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Cleansers of thoughts, with some lexicon cleansers to boot! ( and the hidding of racists in plain sight.)

Refusing to take some personal responsibility’s, is like taking a drink of water from a fire hydrant. We are never going to like the results! ” quote Mindwarpfx

Is it then time to ban certain words or phrases? Words all have meanings to them. This is why we use them to describe things, or to make a clearer description of things. Even when glancing through the dictionary someone can find words with similar meanings to them. Within the processes of using words, individuals can pick from the lexicon of sorts, the words that can be properly applied to the communications, explanations, or even their expressions that they wish to use. In a way that people can then understand them better. When we hear the term ( The N-word ) everyone knows the true meaning behind this phrase. Most people even know the historical content, or the origin of it. Yet upon hearing the phrase ( The N-word ) the first thing that comes to mind is the real word ( Nigger ). Within the person’s mindset, most if not all translate the phrase into the word, and set the meaning into what they are hearing within the speech given. It seem to me the word all by itself doesn’t make a racist. Yet some make clams that it does. The repeated use of it, just may be the racist views of some individual with a deep-seated secret hatred of people with dark skin. Just as it was historically. But in a class room setting when learning about the historical events of the past, or when learning about the literature of the past within a setting from when the term was invented and used. Is this then a study in becoming, or creating a racist views, or creating racism? Could this also be a form of racism? Is it really wrong to use it for instructional use only? Can the use of the term ( The N-word ) in place of the real word that everyone knows within their own mind, as to what those who would use it are meaning, can this be appropriate? If so? Why? Can ( the N-word ) being thus used in certain instances be used for the purposes of instruction and education rather than of hate, or the hate of one to another? Or is the use of ( the N-word ) in place of the word  “Nigger”, also one of the same? Just hate speech that one would use to some ends in a misguided difference of degrees, for the same kind of hatred? Is it time that we change the english lexicon permanently and abolish the word and the term along with any representations, or phrases of the word permanently from its use? Do we really need the mind control of some agency, a sort of mind police, or cleaning agent called the lexicon cleanser, in order for people to get along? Just some cleansers of thought, with some lexicon cleansers to boot !

In Portland, Oregon a teacher  was put on leave, because he used the word represented by the term ( The N-word ) in a way I would have hoped for, as only for the purposes of educational value of a historical study. (If there could any? ) But when it was expressed by a student that they were offended, the teacher then used ( the N-word ) as its replacement. Was this wrong? Was the student just overly sensitive? Is or was the school under some pressure to act on the behalf of someone who would be offended? Giving him ( the teacher ) a leave as some kind of Political correctness? Is political correctness solving anything? If so what exactly?

the book Huckleberry Fin has often come under fire for ( the n-word ) within this work. There are some who would like the book to be reprinted by changing the word, with the term ( the N-word ). Should we? Or is it time to exclude this book from educational instruction? If so what or who will make the definitions ( determined by whom ) as what is appropriate for everyone in kind, in determining any books for study? Is it possible to avoid offending some, without also offending someone else? In affect abolishing everyone’s offence of every kind. Can we really accomplish this at all?

Checking in with twitter as in doing some researching on the modern expression, of terms used by people in society today. Was truly eye-opening. You can find just about anything on the internet. Despite the fact that people on the net are not always who or what they portray themself’s to be. Despite having this knowledge I was able to find people using terms like.. ‘ Hay Nigga, What’s up my Nigga, You Nigga’s, or Don’t be such a gangsta Nigga and get with that bitch!”  It took only a few minuets to find such expressions made by people who also had pictures of people of color as their profile picture. This doesn’t always mean that they are what or who they say they are, even in these pictures used on their profile. often these comments were made to others, with profile pictures of people of color as well. So One must assume that these usages of the word, “Nigga ” was used like terms of endearment, non offensively. But I for one would have to believe if someone else were to try in using these terms in a non-offensive way, ( If that is even possible ) would then be met with extreme opposition. Even maybe by these same people prehaps.

Who then makes the determination of what exactly offends in society? Should there be some thought police willing to use some political creativeness of some lexicon cleansers, to scrub the offence right out of your individual minds?

Do we in modern society then have a hidden lexicon? Do we have a white language, and a language for people of color? Should we even? Do we have words now determined ( by whom exactly? ) to be only words used by one ethnicity? With words do we need different definitions depending on the ethnicity of the user?

In our modern language and the changes that take place over time. Has it just come to a point of using terms like.. ” (The N-word ), or the C-word, or even throwing the F-bomb, or describing things as being F’ed, F’en, or applying the end all to every kind of interchange by saying  F-OFF!! ” as being the educated way in using strong language of off-color,as being acceptable by everyone in an end all way? Seems like it to me! We even have these usages of terms in the TV out lets, and in the media in general, and in the news of the day, as well in radio broadcasts, even within our churches. Ministers, that I have heard using the terms of ( H double hocky sticks ), as the replacement for the word ” Hell ” or even ” GD ” as ” GOD DAMN “. But is this a true cleansing of language? Or more of a childish way of expression ” Wink, Wink, I’m getting away with something that I shouldn’t be saying in the first place.” All the while excusing ones self ” I didn’t say anything wrong!”

Have we all just become excepting of these terms like most of us in society excepting white lies over dark lies? Isn’t a lie a lie? Following our politicians who make careers on the basis of lies, by lying like a real pro. With no real fallout or opposition by any people anywhere. Isn’t this just a kind of reflection of how far we have come in becoming valueless.

Weather we use the term ( The N-word or the whole word ) how can anyone then be truly offended by usages of words and or of terms, which by definitions are one of the same, only difference being the ethnicity of the user? When there seem to be different definitions of what offends or what is plain offensive.( A reference to the terms being thrown about twitter. )

Words are not racist by themself’s. But words are invented along with definitions and applied to them by people who easily could have a racist mindset. These words should be then limited by their use, by everyone. Not by decree, or mandate, or some political correctness using manipulations of the people through fear. But because we have determined on our own as being wrong! If a term offends. Then the user of such terms is making a choice to offend. But is a teacher using terms to illustrate past hatred in as a historical context, out to offend? If everyone also knows before hand in hearing the term ( The N-word ) as referring to the whole word of ” Nigger “. as being offensive, is it not then just as inappropriate to use? If one offends then the other should also equally offend!

To many times, we in society look at the terms that people use as making a judgment about them, if not even an accusation of them. This leads to making an assumption of what was truly ment by their words, and the selection, or usage of them. All the while reserving the same thoughts within our own minds about the user in return. Just in secret. But does this lead to changing anything? If we just judge everyone to some self-imposed standards, shouldn’t we then live up to these same standards for ourself’s? In other words if we are offended, why would we even try to change the definitions of terms / words, all to be able to use them without the same offence implied?

People who choose to hate, can be found in every ethnicity. Finger-pointing of one group to the other, or to hijack a term, so that only one ethnicity can use it without offence. All the while reserving a different definitions of the same term, one being more favorable, and the other being hateful. Only applying a mismatched standard to its use, after determining the color or ethnicity of the user. Is wrong! Wrong! and even more WRONG!

We can not legislate new laws in a misguided efforts to control the thoughts within people’s minds. In essence creating the thought police by the use of political pressures of political correctness. This will only drive the haters under ground, back deep into the darkest of thoughts in their own minds of hate. In an effort to preserve their misguided ideas of a racial divide. In the end continuing to hate some more. Political correctness try’s to limit the thoughts in all people,( good intentioned or bad ) by making them feel un-comfortable for thinking. But those who hate, also choose to be uncontrolled in thoughts, even failing to control themself’s for the most part with themself’s.

