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Your first stiff drink..?

So your 21 years of age and it is time for your first stiff drink! No one ever asked the questions of self, ” Do I hold the gens of becoming an alcoholic?” Yet we never know the answer to the questions for real. Remember, every alcoholic started by not fighting a hidden disease. But fighting the hidden temptations from the weakened state given to them by their gens. In short! As all baby’s are born taking their first breath, so is the birth of the alcoholic, with their first stiff drink.

These spirits bottled with the intoxicants of compleat evil, offered up to men or women, with all to many reasons to hide from reality. These are the droplets of sweat off the brow of the devils forehead, dripping into the outstretched glass, grasped by the trembling hands of the addict. This poisoners of heart and soul with nectar which in turn flows through the vanes of the un-expecting victims of our outcast society. Slowly the neurotoxins embrace the individuals, within a false lovers embrace. coaxing actions and misguided re-actions from all, who are under its spell.The cooling breeze of desire brought about through its intoxicants, only followed by an over heated rage of the need for more than before. This is the cooling fire that slowly consumes, yet individually consumes so completely. It is on the hottest of days that these individuals feel the cool cooling breeze upon their skin. Yet the mind and the normal senses are saying there is no breeze today. Trust not the temptation brought to you in the form of a cool breeze against your mental skin. recognise it to be nothing more than the temptation of a slow death, delivered to you on the butterfly wings of evil. It is a most genital feeling upon the mental skin, like a lovers kiss that raises the heart beat within. These feelings slowly guide you to the abysses slippery edge, yet it is the genital breeze from the butterfly wings that mockingly pushes you in.

All the best.

Useless body parts

What body part do you have, that you would be willing to trade _______________? Do you have a useless body part that would also be more valuable to you personally, if you could trade it in, for something of more value? If so what is more valuable to you then? More importantly what has so little value personally that you would detach a part of you for it? People use plastic surgery for improvements to themself’s all the time. So they also reason for their own justifications for doing it, or paying the cost of it. As making an improvement to what God made already. But is the improvement through plastic surgery only in the eyes of the beholder? Or is the beholder just over critical, or uncomfortable about themself’s? Should we all just have a plastic appearance? Mirror mirror on the wall, should we all have the appearances of “Barby” after all?

Plastic surgery may remove small parts of our body’s. Just by looking at Michal Jackson’s early pictures VS. his later ones you can clearly see that part of his nose was taken. Yet That’s just a pice of a body part. What I’m asking is what about the whole thing. Take a hand for instance, or leg, arms toes and fingers…ect. What about these? Would you… could you?

People do the strangest things to themself’s, that also gives them some perceived advantage, at the cost of some self-mutilation. Why not! If you see an opening for some advantage in life, that door may only stay open for a short period of time. So why not lose some unneeded weight by eliminating a useless body part? In the posses you may gain some speed to go through that doorway so to speak. So the reasoning, or the mindset may be in the individuals contemplating decisions like this. It comes down to taking advantage of life through a disadvantage with respect of some useless body part. Which body part is just that useless to you? Do you have one?

Some time ago I read a story about a guy that had become trapped in the back woods. In his case he was trapped by a huge rock landing on his arm. Pinning him into a position that he couldn’t free himself from it. What would you do? He was shure that he would die in the woods. So with his free arm he got out his pocket knife and cut off his own arm. Then tied off his severed arm to slow down the bleeding, then hiked out of the woods to get some help. Crazy! For me just impossible! Not to say that I would like to die if I were in this situation. Just saying that would be a real desperate situation to be in. To get to a point were your values are holding less of a value for that body part then anything else.

Back in time, like way back in time. Think back to ancient times, back in the Roman days towards the sunset of the empire. Young men that saw the hand writing on the wall. Took drastic steps. They didn’t want to serve in the legions of the day, with the possibility’s of fighting for a losing cause, or ageist other legions of the day. So they cut off their own thumbs! That way they couldn’t hold a sward. Becoming useless to the armed services. Of course this put farther stress and strain onto the empire of the day. Well after a 1000 years of being top dog in the known world, they should have known that all good things must come to an end. I suppose having to become just an ordinary long-term thumb-less onlookers, on the rest of the world’s history is better than becoming history past or present.

