My owner is home! Wooa! We will play! Wait!! Is it the post man / ups man? The door opens up and with great momentary expectation, followed by relief. It is my owner! It’s a party then… where is my ball? The search is on, so dog runs off.

Finding the ball she runs out to the sliding glass door, just as soon as the door has enough of a space to squeezes through. She is off! Having left the ball on the deck, now down the long set of stairs, barking, and barking trying to get her owner to throw the ball.

After about a half hour of play, it is time for dinner. Back inside and she dives into her dog dish of food and devours it. But then a strange noise interrupts the last few bites of dinner. Then a squeak and creek and….It’s “VAC-KOOM! ” Battle stations! Quick! Get the led out, battle stations, Vac-Koom attacks!

Dog is just running around the house trying to hide her ball first. But then she lays in wait for her counter attack.

Vac-Koom has small bodied for its main body, but then it has the trunk for a mid body that rises up to the hight of my owners wast. With a small hook at its end. This is the spot where my owner tries to hang onto it, trying to control the seemingly uncontrollable Vac-koom. A blackish gray eye shield and a piercing laser white light for an eye. A low grrrrr type of noise escapes Vac-Koom as my owner places the black end of it tail into the wall plug. suddenly it rumbles towards the livingroom. Once Vac-Koom comes close enough dog pounces out of hiding. Nipping and growling, a bark or two and jumping back and forth. But being carefull to staying clear of the laser eye. Dirt trembles as Vac-koom comes near, vibrating from fear. Then with a sucking noise even a strange spider in an instance vanishes. Gone! But where did they go? Dogs eye widen as it comes too close, bark, bark! Grrrr!

Finely my owner unleashes the black tail from the wall, it snaps back into Vac-Koom’s upper body. With some strange wining noise. This strange beast is wrestled back into the time warp port-hole. The door closed, peace and silence once again is in the doggie kingdom, Vac-Koom vanquish!

With a click of a button on the black box type thing, my owner looks at this electric window where some strange game is being played outside of that window. Lifting dog up onto the couch, with petting and scratching of the belly, dog is in heaven. Once again the eyes start to close enjoying the close of the day with the owner of the house. But wait! What was…. that stupid stoned kitty. She is sneaking up to the window with her cat-nip interest in playing with the ball in view. Oh well, Just a great day in the life. Dog starts to drift off into dream land, with her fading last thoughts. ” Untill next time Vac-koom. Untill we meet again.” Aw, with a big deep breath, and owner softly rubbing the belly. Life is truly good.

All the best.


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