We should never accept sweeping the dirt under the rug so to speak, as an approve exception for using the term ” the N-word ” in place of a word that we also have determined to be too offensive to use in public and just the same for the use in privet. Applying the lessons learned while we were kids, at least I’m hoping that all people learned this… ” If you don’t have anything good to say , then don’t say anything at all.” would be the best choice to make rather than using these terms. Some times this would be the most powerful speech of all!

If we feel that we need to describe someone elses offences by some use of terms, but just in that special way of saying it without really using the whole term in its entirety. Is just dancing with the devil, in order to be salacious? Not any real reporting of events, cases, or crimes. We really do not have to know every detail of every case down to just what word was spoken.

The media of the day is only interested in the tactics of agenda setting. Agenda setting is the idea of not being able to control what you personally are thinking. But rather in controlling people as a whole as to what they all are thinking. This changes people, and society by manipulations through political correctness. But changes brought about by manipulation aren’t real changes at all. Those who feel manipulated may change, but those who are not threatened by manipulation are for the large part unaffected, and so unchanged.

” A person changed against their own will is of the same opinion still.

If we continue to use terms like ” The N-word, or the C-word, GD, F’en, F’ed, or even throwing the F-bomb “, around just to mention a few. Are we not just producing an accurate reflection of ourself’s for all to see. A society of valueless people, or at best people who will do little to nothing to preserve values. How is this an improvement, within all of our relationships with each other? Isn’t this just a way for those who once were in your face racist’s, to have become the hidden racist’s in plain sight?

Untill we recognize that there will always be offences of some, by actions of others in everyday life. All the while if we don’t also excepting some personal responsibility’s in every choice we make. We then must realize we alow ourself’s to be influenced by outside forces of both good, as well as evil. Realizing this we can then make improvements to ourself’s if we would only choose to. This may also make some changes in society as well. Excepting an attitude of less than, while also excepting the usages of terms all ready mentioned truly damages us all as a society of people. We should celebrate the differences, as well influence each other in a more positive way. We can then choose to influence positive potential in everyone, instead of micromanagement’s of sorts using political correctness, only succeeding in a slower managed decay!

” Judge not anyone by the color of ones own skin, but by the content of ones character.” MLK

No amount of tyranny can ever control everyone’s own thoughts, of peace or hatred alike. So the ideas of equal justice and freedom are indestructible. But to obtain them is the challenge. They can only be accomplished by individuals making the choices of talking some actions ! ” quote Mindwarpfx

All the best.

When Hell freezes over! ( Fear not, the great wall. )

Though I walk through the valley of the shadows of over-weight-ness. I will fear no evil. It will be when hell freezes over,  that’s when I will lose my confidence. But then there was this great burning sensation of compleat temptations impressed upon my minds eye.The neion lights of the great wall of temptations, also known as the frozen food display. This was more of a huge display case, in the grocery store aisle that was miss-named at best. Calling it the ” Frozen food display.” Is just Wrong! Wrong wording at least. This was a display case that ran from one side of the back wall, to 3/4 of the way down to the front of the store. No real frozen food here, but better known for an endless display of every kind of ice-creams ever made. A true altar of temptations for the weak knead dieter. Truly weakened by the lack of full fat foods and an over exercised state of mind. Like a moth to flame. It beckons the weak-minded to fill the cart with frozen delights and then run for home before it melts. This is more like the part of my world that should be properly named the “Weight gainers Disney land!” part of the store.

Every time I go to the store I have the best of intentions to get healthy foods. After all we are what we eat! Aren’t we? So in trying to be healthy and weight conscious, I always construct a great shopping list of foods. Foods from every part of the food pyramid. It should be all about quality of food. Rather than the quantity of it. But everyone who has struggled with weight gain, has also struggled with the quantity of it as well. Lets face it, eating like a bird is great and all, for the birds out in the world. But for the big-boned person wrapped into a smaller real life persons body. It’s all about control. Or the lack of it! Some times but rarely, it can be a health issue for someone who is luck enough to have one, to excuse themself’s. But for the most part, it is self-indulgent, by way of see food diets. That’s what gets most of us in trouble. We see it! We then feel enticed to eat it with reckless abandon.

Grocery stores are just in the business of delivering great foods to the general public for a profit. It also just seem that the biggest profits are made from the products that people get, that they also don’t really need. The impulse items. No real thought goes into the purchase of an impulse item, nor is it on any list made by the well-intentioned shopper. You see it!! BAM! It is in the cart.

Stores around the country excuse themself’s from any responsibility’s, yet are still setting-up the store as a giant display of temptations. Should they have greater responsibility’s for the weakened people in the world? After all, if it were not in the grocery store or something like that. what other items would we buy through temptation shopping? What would it be then? We all must take some self-control and responsibility’s for our own actions. Missing the mark by placing blame for what we are, or have become because we were not strong enough to withstand temptations. Is just pushing blame to someone else because we don’t like the results of it. ( Our choices of course.)

Do what I do then. Re-name the items in the store with names of foods that sound just gross to you. Or just to convince yourself that ingredients of gross things are in the items that you wish to buy. Or at least make your own healthy products at home, rather than buying un-healthy temptations in the store. I know it is just easier said then done. Self empowerment is finding something that works for you. The very thing that turns that ordinary over weight person in you, into that hard-body supper hero you know that you are. Under all of that fat there are the same muscles that the hard-body’s have. Okay the hard body’s out there, have prehaps over developed these to some point. But you get the picture. Exercise isn’t lifting one half-gallon of ice-cream out of the refrigerator, one after the other. Nor is it lifting one table-spoon after the other into your mouth and doing this repeatedly real fast. Doing this doesn’t qualify as an aerobic exercise either.

Reducing the amounts of what your consuming is an easy first step. Re-making the items you love to buy, but making them yummy’er / healthier and mixing in some exercise along the way, is fantastic. Well then… Before you know it, you are the next newly discovered hard-body. Think of it as revenge to all of your previous temptations of the past. Being a hard-body is when you become someone elses temptation of desire.

Walking past the great wall of ice-cream. I demonstrate to self that hell has indeed frozen over! I head straight for the liquid non-dairy creamer, next I get frozen fruit at least 1 pound, next I get honey, then some vanilla ( The good stuff ), then I get some veggy’s like carrots, cabbage, and then I head back past the great wall of frozen foods / ice-cream and give it all the one finger salute! From one end of it to the other. All the while telling myself, ” Ice-cream should have reduced fat content, as well, it should have veggy’s in it! MOST OF ALL IT HAS TO TASTE GREAT!

Try it at home like I did! Make it like this:

Place into blender;

1 cup of liquid non-dairy creamer

1 pound of frozen fruit ( strawberries, blue berries, peaches, mango…ect Or even you can try lavender flowers about 15 flowers per batch.)

1 – 2 oz of cabbage, or carrots

About 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1-2 teaspoons honey

16 to what ever is needed in ice cubes to freeze

Will make about 4 1/2 cups servings per batch.

place into blender in order, and blend untill the ice cubes are crushed finely and the mixture is semi-frozen. Soft ice-cream consistency. Place into freezer and enjoy some, in about 1 half to 1 hours time. Ice cream with my veggy’s in it, is some what healthier, besides it makes eating veggy’s easier as well. I call It “ALASKAN CABBAGE!” Because everyone knows that cabbage is good for you, but most people don’t always like to eat it.

Try it you will like it!

All the best of health and all the best to you!

PS. make shure to blend the veggy’s real good, liquefy them before you place fruit into blender if you must. Out of sight is then also out of mind, and ice-cream will after all, will be truly, creamy goodness!


