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Useless body parts

What body part do you have, that you would be willing to trade _______________? Do you have a useless body part that would also be more valuable to you personally, if you could trade it in, for something of more value? If so what is more valuable to you then? More importantly what has so little value personally that you would detach a part of you for it? People use plastic surgery for improvements to themself’s all the time. So they also reason for their own justifications for doing it, or paying the cost of it. As making an improvement to what God made already. But is the improvement through plastic surgery only in the eyes of the beholder? Or is the beholder just over critical, or uncomfortable about themself’s? Should we all just have a plastic appearance? Mirror mirror on the wall, should we all have the appearances of “Barby” after all?

Plastic surgery may remove small parts of our body’s. Just by looking at Michal Jackson’s early pictures VS. his later ones you can clearly see that part of his nose was taken. Yet That’s just a pice of a body part. What I’m asking is what about the whole thing. Take a hand for instance, or leg, arms toes and fingers…ect. What about these? Would you… could you?

People do the strangest things to themself’s, that also gives them some perceived advantage, at the cost of some self-mutilation. Why not! If you see an opening for some advantage in life, that door may only stay open for a short period of time. So why not lose some unneeded weight by eliminating a useless body part? In the posses you may gain some speed to go through that doorway so to speak. So the reasoning, or the mindset may be in the individuals contemplating decisions like this. It comes down to taking advantage of life through a disadvantage with respect of some useless body part. Which body part is just that useless to you? Do you have one?

Some time ago I read a story about a guy that had become trapped in the back woods. In his case he was trapped by a huge rock landing on his arm. Pinning him into a position that he couldn’t free himself from it. What would you do? He was shure that he would die in the woods. So with his free arm he got out his pocket knife and cut off his own arm. Then tied off his severed arm to slow down the bleeding, then hiked out of the woods to get some help. Crazy! For me just impossible! Not to say that I would like to die if I were in this situation. Just saying that would be a real desperate situation to be in. To get to a point were your values are holding less of a value for that body part then anything else.

Back in time, like way back in time. Think back to ancient times, back in the Roman days towards the sunset of the empire. Young men that saw the hand writing on the wall. Took drastic steps. They didn’t want to serve in the legions of the day, with the possibility’s of fighting for a losing cause, or ageist other legions of the day. So they cut off their own thumbs! That way they couldn’t hold a sward. Becoming useless to the armed services. Of course this put farther stress and strain onto the empire of the day. Well after a 1000 years of being top dog in the known world, they should have known that all good things must come to an end. I suppose having to become just an ordinary long-term thumb-less onlookers, on the rest of the world’s history is better than becoming history past or present.

But still then hollywood portrays gangsters and tough guys in a different light. In trying to get some information from their arch rivals. These characters put a bullet in to their legs or knee-caps just to inflict pain to get the info. But really! The real tough guys just sit there with a smile or smirk on there face, despite the pain that was inflicted on them. But when it is the good guys turn for info gathering, they always go for the total knock out ( The TKO!) It goes something like this…

” So you don’t wish to spill the beans for me. Ha!” The good guy says.

Bad guy just shakes his head. wipers a bit and pre-pairs for more pain. Having been shot in the leg already, and having a boot ground into the wound. He tries to show he is just bad ass. ” I’m not telling you anything!” A bit of spittle launches from his mouth towards good guy.

“Okay tough guy! That leaves me only one thing left to do.”

” Ya. I know your going to kill me now!” He looks sad, but victorious for not giving up the info.

” Okay! Give me the rusty knife! This guy doesn’t deserve the balls he was born with! Killing him is just a blessing for him. I’m not giving any blessings out today.” grabbing the rusty knife good guy turns back towards bad guy. ” If you wish to die your going to have to do it your self… you soon to be ball less prick!”

Kind of like that, at least in the movie world it works like that. Bad guy is thinking take my arms or legs but not my balls. Don’t you think so? In the real world like for the guys in war. They always ask or so it is always reported by the other guys. After getting blown up and surviving with getting both arms and legs blown off. The question always seem to be… ” Is my junk still in tacked?” These poor guys who only resemble a basketball with a kickstand are only concerned with their junk!

Well so it is! The most important body part is the junk for guys. No one is volunteering to have it removed at no cost ever! Take an arm but not the junk is the vote for 100% of men out there.

For this one guy in europe some where, he valued his ability to collect unemployment, to a point that he decides to cut off his own leg. He thought about it for a moment, but then went ahead. Please! For what? Extended unemployment or some social giveaway? This lazy bastard! The last thing a bankrupt society needs is a legless bastard who still can masturbate for some satisfaction, or worse still can get some crazy woman pregnant. All for passing on these useless gens of humanity to the next generation. This guy needs to have a rusty knife handed to him and told in order to get something for free, start cutting on your junk!! Clearly we need some rearranging of values as well re-calculating of body parts value in terms of … Well I’ll let you decide. So what value does your body parts have?

‘Desperate’: Man Saws Off Foot to Avoid Work…And Continue Unemployment Benefits http://www.theblaze.com/stories/desperate-man-saws-off-foot-to-avoid-work-and-continue-unemployment-benefits/ via @theblaze

Some times it is hard to place value on some things in life… but then life as we are born with it, should have greater value to it. Don’t you think so?

All the best.


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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