But still then hollywood portrays gangsters and tough guys in a different light. In trying to get some information from their arch rivals. These characters put a bullet in to their legs or knee-caps just to inflict pain to get the info. But really! The real tough guys just sit there with a smile or smirk on there face, despite the pain that was inflicted on them. But when it is the good guys turn for info gathering, they always go for the total knock out ( The TKO!) It goes something like this…

” So you don’t wish to spill the beans for me. Ha!” The good guy says.

Bad guy just shakes his head. wipers a bit and pre-pairs for more pain. Having been shot in the leg already, and having a boot ground into the wound. He tries to show he is just bad ass. ” I’m not telling you anything!” A bit of spittle launches from his mouth towards good guy.

“Okay tough guy! That leaves me only one thing left to do.”

” Ya. I know your going to kill me now!” He looks sad, but victorious for not giving up the info.

” Okay! Give me the rusty knife! This guy doesn’t deserve the balls he was born with! Killing him is just a blessing for him. I’m not giving any blessings out today.” grabbing the rusty knife good guy turns back towards bad guy. ” If you wish to die your going to have to do it your self… you soon to be ball less prick!”

Kind of like that, at least in the movie world it works like that. Bad guy is thinking take my arms or legs but not my balls. Don’t you think so? In the real world like for the guys in war. They always ask or so it is always reported by the other guys. After getting blown up and surviving with getting both arms and legs blown off. The question always seem to be… ” Is my junk still in tacked?” These poor guys who only resemble a basketball with a kickstand are only concerned with their junk!

Well so it is! The most important body part is the junk for guys. No one is volunteering to have it removed at no cost ever! Take an arm but not the junk is the vote for 100% of men out there.

For this one guy in europe some where, he valued his ability to collect unemployment, to a point that he decides to cut off his own leg. He thought about it for a moment, but then went ahead. Please! For what? Extended unemployment or some social giveaway? This lazy bastard! The last thing a bankrupt society needs is a legless bastard who still can masturbate for some satisfaction, or worse still can get some crazy woman pregnant. All for passing on these useless gens of humanity to the next generation. This guy needs to have a rusty knife handed to him and told in order to get something for free, start cutting on your junk!! Clearly we need some rearranging of values as well re-calculating of body parts value in terms of … Well I’ll let you decide. So what value does your body parts have?

‘Desperate’: Man Saws Off Foot to Avoid Work…And Continue Unemployment Benefits http://www.theblaze.com/stories/desperate-man-saws-off-foot-to-avoid-work-and-continue-unemployment-benefits/ via @theblaze

Some times it is hard to place value on some things in life… but then life as we are born with it, should have greater value to it. Don’t you think so?

All the best.

Janitorial terrorism… or just what? Some sound advice.

Public bathrooms should have a warning label on the doors. Do to janitorial terrorism this facility is a public health hasard. A true blizzard of excrement, toiletries, bodily fluids, excessive toilet paper, over use in the most improper way of liquid soap, wet floors as a slipping hasard, and the occasional over flowing toilet. This is the occasion ( Every day ) may I mention. Should one enter, please properly prop the door open so that a quick escape can be made. Should the door fully close behind you note that some wise guy put crap on the door handle. So no unexpected surprises to the unexpected human trying to open the door by using the door handle, should happen. Should you get trapped note that there is no cell phone signal in the bathroom for your safety. All though getting trapped in just such a place is the maine reasons for posting this warning in the first place. Enter at your own risk! Side note there maybe still, the smart ass that put the crap on the door handle inside. No farther explanation necessarily offered, but a sure clue will be offered.

Clue: the crap is on the inside door handle! Einstein!

Nothing like getting a warning when your under pressure! Not really paying attention to warnings. Only to tell you that your about to be up to your lower lip in crap like hell. That clicking noise you just heard was the door closing behind you.

unfortunately if there was a warning for most public bathrooms it would be posted by some obscure governmental law, requiring the sign to be posted on the mirror inside the bathroom. Placing the sign on the door as one should take some time to read before entering in the first place. Would be to simple. After all the governmental law is there to protect you from other people like you. Besides this looks like a government job and no one needs protecting from them. Right? By the looks of things laws are ment to be broken, or this bathroom would never needed the warning placed on the mirror in the fist place. But at least you have been warned.