Trixs for kids, gold for humans, dogs all for the hell of it!

We got up today, greeting the sunshine and the new day all at the same time. Just Trixy and me. Assessing the chores for the day we decided to go with pulling weeds. They need to go! Being that it also was sunny, making it a good day for their eviction from the flower bed, so today was it. We decided to hit them where it hurts, because it has been dry for days now, along with the sun burning hottest at noon. It is hell on wheels for you weeds. These were my thoughts, and Trixy was in full agreement. Trixy was looking outside along with myself, as I was also holding her in my arms up to the window, looking at the front flower bed. Being held is truly a benefit of a small dog who just otherwise couldn’t see out the window.

Putting her down on the floor again, while looking for my mud-n shoes. She instinctively knew we are about to have some doggie fun. Sitting at the door she already had her mud-n shoes on, and was more than willing and ready to go.

Just as soon as the door is open she was off like a rocket. Barking… but what was she barking at? Nothing was out there for her to bark at. No neighbors, no mail-men, no delivery drivers, no kids, no bike riders / skate boards…. As she realized slowly,there was nothing to bark at. She just got buzzy with the job of evicting weeds. I would pull them and she would pick them up again and shake then vigorously. Dirt would fly in all directions, as soon as she thought this weed is killed, she would grab the next one. At times she would sit down and just rip the weeds into pieces, until they were un-recognizably so.

If I was pulling them to slowly she would stare at me as if to say ” Come on! The big one over there. Ya! Pull it! Come on, you can do it! Pull with all for your strength man, put your back into it!” exciting the dog with great anticipation of fun at the expense of the biggest weed.

But then the shovel would hit a rock hiding just under the surface of the dirt. Like an alarm going off inside of the dog, she would spring into action. Jumping into the flower bed and dig, dig, and dig some more. Of course telling her to get out-of-the-way of my next shovel strike, did nothing. She would look at me as if to say… ” I’m a dog…. can’t make out…. just what…. you’re trying to saying. I have been your pet for how long? You still can not bark out something I can understand?” Finley! The rock would be brought to the surface, like fishing. You never knowing just how big the fish is till you can see it, so it is for the rocks as well. If it is a big one Trixy would be in dirt heaven. Licking her chops and then the rock, just till the dirt was gone or till the sound of shovel striking another one was heard.

For Trixy rocks were of great value, and by her thinking she was going to find the most valuable ones and clean them off for me to check them out. Like a person gold panning, looking into the pan after washing the gravel out and searching for the flash-in-the-pan. The gold among the black sand, as the pay-day for all of the days hard labour. she would be by my side looking at every shovel full of dirt, looking for gold or so it seemed. For a dog though, recognizing the difference between a rock and just another rock, VS. a really big gold nugget was the challenge. Everything seemed all so valuable, all the same from one rock to the next nugget / rock. She had dog gold fever.

For most of the day we were digging in the dirt and having fun while doing it. She was right by my side the whole time. No slacking here. After planting some new plants and moving some old ones it came time to admire our work and clean up a bit. This ment we were going to use the garden hose of course. This was the most excellent of choices for raping up a days work. For Trixy she loved the hose and getting wet from it. But for this fun-loving dog she also hated the rain. To her rain and getting wet was some kind of hell not to be endured. But getting wet from the hose, was great fun. Getting wet from the hose while it was raining would be tolerated, after all… was it raining or was it just the hose?

Getting cleaned-up by hose and chasing the water-spout untill it hit the ground was the bombé. She would run and bark grab a few bites at the water and chase it untill she was full of water. Then she would sit by the hose bib waiting for it to just move a little. indicating it would be game on once again.

Cleaned up, and hosed off, even our mud-n shoes, it was now time to retired for the day. A job well done.

The value wasn’t in looking for gold, but rather in time spent with…..

All the best.

I’ll be good, with the last drop!

That’s right I’ll be good when I get the last drop of coffee out of this mug. Past my teeth, beyond the tonsils, and down the hatch. It travels the normal pathway untill it gets into my bloodstream, racing along untill the caffeine hits my brain. Signals then sent from my brain, to the heart, saying “Speed it up buddy, he is awake now. So lets get-er-done!!” Well in a perfect morning at least. But today, monday morning, and those don’t always go as smooth or as planned. Besides perfect is all in the definition of it. Some mornings just have a little different kind of perfect to them. This monday morning may be just that way?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Followed by the usual music being played on the radio alarm-clock. My eyes just a crack, enough to find the glowing alarm, then hitting the button, turning the damn thing off!

“Crap! Its morning again and got to get to work.” I was thinking and sleep whispering all at the same time. ” just a few more….”

Beep! Beep! Beep! slapping the off button a bit harder this time. Just frustrated because its morning. Not that I hate mornings. But the working mornings are the worst. Throwing back the covers just enough to get my legs out and myself sitting on the edge of the bed. Stretching my arms up till they are touching the sky, and turning my head from side to side, loosing up a bit before making the final plunge, feet to the floor and assuming the standing position. Yet somewhat asleep still.

No sooner than my feet hitting the floor then I get the unexpected different alarm awaking. Standing on the cat’s tail! She lets out the loudest of screams! Followed by cat claws running up and down my legs or so it seems. My heart is now pumping without the aid of coffee, practically knocking me back into bed.

” Come on! For real? Out of all the places, on my side of the bed?” I was yelling in my mind, but trying to be some what quietly yelling at the cat. So not to wake-up my wife. Knowing her, she is laughing quietly, faking being asleep while just listening to me moan and groan.

Retrying to get back to a standing positions on solid ground. I start to make my way to the dresser. I’m using my feet as if I were blind. Slowly sliding one leg forward and then back and forth, followed by a slight step forward. My version of a blind mans white cain, all to avoid any more unexpected surprises. Once at the dresser I pick out some new clothes for the day. All by the use of my senses, touch and feel of course.

Without turning on the lights I make my way to the bathroom and place my new cloths on the vanity. Then I make my way down the hall into the kitchen. Here is where I can finely turn on some lights, that won’t disturbing my love. Although my eyes are now somewhat used to the dim low light situation. Despite that I turn on the lights! Forgetting that we changed the 50 watt lightbulbs with something like the light of GOD!! Instantly blinded once again, like looking into the direct sunlight. Now I know just what a cockroach is saying, or thinking when someone turns on the light. The same thoughts are running through my mind. I need coffee now more than ever! Fumbling around the coffee pot and sink I get the magic into the brewer, and with a some frazzled nerves so far this morning, I press the button to start the process. Finlay relief, with the first sounds of coffee brewing. The nerves calming down some what, with the sound. So it is for the caffeine addict in me.

With a few minutes before the coffee is drinkable, I turn off the lights and make the blind man walk back to the bathroom. Kind of multitasking, making coffee and now for the three “S’s” ( Shower, shave, shine, ). Once in the bathroom with the door closed, and with a flip of the switch, the familiar flash of light leading to temporary blindness once again. But this time I’m more prepared for it. I must be more awake.

After the three “S’s” my mind is drawn into the coffee’s mind-set. Telling my body to function in the manner of feeding the addiction, the sooner the better. Without real thought my feet take over and with the body along for the ride, we all scamper back into the kitchen. cupboards open and close, finding the biggest mug among the collection of mugs. The refrigerator opens and closes loudly, as arms and hands retrieve the cream. Everything seems like a well orchestrated well run machine. My eyes just seem to look at the production the mind is putting on. I never knew that making a mug of coffee was so entertaining before. Yet it was nothing but the selfish mind looking to use everything at its disposal, accomplishing the task of feeding the addiction. If it were up to the mind only, we would have a direct line of an IV, pumping caffeine into the system 24-7. With my mind using the body like a run away train, the noise is too much for my wife.

