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Cake! Liberal ideas! and Abortions! A 3 chicken nugget diet!

When it come to cake, liberal ideas, and or abortions, it is all so hard to decide. I want to do what is best! But the temptations are so great! It kind-of reminds me about the ideas we all had as adolescents. I want to eat unlimited amounts of cake. When the realisation of facts are in, all that cake we just ate, just made me Supper sized FAT!!! I just want to abort all of those previously bad ideas and start over again. But most liberal ideas just require repeating the same things over and over agin. Aborting these bad ideas permanently isn’t a solution? Or is it? Well maybe of sorts, far better than repeating the mistakes of the past, the ones we thought we aborted last time, yet hear we are again. Could it be better to learn from our mistakes and so never repeating them again? But that doesn’t seem too liberal of an idea!?

Bill Cosby once had a comedy thing he did about giving his kids some chocolate cake for breakfast. After all, the different food groups are represented in cake. Eggs for protein, flour for grain, milk for dairy, So what if it was all combined into that great tasting cake! I always thought of cake as one of the food groups anyway, just as Bill did. It made sense! To a young person that’s all that we need to know… Oh the other thing we need to know is ” Does it taste good!” If that’s a yes? It belongs in the food pyramid. Problem solved.

Of coarse food should taste great, no matter what. What is the point of eating it, if it didn’t? Fat kids wouldn’t be fat if cake tasted like dirty socks. If chicken nuggets tasted like rubber bands, we may swallow one or two by accident. But that’s because kids put the strangest things in their mouths to chew on. Don’t look at me like that.. you swallowed some gum before? I know! Even if that’s the only thing your going to admit too. Arent you?

It is bad enough that big government gives us all kinds of new rules or mandates per year to keep up with. In case you don’t like the word “Mandates” how about regulations? It is all the same. The government produces about 80,000 pages of new mandates / regulations per year. Yet some people like the ones in government, or government employees that think government hasn’t gotten too big for its britches yet! They just insist that it is bigger government that we need in our lives.

Recently a 4-year-old little girl went to school and was sporting a cool lunch box with all her favorite things she liked to eat. Her Mom was looking out for her best interests, by packing a home-made lunch. Kids at school don’t always make good choices and only eat things that aren’t as healthy ( But taste good ) or they are not as healthy as what it could be. Lets face it too much of one thing is just bad, but a well-rounded balance of things that also taste good is better. who is going to decide? But to kids the better things, as far as taste goes, is well better! So they, as kids would choose to eat good tasting things in spades. Leaving the less healthy foods behind.They don’t know about too much cake leads to fat kids who are teased relentlessly later on in school. Which then leads to depression, then massive cake eating!

Mom’s and Dad’s have the problem then to teach their kids about healthy eating, as well as healthy food at the same time. Kids don’t even realize they are being taught about food, with every meal that their parents are providing. But then there is a monkey see and monkey do thing that kids always catch onto way to fast. You have seen a totter reach for their Dad’s beer after Dad puts it down. They don’t even know about the beer. If Dad is doing it… and He is cool… I’m going to be just as cool then. So these young minds work and little hands as well.

This little girl got to school and was about to enjoy learning all kinds of new things. But when it was lunch time she learned the newest of all things. Her Mom wasn’t as good as she had first thought. Her Mom packed a bad lunch for her to eat. Why it was bad, just wasn’t so clear, but the big government person / adult told her, that Mom’s lunch was bad, and she now needed to eat a better one that school will provide to her. Confused… but looking up to the adults who know better ( Right? ) she got the school lunch. The lunch was chicken nuggets, vegetables / fruit, milk… ect. Her Mom’s lunch in her lunchbox was… Turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, banana, and apple juice. Yet the government inspector said it wasn’t a good lunch! Yet we are to believe that nuggets are?

Well let me see along with Bill Cosby as my mentor and teacher of the past and a fellow parent as well. The bread = grain, the turkey = protean, cheese = dairy, banana = fruit, fruit juice = sugar. That’s almost as good as the chocolate cake she must have had, or would have eaten in my house.

What she got was… Chicken nuggets = something like chicken, but then parts, is parts and many parts are eatable! So I guess that passes for protein, Veggies = yuck for most kids, there for they aren’t eaten! So just some more governmental wasted funds / taxpayers taxes thrown away, fruit = may be eaten if I had more time to eat them, and only if they are sweet or have been sweetened by sugar, milk = does a body good, unless you’re lactose intolerant. In which case your classmates will keep you from drinking the milk. Now that one is good at least. Who would like to try concentrating on doing your school work, while having an insane amount of pressure by gas in side of you, untill you can’t hold it any more?

How can a big government decide on what is good for everyone, when everyone has or may have some health conditions to consider?

Prehaps some religious practices to consider with diets? We wouldn’t want to tell some muslim kid to eat pork now would we? Yet people of America when we act as steeple and let the government tell this little girl and her mother, her lunch is bad, and then charge the parent for lunch served. None of us or should I say hardly any, fire off a letter, or raise holy hell about it! By telling government to BACK OFF!!