It doesn’t matter if you enter a bathroom from your local mom and pop gas station, or if you’re entering a bathroom in a government building. The surprise is the same. Oh it may not look like exactly like I explained in the beginning of this post but some were not mention just to protect the innocent so to speak. That is, some governmental agency official told me. “If I mentioned their bathroom they may have to give me a swirly!”

True to form. You all out there have entered a bathroom like this before. Right? It wasn’t your brothers roommates bathroom that looked like this? What in god’s name caused people who wouldn’t act like this in their mother’s home bathroom. To go out of their way to over use the privilege of a public bathroom? Is it just a terrorism act? Terrorism of the janitorial services. Or some may even say this the doing of some homeless people, who are at war with society. Or is it just a legion? Revenge of ex-lax suppositories?

I like to think it is or was some rebel kid who was forced to clean the bathroom in his mother’s house with a tooth-brush as some punishment for something he did. But what parent would think the punishment of cleaning with tooth-brush fits the crime of acting out like….? I got in trouble allot as a kid but I never wanted to act out like this. Oh ya! I got mad as hell at my parents, and what kid didn’t. But they would have killed me for this kind of actions.

Maybe it is a frat house prank? An endless prank at that. Because the bathrooms keep on looking like this. I could imagine a ex-lax chocolate cake given to some kids in the frat house just before they all went out on the town. But that’s because I just got through watching Ace Ventura, Pet detective. Ace did just that to his bud. All though his bud has more control over his back side. Then from the looks of the people who used the inside of this bathroom.

I can only guess about guys bathrooms, and the shape they are in. But the next time I have to go and enter one like this… I’m going to the lady’s room. Right after I figure out how to get around the crap on the door handle.

A friend of mine told me that there is no difference to the shape of the lady’s room over the guy’s bathroom. Now that surprises to me! Girls are supposed to be sugar and spice and every thing nice aren’t they? So how can these lady’s act like this when picking up socks are some of the misplaced things they complain about at home. Home bathrooms never look like this. All thought, a friend of mine never cleaned house at all. That’s right! They who will remain genderless just moved just before the stove covered with grease exploded in fire. So If your kitchen looks like this. One could only imagine about the bathroom. I personally use the rule of thumb. Never crap where you eat! I need to expand the rule to never crap were you can’t wash your hands. Rules out most public bathrooms then.

The other day I got pulled over by police, for doing 65 in a 35 speed zone. My excuse was I have to use the bathroom, and have to get home. Besides have you ever seen this public bathroom before? I tried to fumble around with my cell phone to show him the picture I took. The look on his face was interesting to say the least. But he still gave me the ticket. He didn’t care about my pressure inside my body just the pressure on the gas pedal.

So what do we do? How can we fight the janitorial terrorists of the bathroom world?

President Bush had some advice about fighting terrorists. He told the nation. ” Do not let the terrorists win! Keep doing what it is you love to do. Go about your normal days as if nothing has happened. In that way they ( The terrorists ) who ever they are will not get the satisfaction of success.”

Some sound advice I thought. But I’m still buying some depends underwear. As my effort in defeating the terrorists. Now if I only knew where they lived. I have to do a change.

Stay safe in the public bathroom world. Be vigilant of the janitorial terrorists.

This could be coming to your public bathrooms near you if the government doesn’t get off its butt and fixes things. http://usat.ly/zjjXVJ#.T3IJBiYq6xY.twitter http://usat.ly/zjjXVJ#.T3IJWRy7W2k.twitter via @USATODAY

All the best.

With gas soon to be $5.00, We need a beer Czar!

With unemploymentt at too high of a range, oil prices too high, and gas going to the unexpected $5.00 per gallon. We the people, need the answers to these problems that say “genius!” Okay! Maybe that’s just a bit over the top. But solving problems and making life better all in the same time isn’t too much to ask? I say a car in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, and affordable green energy for the nation. Just to kick the nations in the oil-producing world in the nuts real hard! Enter into the mix the need for the beer Czar!