” Hay! You out there. Just what the hell is all the noise all about?”

The mind has the body briefly stop to call out the prepared answer. ” Nothing dear! ” Then back to the blizzard of activities.

” That’s not nothing! What gives? Are you…”

“Yes I’m making you coffee dear! You caught me red-handed. Be there in a few.”

Just what the mind needed. Now making a second mug without even having taken the first sip of this one. It is all about the cover story, and then the follow through. This hides the true addicts motives. Finishing up the second mug of coffee, but just before delivering the coffee to the queen of my life in bed. The first sip of my coffee…. With trembling hands the lips slightly part and the liquid libation is delivered to the taste buds. With signals delivered to the brain, confirming the liquid containing caffeine is in fact coffee, the nerves are quieted down with the calm of an addict receiving his first fix after a long dry spell.

“Here you go honey. Your coffee on this wonderful morning.” I present a perfect mug just the way she likes it.

” So what is the special occasion? ”

” Oh nothing! I just thought you would like to have some before going to work, so why not in bed?” Smooth. Very smooth, great cover mind. I’m thinking. Sounds so much better than I’m just feeding my addiction!

” That’s nice but you do know that it is sunday morning, right?”

“What!” The mind is laughing inside I’m sure. This body is so easy to manipulate, what would all of those parts do without the mind? Thoughts running wild, while the facial expressions are fully hiding the true motives of the early morning activities.

“So, After your coffee we can snooze a few more minutes / hours, since it is Sunday then!”

My wife looking somewhat tired still, finishes up hers, and then we snuggle up together. Seem like a snap of my fingers and she is fast asleep once again. As for me! Well with coffee’s caffeine fully taken over my body and mind. The chemicals and mind trickery erasing all weariness from me. I lay there having to listen to the quiet sounds of the tick, tick. tick, tick, the mocking of the alarm clock. With each second ticking by as if to say. ” Who’s your daddy now!”

I’m really beginning to hate Mondays with a passion. Because weekends are just to short, made ever shorter by abusing caffeine. Tick, tick,tick…….

All the best.

Human bulldozers!

Human bulldozers! What? How can a human be a bulldozer? Yes that’s what I must have thought when it happened, but there I was and it was just a new fact of life now days. People! Love them, or just hate them? Each of us must pick as to which one it will be. To those who hate them ( people in general as being ” Them ” ) Just a short observation. Save the world from all of your hate and lock yourself away and hate at will, or all that you want, with in your own self-imposed prison. But if you crawl out from under your rock… hate in compleat silence and keep it to yourself! No exceptions please! If you love them ( people in general I’m speaking again) love the differences and one at a time please! It is the differences that makes, all of us in the world worth discovering. love is truly in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure that someone out there in the real-world thinks that a bulldozer can be, or to some are completely SEXY!

Recently some occupy people were protesting in my neck of the woods. Something about the military sending supply by railway to the port, for shipping overseas. War is hell all by itself, but then people who love to protest war don’t think about that at the least. They only see the world as what they want it to be. Even if it is unrealistic. Thinking to-day we have professional protesters whose interest is only to bitch about something. So their protests are more of a self-directed and misguided protest. May I add. Their protesting the men / women in the military that have no choice in the where and when. They simply must go to war if so order. These protesters should protest their politicians not the grunts carrying out the orders given. But these protesters by protesting, just decided the way to go is, getting in the way of the trains transporting war supply. Apparently these protesters didn’t know, or care to find out about trains. This mother who brought a little girl to the protest, then decided to use her ( The girl ) as an ultimate manipulation, just standing her ground against the on coming train. STUPID! STUPID! BITCH! (sorry about the word Bitch.) But some times stupid should be just paralyzing painful! Stopping stupid in its tracks. If some one, then still chooses stupid over good reason. In just such an instance… well extreme pain…. survival of the fittest is the rule, that rules the day.

She was asked by some news reporter as to what she was thinking? The answer… ” Well they should have seen myself and daughter and stopped the train. But they just kept on coming! Who does that?” Pain.. extreme pain I say. How did this brainless  person become a mother, and how will she pass-down survival skills to her daughter? Well even the stupid can multiply I guess. But with regards to the train stopping? Well these trains can take up to a mile to stop. Depending on the speed and the amount of weight of all of the freight and cars pushing on the engine. In short! THEY DON”T STOP ON A DIME! Oh ya! the engineer saw you and your daughter all right. But despite applying the brakes just had to sit there and watch with horror. Ever thought about these brave men and women who have to live with this for the rest of their lives? Despite applying the brakes, they have to watch stupid in action, unable to do anything for the survival of the helpless kid placed in harm’s way by their parent.

Just like this women, there are people who do this kind of thing with their driving as well. Yes they do! Not that they are protesting anything. But maybe getting to work faster? They cut off a semi-truck just so they can see or take the next exit. Maybe thinking they will move faster, or just thinking they are moving to slow and… or getting off the starting line with too much speed so…. Only finding out traffic is holding up the speeder drivers from moving faster. The truck is moving with traffic after all. Once again these drivers explain to the police officers who are investigating the accident they cause. “Well they have brakes and should have seen me instead of hitting me.” The pain of stupid just wasn’t in the injuries they certainly suffer by getting into the accident. But should have been accidents preventing paralyzing pain. ( Just a dream I know. But one can dream.)

The problem with evolution is….. 20 million years later or so and stupid keeps finding some how to adapt and survives another day. How? Stupid, shouldn’t be smart enough to survive or adapt. Extinction would and should have been its fate. The only other way for stupid to survive, is for people who are just on this side of the border line of stupid, who then tend to save the more stupid, in order to disguise themself’s, that their lacking in IQ points. No other way to explain it!

Walking along on a sunday afternoon. A day out on the town so to speak with my wife. We were trying to take in some community event. Tones of people! So true to form. Put lots of people into a small place and you get people who think they should have privileges over everyone else.

At first I started noticing that people with baby strollers, were just pushing through the crowds. In some cases they were just bumping into people or at other times, they were just going ageist the grain of movement. You know? People have this herd mentality, and move along with other people in the same direction, speed, and pace. Like lanes of traffic, some going to the event and others leaving. Some Moms and Dads with strollers just think people will see they have a baby, hopefully stopping in their tracks. Clearing the way for them. So people are using the defenceless baby’s as the human bulldozers. Going through the crowds like virgin ground, clearing the human trees.

I try to be polite with people. I’m in no real hurry when I’m out on the town with my wife. After all, we are just enjoying time spent together. No need to hurry through our day. But if anyone knows how to get some extra hours on days like that please drop a line and let us know.

But when people use kids like this just because they feel entitled to do what ever they wish, with no regards to their kids safety, I then have problems with people at times! Getting bumped into, time and again. I can handle alright. But getting knocked down and then having insults hurled at me. All because I didn’t see them, when they were the ones that hit me… Then yelling at me without checking first with their kid to see if they are okay, then checking with me for the same thing. But no! Choosing to yell at me, as part of the verbal training of their kids on how to sware at strange people in public, as the lesson of the day. The training, all good parents should teach their kids on how to be great human bulldozers some day.

The only thing these people could find to meet their match, was this old guy in a wheelchair. After all who is going to hurl insults back in the direction of little kids and stupid? After the collision this parent just broke into the same routine. Yelling first before realizing they plowed into an old man in a wheelchair. This old guy didn’t have too much patience either. Nor did he like kids and just out swore the parent. so the parent just strolled away at a high rate of speed.