Chicken nuggets aren’t always baked. More like fried in some kind of oil. Fried foods aren’t good for you, or so they say. But who are they anyway? If schools take away turkey sandwiches from little kids, and replace them with chicken nuggets, as the testament of just what good healthy food is! Or is it chicken nuggets with veggies, that makes fried food healthy? If fried foods are the definition of good health then we should, and would, fry everything we eat! Right? Teachers know best? They have the degrees in …. teaching! Is that why there are almost all ways overweight? perhaps it is time for practicing what you preach teachers / government workers? Just like the teachers on the food network! That’s right, don’t look all surprised. TV is the teacher in most households away, from the public school teachers, and then last but not least the adults. Okay! The real last but not least, of these teachers are the teenage kids who are also young parents. Who are then thrown into the adult / parent / teacher mix. But not every household has one of these truly last teachers on the list.

Some times kids with no help from their own choices in life are truly ” Damned of the do, and damned if they don’t!” It would be easier if we as kids could be delivered by stork. Like they all were in the olden of days. They could then pick some rich persons house to be dropped off at. Rather then the teenage parents place, who lives with Mom’s / and or Dad’s, who also, mooch off grandparents by living with them. While mooching off the nipple of government. You know the place? The one where there is only 3 bedrooms and like 12 people living in them / revolving through them. Yet these households are supported not by grandpa’s hard work, nor by his grandiose size of SSI check the government gives to him for everyone. No but by hook or crook and some smooth deceptions of the social net. The governmental agency designed to promote the most irresponsible of next generations out there in the world today. No wonder we all fell for that slogan, from the last election ” Hope and change!” Expecting it would give some ill-gotten real change to the irresponsibility’s of everyone out there.

As for our kids in the public school system, who really has any responsibility of raising these young people to be great adult people? Is it a government who says you need to be more responsible with what your feeding your kids? But then changes the definition of what responsibility really is, from time to time. Or is it the very people who seemed to accept the responsibility by providing a better lunch in this case, then the school did for this little 4-year-old girl. Is it a government, or governments employees, or agency’s, responsibility? Is it their responsibility to under mine the little girls impressions of her Mom / and or her views of what good food is? Is it right for the little girl along with the misguided government worker to cause her to think her Mom was feeding her something that was bad? Why would Mom do that? She could have thought, and probably did think.

Government is truly to big when they decide for you, as what is best! But when they decide to lead you or your children down that road, or give the impression that parents aren’t giving you good food so we will!!! Well Parents! That should have been the declaration of war from the government against your family, your freedoms, and pursuit of happiness!

How can government say some people don’t feed their kids with good food and then provide through the welfare system the ways and the means to buy, that what usually amounts to the most unhealthy foods out there. Not to say, but also at an amount of excess. Where are the good cooking classes in school, to teach people about good foods / health? Does government and government-run schools have the right, who by their actions, and slight of hand practices, and through manipulation, then teach the young, anything good as being bad, as well anything bad as being good? Taking the unchecked right to do so from parents with regards to their kids, isn’t the job of good government, but a government in gauged in mind-manipulation of the younger generations to be mind-numb zombies? Who will do the job of keeping an eye on the education offered to our kids, if we are unwilling to do so? If we are going to let government assume the role of doing everything for the people as giving the new meaning to the phrase Freedom. Then let the people sue you for everything, when life turns out different then expected because you as the know, it’s all government fault, for not having provided it in the first place!

If you think this is ridiculous? Then wait for the government who will be all to willing to place you on a weight scale before you get to go shopping for your food at the store. Nothing is more insulting than a governmental agency saying your too fat! Request to go shopping for those extra calories is denied! You may have different thoughts thinking that’s impossible! Over barring governments have happened before, so then what if this happens to you? That is no more ridiculous than a government employee replacing a turkey sandwich with 3 chicken nuggets as being the quintessential healthy lunch for our kids. Then having the balls in giving a bill for lunch to the child to take home to Mom, expecting her to also pay for what she already provided in the first place. All the while turning our kids ageist us by poisoning their young minds with Mom’s, and Dad’s aren’t feeding you good food!

Good government wouldn’t act as the pied piper, trying to take our kids / and their youth from them. By over taxing the parents with new regulations, taxes, and hoops to jump through, for those who wish to be responsible people / parents. All the while telling the youth of the today they can act with no regards for the consequences of their actions, just as long as you slap a condom on it!

Society’s best solution for preventing unwanted pregnancy. The pregnancy of liberal ideas, which leads to the over growth of the sub-human thing that just can’t be aborted! Also known as Big Government! Is just telling those governmental liberals, ” We are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore! Take your lower lips and stretch them over your liberal ideas and then over your own heads and swallow!”

That should also have the same nutrition value as 3 chicken nuggets fried in oil!

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”: http://bit.ly/yew4R6 via @AddThis

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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