First I must say, being under employed these days I’m offering my services to the government for the future job of being the beer czar. Why do we need a beer czar, you ask? Well we have plenty of czars who do… Well it slips my mind as to the exact excused that the government uses as why we have czars in the first place. Maybe it sounds socialistic, and the government kids, like the sound when they say czar? But who really knows? I’m only interested in the position because it pays on average $120,000.00 per year for all of the other czars out there. So why should the beer czar work for less? Besides that’s better pay with benefits then any job in the non-government sector. When we have a Nintendo czar / video game czar, in the government already. Don’t we need to round out the entertainment / czar’s positions in government?

I guess when president Obama said “we can not afford to fall behind the Europeans and the Chinese with green energy research.” It struck me! Well it may have been that bio-diesel truck in front of me. The exhaust smelled like french fries, instead of the usual sick diesel smell. Going past the brewery at the same time gave me the subliminal message to get some beer-batter fried fish and chips. Imagine that! Toxic gases could inspire me to get some fattening foods, net alone give me the idea of the beer czar. Or is that why we refer to those gases as “Toxic?”

Look Germany is Europe’s main source of green energy used in their electrical grid. But at what cost to their economy? In fact, recently they said they will no longer support their green energy through solar electricity. It was not worth the cost, they said. So for America to take the number 2 spot on green energy is somewhat easier. But  what about using beer as the source of future energy? It is green! It has a solar component to it as well. After all the barley and hops are grown in the sun. We may be behind Germany with the beer purity laws, but give us time. We need a beer czar first.

Re-engineering the internal-combustion engine is the first step. The cost of doing this should be easy. But finding the money to do this should be easier still. finding extra money for this among the wasteful spending dollars not yet spent in government. No one is looking, so with beer no one cares. Instead of spending good cold cash on some muslim country that will only find some reasons not to sell oil to us, and or curb oil production to raise prices, or just finding some new reasons to hate. You know some crazy outrageous accusations calling us all “the infidels!” You know who they are… wink, wink. I don’t see a need to spend money on putting our balls into a vice and then letting some other country who hates us put the pressure to us. Ya! We may be tough.. but that is needless pain to endure. Why pay for the self-abuse in the form of buying oil, from people who call us Infidels? No matter if it is individually or as a country. The beer czar would reduce foreign oil consumption, thus reliving the pressure on our country’s balls and economy alike.

With grain alcohol mainly made with corn. We are only cutting into the food supply. Cows = beef, chicken = take out food, and pig = pork bacon, they all eat corn. But if we are going to make alcohol from our grain it will rise the price of meat. So I say let the whole world hear the roar of our muscle cars engine, let the alcohol be the life blood of transportation, and with beer there is no such problems. Who eats barley? I mean barley as some food stuff on your diner plate. Not in this country anyway. We as the Germans, make beer from it. After all meat is meat and man has to eat. So lets put beer into our cars tanks, and let the beer wash down our meat that we eat. A win, win in anyones book.

As the beer czar I would have to regulate it. Some would be for fuel and some just for enjoyment. Beer fuel would be safer to use then gasoline. When there is a car crash and a leak from the fuel tank, one spark and poof. But with beer being the fuel of the future, people would just run for empty containers to hold the spilling beer. More like a keg’er on the highway. What about slipping on some icy roadway, ending up down the hill aways? Stuck with no real rescue and with nothing to eat but salty crackers. What to do? Tap the beer gas tank and wash down the salty crackers. Alcohol also keeps people from freezing in the cold you know. That’s why those High mountain dogs, the ones with those kegs of hard alcohol around their necks. Trained to find the strangers and give them something to keep from freezing to death. You know the ones? Of corse the alcohol would keep them from remembering that the dog would also try humping their legs while they sleeping off the alcohol. No such problem with beer in the gas tank.

The beer czar’s main job would have to be, tasting the different blends of course. With brewery showing up in Boston and Colorado, and all up and down the west coast. Building a brewery is much easer then a refinery for gas. Quicker as well. No need for the EPA to over regulate the brewery’s of the future. Hell The unemployed with a few classes could produce their own fuel on the kitchen stove in their own homes. Giving them the transportation fuel to get to work. At a lower cost then gas. If you don’t have a job to go to, you could drink the extra beer… not while driving of course. Just looking out for the poor among us. Now I’m sounding more like the president. So I’m right for the Job!