Just where are they going so fast as to use their kid’s stroller as the bulldozer to clear a pathway through the sea of humanity, come hell or high water? The beer garden! The stroller parked just outside with one parent on guard and the other drinking down a beer quickly, after a while, giving in to the old switch-ola of parents and the responsibility’s of guard duty’s of the bulldozer.

I don’t know about you? But there should be a new attraction in town. Two screaming stone sculptures of paralyzing stupid people permanently pushing an empty stroller! In excruciating pain may I add! As the new art works in the park. Named, the human bulldozer! ( The stroller has to be empty to give a signal to everyone else that these kind of people just should not be parents.) For these parents who had no regard for their kid, or other people. Who had to cross through what seemed like impossible crowds of people. People who would have only liked to enjoy some sun, spending time with loved ones, while out and about, just enjoying life itself. But then.. stupid people had to get their beer fix! Like a crack cocaine whore at a free crack cocaine giveaway in the middle of the buzzy freeway. With no regard to anyone else’s enjoyment of a sunny day. Or their personal safety, net alone their kid’s safety. For them BEER was just more important!! It is one thing if you choose these kind of actions on your own, to play in the middle of the freeway of sorts. But bringing your kids into the picture just to gain an advantage for yourself? Shows compleat selfishness on your part! The mom by the way, looked somewhat like the person who was on TV saying “The train should have seen them and just stopped on a dime!”

Small kids should be asking their parents or anyone who will be listening to them… ” Hay why are those stone statues screaming while pushing a stroller?”

“Oh! That’s what happens to people who are really stupid! So do your home work and never become a stupid people.” Is the answer that should be given..

” Why are they screaming?”

” That’s because stupid also hurts really.. really bad!!”

I say Never use or abuse your kids! Life’s gift to you should be great pain, for those who have no greater importance for their kid’s, only to be used as a human bulldozer, in order to get your way. If you feel like this Just never leave the house untill your kids are adults and moved out on their own. Save the rest of us in having to deal with your stupidity. Better yet! Don’t have kids in the first place!! It is better for the kids that way. As for these kind of parents… who love beer more than kids. You deserve a special place to live out your addictions all alone. Go to hell with your misguided attitudes and your use of The human bulldozers!

At least I feel better now!!

Kid’s… must have a greater value to you, then even yourself, If your going to have them!

In dealing with the public in general. People have to know their own limitations!!

All the best!

I see Vampires

 Vampires are ment to be scary, to most people who have seen them in movies, or have read a book about them. But no body really believes that they exist. If they did? You could find some vampire killer shops, who carry items for sale to defend yourself. The traditional vampire weaponry to combat them. Like necklaces of garlic? Oopie! That was sold to me last year at the farmers market. Scratch that off the list. Wooden stakes, sun lamps? Oh and that bad ass Van Hellsenk cross-bow and a bottle of holy water. Just to weaponized the arrows real good. Does anyone know of any good sales on that stuff? If so where? Home depot for the first two on the list I suppose? But a cross-bow / holy water?

If you still feel uneasy about the purposes of fighting vampires, you could just hang out at the local church. Not all that bad of an idea, except how to hide the cross-bow? I will just figure that out later.

Some thing about the fear, that vampires have on the human mind. Creepy! Being hypnotized by those cold, dark black eyes, as they’re pricing through, your darkest parts of your soul. Reading every un-pure thoughts in the recesses of your mind? Yes! Those privet ones! The dark eyes looking into you’re eyes, and your just powerless, looking back into the black of night. Maybe that’s why I don’t really like those hypnotist shows for entertainment. Great cover I tell you! Besides they alway’s make people bark like a dog, walk like a chicken, or they make you think that a kid behind you, is kicking your chair. When there isn’t any body behind you at all. Net alone any kids even sitting there. ( Note to self; Don’t trust people with dark eyes!!)  He then makes you just say the first thing that comes to your mind in response to that kicking kid when you hear your name being called out. Through out the rest of the show he says your name, you then yell out something rude,! But it was the first thing! It is because that stupid kid who’s kicking! I tell you!

” Stop it ! Just will you Fu$*-n  stop it ? Will you? ” Your yelling but don’t know why.

Everyone is sitting there is laughing at you. But you don’t see the funny. Of course everyone is saying ” “Thank God It isn’t us, up there on stage.”

I know, laugh it up! But this stuff really happens to good people. Take it from me! But really, what if you have a biblical type of name and you’re sitting there in church services? Now, did he take that spell off me? Or is there about to be an unusual out burst, that can’t be explained by the power of the holy spirit?

Okay maybe the old word, for a vampire was the devil? It explains some things. But is the new word in describing the modern vampire hypnotist? Next time I’m going to just splash some holy water on the dude. Just to make a point!

“I’m on to you sucker! Now give me back my thoughts!” A big smile on my face and my index finger jabbing into his chest! ” How do you like me NOW? HA! ”

Of course if he is just a regular guy with some strange talents, the joke will still be on me. But if he uses my name…or someone else does…. Then everyone starts to laugh? And I thinking just what?  Who? And where did I pull out those choice words out from? Rubbing my own butt, my excuse is…. “There is / was, this kid kicking my chair.., and It’s getting old.

But what if there was a sinister plot to take over the world, by the crossing breeding of, vampires of old and some plant life? This would be the greatest of darkened solar-powered evil, ever created! No! Not a ” B ” rated movie from the minds of hollywood.

Remember that you have heard it here first! Fearless Vampires! Who like sun-bathing. Made in China of course. Like a Chinese bio chemists, who’s invention just ran a muck. All mad scientist style!

This new vampire of sorts would look into the sun and laugh as if to say… ” Is that all you GOT?”

Crap all of my provisions and supply, not to say the weaponry, was it all for not?

Before you stop reading, please read just a bit farther. It is true! We are now under the truly strange attack of the plant, that goes by the name of ” Dodder “. The plant vampire!

This plant seems to not be able to perform the job of photosynthesis on its own. Converting light into energy that it could then use. Just doesn’t happen for this one! So the plant will just die, your thinking? Wrong! This plant grows towards other plants, for the purposes of attaching its sucker into the host plant, and sucks it victim dry! Vampirism! This plant also isn’t green. Its golden, to reddish gold in color. Even being able to use chemicals in the air, to decide without a brain, which plant is better to suck dry. It picks and chooses its victims. Seek and destroy! Creepy!

We would be better off to have vamp’s of old? At least these old vamp’s that fly at night, would just kill a few people now and again. At least we would have a fighting chance as well. But with vampire plants that picks and chooses its victims at will? Playing in the park would become challenging at best. Is that why they have signs that say ” Stay off the golden-brown grass! ” Where is the rest of the signs? That part that said ” Warning! Vampire grass! ”

Out there in the country some where. There are screams of vegetables as this silent death sucks the last juices out of our food! Food shortages, are certain to soon follow. Growing your own veggy’s? Would be a loosing proposition. With plant life dying off, carnivores would be first to show signs of stress. Or at least it would be a real battle royal. Carnivores against carnivore, fighting over the last of the plant eaters. The last plant eaters trying to eat anything that was still green while staying off the grass! Having to eat and run looking over their shoulders all the while.

Crap! We’re all just going down! life as we have enjoyed it so far. Global warming, or the hot air out of Al Gore! Muslim extremists as terrorists, blowing up everything calling out “INFIDEL!” Earthquakes, tsunami’s, volcanos blowing up, tornado, hurricanes. Weather from hell… what is next? 2012 and those damn Mayans? If they would have just been using paper / papyrus to write their calendar on. We could just explain the end of their calendar on running out of ink. But No! These bastards use rock, to chisel the calendar onto. Have you seen the rocks all over the world? So maybe they are right! They could have kept on writing the calendar out farther in time. They still had plenty of rock to write on! “Look we still have un-used rock over here…” some stone worker yells out.

