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Janitorial terrorism… or just what? Some sound advice.

Public bathrooms should have a warning label on the doors. Do to janitorial terrorism this facility is a public health hasard. A true blizzard of excrement, toiletries, bodily fluids, excessive toilet paper, over use in the most improper way of liquid soap, wet floors as a slipping hasard, and the occasional over flowing toilet. This is the occasion ( Every day ) may I mention. Should one enter, please properly prop the door open so that a quick escape can be made. Should the door fully close behind you note that some wise guy put crap on the door handle. So no unexpected surprises to the unexpected human trying to open the door by using the door handle, should happen. Should you get trapped note that there is no cell phone signal in the bathroom for your safety. All though getting trapped in just such a place is the maine reasons for posting this warning in the first place. Enter at your own risk! Side note there maybe still, the smart ass that put the crap on the door handle inside. No farther explanation necessarily offered, but a sure clue will be offered.

Clue: the crap is on the inside door handle! Einstein!

Nothing like getting a warning when your under pressure! Not really paying attention to warnings. Only to tell you that your about to be up to your lower lip in crap like hell. That clicking noise you just heard was the door closing behind you.

unfortunately if there was a warning for most public bathrooms it would be posted by some obscure governmental law, requiring the sign to be posted on the mirror inside the bathroom. Placing the sign on the door as one should take some time to read before entering in the first place. Would be to simple. After all the governmental law is there to protect you from other people like you. Besides this looks like a government job and no one needs protecting from them. Right? By the looks of things laws are ment to be broken, or this bathroom would never needed the warning placed on the mirror in the fist place. But at least you have been warned.

It doesn’t matter if you enter a bathroom from your local mom and pop gas station, or if you’re entering a bathroom in a government building. The surprise is the same. Oh it may not look like exactly like I explained in the beginning of this post but some were not mention just to protect the innocent so to speak. That is, some governmental agency official told me. “If I mentioned their bathroom they may have to give me a swirly!”

True to form. You all out there have entered a bathroom like this before. Right? It wasn’t your brothers roommates bathroom that looked like this? What in god’s name caused people who wouldn’t act like this in their mother’s home bathroom. To go out of their way to over use the privilege of a public bathroom? Is it just a terrorism act? Terrorism of the janitorial services. Or some may even say this the doing of some homeless people, who are at war with society. Or is it just a legion? Revenge of ex-lax suppositories?

I like to think it is or was some rebel kid who was forced to clean the bathroom in his mother’s house with a tooth-brush as some punishment for something he did. But what parent would think the punishment of cleaning with tooth-brush fits the crime of acting out like….? I got in trouble allot as a kid but I never wanted to act out like this. Oh ya! I got mad as hell at my parents, and what kid didn’t. But they would have killed me for this kind of actions.

Maybe it is a frat house prank? An endless prank at that. Because the bathrooms keep on looking like this. I could imagine a ex-lax chocolate cake given to some kids in the frat house just before they all went out on the town. But that’s because I just got through watching Ace Ventura, Pet detective. Ace did just that to his bud. All though his bud has more control over his back side. Then from the looks of the people who used the inside of this bathroom.

I can only guess about guys bathrooms, and the shape they are in. But the next time I have to go and enter one like this… I’m going to the lady’s room. Right after I figure out how to get around the crap on the door handle.

A friend of mine told me that there is no difference to the shape of the lady’s room over the guy’s bathroom. Now that surprises to me! Girls are supposed to be sugar and spice and every thing nice aren’t they? So how can these lady’s act like this when picking up socks are some of the misplaced things they complain about at home. Home bathrooms never look like this. All thought, a friend of mine never cleaned house at all. That’s right! They who will remain genderless just moved just before the stove covered with grease exploded in fire. So If your kitchen looks like this. One could only imagine about the bathroom. I personally use the rule of thumb. Never crap where you eat! I need to expand the rule to never crap were you can’t wash your hands. Rules out most public bathrooms then.

The other day I got pulled over by police, for doing 65 in a 35 speed zone. My excuse was I have to use the bathroom, and have to get home. Besides have you ever seen this public bathroom before? I tried to fumble around with my cell phone to show him the picture I took. The look on his face was interesting to say the least. But he still gave me the ticket. He didn’t care about my pressure inside my body just the pressure on the gas pedal.

So what do we do? How can we fight the janitorial terrorists of the bathroom world?

President Bush had some advice about fighting terrorists. He told the nation. ” Do not let the terrorists win! Keep doing what it is you love to do. Go about your normal days as if nothing has happened. In that way they ( The terrorists ) who ever they are will not get the satisfaction of success.”

Some sound advice I thought. But I’m still buying some depends underwear. As my effort in defeating the terrorists. Now if I only knew where they lived. I have to do a change.

Stay safe in the public bathroom world. Be vigilant of the janitorial terrorists.

This could be coming to your public bathrooms near you if the government doesn’t get off its butt and fixes things. http://usat.ly/zjjXVJ#.T3IJBiYq6xY.twitter http://usat.ly/zjjXVJ#.T3IJWRy7W2k.twitter via @USATODAY

All the best.


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