” Put the chisel down! Your screwing up my greatest time release joke on future! Put it down! STOP WORKING!” The high priest’s yelling out commands.

Out of control science will be our end I tell you! It is our own worsted enemy. Crossing plants to a point of becoming our worst nightmare in reality. All for producing more, and more food in the world! Damn you Dodder plant!

2012 may sill come and go with those maya being wrong! But the weather will still do what weather does. So duck and cover, when new storms come over head. I learned that one from the airlines safety instructions while flying somewhere. Good advice, good advice friend! Just a nicer way of saying “you’re going to be kissing your ass good-by!” If you hear and see the tornado, assume the position. Global warming will more likely be a reality in the next stage of life after your gone. Not do to Al Gore being right! Or the governments war on fossil fuels finely ending. But those darn new age hybrid plant-crosses! ” Plant Vampires.” Just when all of plant life disappears, temperature is bound to climb higher, and higher. hopefully it is a plant eater that discovers a way to eat their enemy and defeats this evil. Before we only have recordings of horror to listen to, on our solar-powered radios, of the last carrots having the life sucked out of it!

Pictures of Dodder as well as the plants are more like mug shots, so you know what evil we are up against.

Stay safe friends… all the best ! I HOPE…….?

Social justice or Religious masturbation of sorts!

“A person changed against their own will, is of the same opinion still!” Quote unknown.

When writing about religious things, I have always recognized that we all have different views, different beliefs, because we hold these views close to our hearts religious conversation / writings, can and often does start arguments. Having said this, I must also say it is my true intent for people to have at least an open mind to my points. It isn’t my intent to start an argument, or leave readers with ill feelings towards what was written. But rather open your minds to a problem. Often it is the same problems with in ourself’s. At least I have found this to be true within myself.

Improvements can not be made, until we have a compleat willingness to recognize where the improvements need to be made. Then all that is left to do… IS JUST GET OFF OUR OWN BUTTS!!

Thomas Jefferson said ” Question with boldness even the existence of God: because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason then that of blindfolded fear!” ( Jefferson The 3rd president 1801 – 1809, author of the declaration of independence.) Jefferson must have read this in the bible expressing his thoughts in his statement ( Matthew 6:1-4 )

I have recognized that lately government and the politicians who make up government are trying to bend our hearts and minds using religion of sorts / or religious quotes, speech, attitudes, or values, in an effort to gain more power over us all. All over the world it is not all that different. It can be said that it is government’s efforts to socialize religion, taking advantage of common believes. But if government gets involved in this kind of socialization, doesn’t it also diminish these religious value systems, and beliefs, even to the points of nationalization of morals. Should we, or could we clams any morals nationally? Should we even have such a mind-set as a nation? Despite the nations make up of 97% or so who clams a religious belief of some sort in America, does our government have to reflect our individual beliefs? Should government then have a moral code of ethics all on its own? Should government just reflect the moral effects of the population as a whole? All the while recognizing we all must certainly have differences with regards to religion, and religious beliefs.

Most people have heard of ” separation of church and state. ” ( State being used as the description of a nation, rather than describing different states in this union.) But most have different opinions of what was the common belief at the time of our founding in the USA. The common belief was that on a national scale, there should be no central government who would impose their moral values or version of religion, onto its people. Yet they left the door wide open for individual stats to have, if they wished to create their own say so, on this issues of religion. With the freedoms to be able to move from state to state for any portion of the population if they should choose. ultimately giving us a vote with our feet, should differences of opinion arise. This would then preserve the ability to have, individual religious Liberty.

Today we have a governmental opinion as well some portions of the population has this same opinion in common. The opinion of ” Being offended as being wrong!” The common beliefs then are ,”so corrections must be made for those that are offended.” Which often leads to offending everyone all the same time. It is in this war on being offended some how or correcting every offence no matter how small. Is where the government always seeks to find a perfect compromise. They have convinced themself’s it is the job of the government to always find a compermize.But what they don’t realize is no one can not compromise with the devil! Doing this will only lead to disasters. Because the devil is always in the details!

Lets face it people, if all we are doing is looking for an offence of some kind. Then we will often find 2 or 3 more.

In an attempt to ( Finding a compromise with the devil) the government often uses catch phrases like ( Helping the least among us, Social justices, equality for everyone, equal human rights…ect) Not that these things are wrong in a perfect world. But we don’t live in a perfect world, now do we? When we also consider government doesn’t have the perfect motives involved within any social issues. We now can see there is practically an open door for corruption on a wholesale scale, when evaluating governmental motives.

Power corrupts everyone, and everyone is corrupted by too much power absolutely.

” Government is evil, but a necessarily evil! “  ( Gorge Washington out nations 1st president )

Using terms like those already pointed out, is just misguided charity! All the while it is impossible for governments to act with a true charitable motive factor. In fact a government receives moneys from its people in the form of taxation. Taxes are taken from people by force. Charity is supposed to be given by people from love. A free choice!

With religious liberty those who profess religion, also have some social responsibility’s. Charity is just one of those responsibility’s. Yet with the common standard of charity most of us living in modern society have seen the lines become blurred. The common comment is ” I gave at the office.” with regards to someone raising money for some charity. A true statement when we consider, Taxes paid by force. A government then deciding who, what, where all that money is going. But only after they skim of the top to cover the overhead costs of government officials. So in all, maybe 2 out of every 5 dollars makes it to someone in need.

Years ago the churches of any community were not only the corner stones of the community’s. But a refuge for anyone who needed some kind of help. The people also were more likely to help out strangers, then we tend to do today. Just an observation of sorts.

Take Benjamin Franken for instance. He said ” The national religion of America is charity! The charity of neighbor helping neighbor.”   

In the bible it says ” God loves a cheerful giver.” or ” To whom much is given much is expected.” ( luke 12:48 niv version )

But in the bible Jesus asks the question after observing people who were giving offerings in the temple. ” Which one of these gave more?” There were those who gave a great deal of money. But then there was a women that gave 2 copper coins. ( Luke 21:1-4 niv version )

There is also written in the bible ” The right hand shouldn’t know what the left hand is doing.” Speaking about the motive in giving charity appropriately. (Matthew 6:1-4 niv version )

Are morals, or some kind of value systems held within people so old fashion, to a point of completely being useless in modern society? Government seems to think so. But then government is after power not helping. Progressive people think that government is ideal to give charity to people. But then progressives don’t get that charity was designed for people to be humbled, thankful, as well as allowing charity in helping with controlling the temptations of becoming greedy within themself’s. Besides God also intended to bless those who also give. It becomes hard to bless  individuals, or the government who takes by force through taxation, when all they do is wastes moneys for manipulations. Those are not good, or God like values, or morals, worth the sand they are written in. Just some details,  the devil is always in the details, as I said before.

Any church, religion, or mind-set that also profess some moral values, but looks to the government to do the job of charity. Is just reducing their own social responsibility’s, for their own satisfaction. This is why I say these types of religious values are just an exercise of RELIGIOUS MASTURBATION!

Charity is and was designed for people to get involved with sharing their blessings with other people. Not saying that religious people are blessed more. But saying they should be more aware of, just where blessings are coming from in the first place. If they are so-called or self-proclaimed to be christians, are they also then saying they are christ like? If so? What oblations to society do they then have?

What makes government evil is the manipulation of good meaning people, with a dishonest lie, presented by a professional liar, for the purpose of gaining reelection. In every instance the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. Is freewill choice. Using truth equally when presenting the issues to those who could then choose for themself’s. Along with the knowledge that truth has no agenda! Is never the tactics of the government! Manipulating people with a half truth is evil at best. But getting people to choose something that they would never have chosen it using freewill choice? while governments always are presenting a guilt factor, corrupts everyone equally by spreading the misery equally so.

Nothing destroys so completely then misguided charity, presented in an over abundance way. So the receiver of this charity. Who then needs to do little for themself’s. Shielding good people from failure, or the pain of it, with little to do with regards to making some efforts for themself’s, kills the individual from within. Destroying true potential of any individual by promoting some kind of charity is evil.

Isn’t the purpose of religion, to promote individuals potential, by doing for yourself?

Religious organisations of all kinds have somewhat relived themselves of doing the works of charity’s and promoting these values through acts of faith. But since the creation of the social net by government, faith has been reduced. As well as promoting human potential to its fullest through faith. In short charity is now expected to be a partnership between organisations of faith and government. Everyone excuses themself’s by saying ” The need is greater today, then any one organisation can handle.” So government steps in and forces the issues, through the power of taxation. Have we forgotten Mark 6:30-44?

With forced power of taxation and controlled, along with manipulative charity, government has only destroyed the moral compass, and purposes of government as a whole. A government that engages in economic seduction of its people, deceives them, makes slaves of them!

How is it that churches, or religious organizations that minster, or even their ministers who preach, can then promote social justices as defined by the government? It seem like churches have plenty of money to build grand churches, schools, collages, health hospitals…ect for the promotion of their individual organizational beliefs. Ministers that only pad their own pockets while proclaiming we need to do more with regards to social justices to the extent using governmental definitions. Have just counterfeited faith, by preaching devilish words of false religion. But any faith organisation that allows their government to then undermine human potential through supporting irresponsible life styles rewarded by governmental charity’s. Without speaking out is only destroying faith slowly from within, both on the total organisation, ( Religious, or social society ) as well down to the individual or personal level.

Why would churches do this then? The only thing that would explain it is…. for reduced responsibility’s! They would rather not, take action by acting on faith, by just doing the job that government is doing at present with their social trap. ( I call it a social trap instead of social net.). These organisations have just taken the easy way out, reducing their faith somewhat. Believing in the past failures of governmental social manipulation. Not considering the unintended consequences down to the individual level! After all, over the past 40 plus years of the war on poverty by the government. We still have poverty. In fact we have more of it today then we have had 40 years ago. I think this qualify’s that governmental social programs as being corrosive to the moral fiber of the nation and the nations religions organisations, and individual people as well. All of whom have been trapped by the social trap, by partaking in it. Reducing their value systems. Forgetting faith, or reducing it to a point, that it becomes only an after thought. If it’s  thought about, at all!

Churches then have indeed exchanged responsibility and some of their faith, for an easier existence, through self-gratification. Jumping into bed with government and promoting their version of social justices, through economic seduction, charity, redefining faith, all these abusive actions given through forced taxation of its people. A compleat avocation of true faith, and replaced with, religious masturbation!

Just some thoughts. So what do you think?

All the best.

PS. For what it is worth department ; most of everyone is forgetting these nuggets of truth.

To have riches or in being rich… Matthew 19:16-30 or Mark 10:17-31 niv version on in the same story

Love your neighbor…  Mark 12:28-34 niv version

Just a small amount of faith can … Mark 6:30-44 niv version

Thanks for thinking with me!

Breastfeeding here… Stop looking!

It isn’t just happening in my town, but it is an epidemic of sorts! Some people live life looking for what easily offends them, passing by the roses they could smell, complaining of thorns.

This is well… different at best. I didn’t know that a state legislation had to get involved with breastfeeding mothers. Only complaining how they are made to feel about having to feed their baby’s in public or where ever. Having to then legislate a new law or program, dealing with things that are natural in nature like breastfeeding? Nothing wrong with breastfeeding! If people find something wrong with it then we should question their true intent with their objection to it. On the other hand, why should mothers just be able to breastfeed at will without some regard to others. Seems to me that breastfeeding mothers feel offended in having to go some extra mile in order to feed, but at the same time don’t seem to mind if other people get offended by their feeding. Who’s offence trumps who’s? Shouldn’t people just get along with each other? Why don’t people solve problems between themself’s anymore? Instead, they seem to use just about anything as the standard of the day to run towards an already to big government to help with things that should be already common sense in most people’s minds.

Most older women think this is just bogus. ” What seem to be the trouble… I just used a blanket to cover up a bit in order to feed. Nothing to be offended about, net alone feel uneasy, or uncomfortable. ” Now before you make some funny faces and just convince yourself that this sounds like a younger woman VS. older woman thing. How about just examining some of the points made. You can read the short article of some reasons for a need for breastfeeding legislation’s in our lives today.

Breastfeeding Legislation & Discrimination

” Even though breastfeeding is normal and the natural way mothers feed their babies, many women feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public and some even face discrimination. This is most often due to disapproving looks and comments. Because we live in a society where bottle feeding is common, many people don’t know how to react when they see a baby breastfeeding. It is probable that they did not breastfeed and/or it’s possible that they have never seen breastfeeding and view women’s breasts only as sexual. Many people don’t know that babies stomachs are tiny and empty often, necessitating frequent feeding.

Sometimes women who are breastfeeding a baby are asked to leave where they are or to feed their baby in the bathroom. Women who feel they must hide themselves or their baby to breastfeed may view breastfeeding as difficult or restrictive and may choose to wean early. The following information was developed to help understand these situations and existing laws. ”

End of the copy.

First to use the terms of “natural”, as describing the act of breastfeeding, therefore no one has the right to be offended by it. So you may choose to feed at will, any place or any time. Should this be just wrong! It is natural to use the bathroom? Yet capping in your neighbor’s yard or out in public is frowned upon. Just excuses! Having sex is natural as well, yet public displays…… Just to mention natural acts that wouldn’t be acceptable, that are also regulated today.

In their post they state ” Many women feel uncomfortable.”

I didn’t know that having some uncomfortable feelings is such a big deal that we must now legislate comfort. Then they go on to include ” Discrimination ” as some thing being played out ageist breastfeeding people in public. Really? Discrimination? How and where? In public places like in restaurants, where people are having diner? Is asking someone not breastfeed out in the open really discrimination? Restaurants have sings that say ” No shoes,  no shirts, no service!” Is this also discrimination? Are the actions by some or reactions by others just jousting of the offending kind? A battle of wills! How dare people look at woman who are trying to provide for their baby’s by using the political in-powering words like “discrimination”. It takes balls to have such altitudes! On the other side of things people who themself’s may feel uncomfortable with aggressive attitudes of brestfeeders, may just be thinking it takes chest-a-cals.

They sight that all of these attitudes may come about by offenders using ” disapproving looks, and or comments.” as the action of mean people trying to take away their comfort. Honestly are we adults or are we kids in the back of mom and dads car complaining?  ” He / She is looking at me that way! ” using breastfeeding by people as the subject in order for governments to get involved, with regards to complaining about how people are looking at you. Is just opening Pandora’s box of complaints. If I complain about someone looking at me in an uncomfortable way, would I get the same favorably response with some legislation? How far could all this then go, and where does it all end?

Comments or even offending comments are protected. Yes by the little thing we all call free speech. You know the type of speech that some may feel is offensive. For non offensive speech needs no protection. But anyone reading this part of my post must use some common sense! Just think about it for a while. There are words that we can not use on TV, radio..ect  in order to protect kids. Yet parents of these same kids can use these words in ear shot, and nothing happens. Maybe we should contact our government and…..

I see the issues of breastfeeding in public as a non issue. Why not just place a lightweight blanket over yourself and baby and have at it. Is this not an easily solved problem? Too much to ask of moms out there? Is using a blanket too much? Really? I’ll buy into the facts of feeding your baby in a bathroom is just gross! After all no one would except getting served dinner in a bathroom! That’s just unacceptable! But the blanket is still a good answer to that problem. Saying that breasts are be viewed as sexual. Is just stretching things out of proportions. 14-year-old nerds, that have never had the chance to see breasts may think so. But no one really wants to get into the heads of 14-year-olds to discover just what else they see as sexual. If you really do want to see that, check yourself into a hospital please, or better yet just think back to your childhood and just how puberty was. Awkward!

Oh one more thing. If bottle feeding was all the rage and breastfeeding was so out dated? To a generation that is just blinded with bottle feeding or so it seems in your minds. People who now see the act of breastfeeding as being strange, different, or even sexual, at least those in your views. Doesnt this just point out how you choose to view other people who came before you, as being the problem. Rather then your ridged ideas. It isn’t your great discovery, or your wizard of smart to figure out that those breasts are for feeding baby’s at some point. don’t act like you know something the rest of us just lost with the discovery of the bottle. By the way, a blanket still works bets as the answer to the problem of breastfeeding in public.

Breastfeeding here….stop looking!! So it is, crybaby’s who found themself’s lost with having to feel! Whether it is something likable or not! These overly sensitive choose to offend everyone, by choosing to get big bad government to legislatively slap us around. No one should make clams of an abusive government overreaction, or that they are now having to live with be offended! All so you can be in favor of not having to lug around a blanket, or God for bid even use one in order to feed baby. To be legislatively protected, is like a government issued security blanket for the insecure. This is the new age progressive attitudes of feeling comfortably numb! Of course with a misguided government that is slightly out of control in support of the new age progressive attitudes in life. It is easier to give a middle finger to common sense, as the exercise needed to prove chest-a-cals do exist!

Who goes there ?

In the life and the times of a dog, everything can be exciting, and often is made more exciting. Truth, dogs just have an over active imagination. But then when spending lots of time at home, with only cats to bother, and no such thing as doge dog-nip. The dogs mind tends to go stray. Just an animals wild ride of imagination.

Who goes there?

What was that … looking around with only the ball sitting there quietly mocking your doge senses. But starring the ball down, not really knowing whether to attack it, or grrrrr growl at it, or just trying your best at the worlds greatest David Copperfield doggie magic trick … mind control, mind over matter and just making the ball move through thoughts. When it just doesn’t work out as planed the extra mental workout leads to a quick nap.

The super sleuth of cats, that tends to over indulge in cat-nip thus the drunken attitudes it expresses to everyone. People and dog, and other cats when present, and the occasional kitty impersonator, that always seems to look like there is two sleuths under this one roof. With a meow, she tends to say where is my cat-nip. Much like a drunk that sometimes can’t cope with the world, so is driven to drinking. Kitty just soothes herself with her own addictions. Reasoning that it makes this world more exciting. See that ball over there? Ya It’s not moving now! But with a swipe of my paw, game on! That ball will wake-up the dog, who in turn will chace the ball and I the sleuth after all will attack the dog / ball or anything else. It doesn’t matter which one. Extra cat-nip = extra food eaten = having to play extra hard, keep me from turning into Garfield. That’s my story and I sticking to it. Besides I watched baseball with my owner and took a try at a swipe or two at those balls in the TV window. But nothing!  This one… is the ticket.

Kitty was sneaking between the wall and the dog on her way towards the ball. Quiet! Now easy does it, just a few more steps now. The dogs eyes seem to be opening up ever so slightly unknown to the super sleuth. Playing dead or sleeping real hard was the dogs trademark of surprise. Kitty was in range, one small pounce and… Dog springs to life! Jumping to her short feet, with just a motion of feet trying to run on hardwood floors, leaves feet moving at a blur, then catching traction and launching dog forward. Kitty out jumping dog with her heart stuck in her mouth, springs up and flies through the air towards the couch, catching herself on the edge and climbing the rest of the way up in escaping. One of the other cats that is more sacred of himself, appears around the corner to see what is going on. A Ball! One that is seemingly unattended to. One swipe and the ball was rolling down the hall, with scared-d-cat at a full on chase. With concentration fully broken dog is out for a relentless attack of cats, all and any cats will do!

With her ball finally safely in her mouth, dog slowly walks down the hall towards the livingroom. Half way down the hallway there is that one door, the port-hole that “Vac-Koom!” tends to pounce out from. With this doorway one must always be carefull around. Dog just moves slowly inching up to the door, but then with a rush she passed the door un-scathed, with ball still in mouth. Walking over to her bed she stashes her ball and then settles in for another nap.

With the sound of the keys going in the door lock, dog spring to life. Who goes there? Around the corner and down the 6 stairs rushing the front door. My owner is home! Wooa! We will play! Wait!! Is it the post man / ups man? The door opens up and with great momentary expectation, followed by relief. It is my owner! It’s a party then… where is my ball? The search is on, so dog runs off.

Finding the ball she runs out to the sliding glass door, just as soon as the door has enough of a space to squeezes through. She is off! Having left the ball on the deck, now down the long set of stairs, barking, and barking trying to get her owner to throw the ball.

After about a half hour of play, it is time for dinner. Back inside and she dives into her dog dish of food and devours it. But then a strange noise interrupts the last few bites of dinner. Then a squeak and creek and….It’s “VAC-KOOM! ” Battle stations! Quick! Get the led out, battle stations, Vac-Koom attacks!

Dog is just running around the house trying to hide her ball first. But then she lays in wait for her counter attack.

Vac-Koom has small bodied for its main body, but then it has the trunk for a mid body that rises up to the hight of my owners wast. With a small hook at its end. This is the spot where my owner tries to hang onto it, trying to control the seemingly uncontrollable Vac-koom. A blackish gray eye shield and a piercing laser white light for an eye. A low grrrrr type of noise escapes Vac-Koom as my owner places the black end of it tail into the wall plug. suddenly it rumbles towards the livingroom. Once Vac-Koom comes close enough dog pounces out of hiding. Nipping and growling, a bark or two and jumping back and forth. But being carefull to staying clear of the laser eye. Dirt trembles as Vac-koom comes near, vibrating from fear. Then with a sucking noise even a strange spider in an instance vanishes. Gone! But where did they go? Dogs eye widen as it comes too close, bark, bark! Grrrr!

Finely my owner unleashes the black tail from the wall, it snaps back into Vac-Koom’s upper body. With some strange wining noise. This strange beast is wrestled back into the time warp port-hole. The door closed, peace and silence once again is in the doggie kingdom, Vac-Koom vanquish!

With a click of a button on the black box type thing, my owner looks at this electric window where some strange game is being played outside of that window. Lifting dog up onto the couch, with petting and scratching of the belly, dog is in heaven. Once again the eyes start to close enjoying the close of the day with the owner of the house. But wait! What was…. that stupid stoned kitty. She is sneaking up to the window with her cat-nip interest in playing with the ball in view. Oh well, Just a great day in the life. Dog starts to drift off into dream land, with her fading last thoughts. ” Untill next time Vac-koom. Untill we meet again.” Aw, with a big deep breath, and owner softly rubbing the belly. Life is truly good.

All the best.


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