With all the crazy stories coming out of washington DC these days. Going green for our energy needs. You know! Solar power or future fuel from green slime algae. Would you rather put that soon to be $10.00 per gallon gas into your gas tank, or that green slime biodiesel? Who really knows how expensive that’s going to be? What does that green slime biodiesel smell like anyway’s? I would rather smell toxic gases coming from the truck in front of me that smells like beer batter fish and chips. So filler up with Coors. Not the light stuff! Regular… for this hot rod! I could use the extra octane in my tank. Besides I like the sound of kicking those oil-producing country’s in the nuts real hard, with the roar of my engine. Beer in my tank and the sound that their cracking nuts make! Now that’s true green energy!

Help a guy out and let your public official know, “We need a beer czar!” Might as well be me!

Thanks for your support! All the best.

Cake! Liberal ideas! and Abortions! A 3 chicken nugget diet!

When it come to cake, liberal ideas, and or abortions, it is all so hard to decide. I want to do what is best! But the temptations are so great! It kind-of reminds me about the ideas we all had as adolescents. I want to eat unlimited amounts of cake. When the realisation of facts are in, all that cake we just ate, just made me Supper sized FAT!!! I just want to abort all of those previously bad ideas and start over again. But most liberal ideas just require repeating the same things over and over agin. Aborting these bad ideas permanently isn’t a solution? Or is it? Well maybe of sorts, far better than repeating the mistakes of the past, the ones we thought we aborted last time, yet hear we are again. Could it be better to learn from our mistakes and so never repeating them again? But that doesn’t seem too liberal of an idea!?

Bill Cosby once had a comedy thing he did about giving his kids some chocolate cake for breakfast. After all, the different food groups are represented in cake. Eggs for protein, flour for grain, milk for dairy, So what if it was all combined into that great tasting cake! I always thought of cake as one of the food groups anyway, just as Bill did. It made sense! To a young person that’s all that we need to know… Oh the other thing we need to know is ” Does it taste good!” If that’s a yes? It belongs in the food pyramid. Problem solved.

Of coarse food should taste great, no matter what. What is the point of eating it, if it didn’t? Fat kids wouldn’t be fat if cake tasted like dirty socks. If chicken nuggets tasted like rubber bands, we may swallow one or two by accident. But that’s because kids put the strangest things in their mouths to chew on. Don’t look at me like that.. you swallowed some gum before? I know! Even if that’s the only thing your going to admit too. Arent you?

It is bad enough that big government gives us all kinds of new rules or mandates per year to keep up with. In case you don’t like the word “Mandates” how about regulations? It is all the same. The government produces about 80,000 pages of new mandates / regulations per year. Yet some people like the ones in government, or government employees that think government hasn’t gotten too big for its britches yet! They just insist that it is bigger government that we need in our lives.

Recently a 4-year-old little girl went to school and was sporting a cool lunch box with all her favorite things she liked to eat. Her Mom was looking out for her best interests, by packing a home-made lunch. Kids at school don’t always make good choices and only eat things that aren’t as healthy ( But taste good ) or they are not as healthy as what it could be. Lets face it too much of one thing is just bad, but a well-rounded balance of things that also taste good is better. who is going to decide? But to kids the better things, as far as taste goes, is well better! So they, as kids would choose to eat good tasting things in spades. Leaving the less healthy foods behind.They don’t know about too much cake leads to fat kids who are teased relentlessly later on in school. Which then leads to depression, then massive cake eating!

Mom’s and Dad’s have the problem then to teach their kids about healthy eating, as well as healthy food at the same time. Kids don’t even realize they are being taught about food, with every meal that their parents are providing. But then there is a monkey see and monkey do thing that kids always catch onto way to fast. You have seen a totter reach for their Dad’s beer after Dad puts it down. They don’t even know about the beer. If Dad is doing it… and He is cool… I’m going to be just as cool then. So these young minds work and little hands as well.

This little girl got to school and was about to enjoy learning all kinds of new things. But when it was lunch time she learned the newest of all things. Her Mom wasn’t as good as she had first thought. Her Mom packed a bad lunch for her to eat. Why it was bad, just wasn’t so clear, but the big government person / adult told her, that Mom’s lunch was bad, and she now needed to eat a better one that school will provide to her. Confused… but looking up to the adults who know better ( Right? ) she got the school lunch. The lunch was chicken nuggets, vegetables / fruit, milk… ect. Her Mom’s lunch in her lunchbox was… Turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, banana, and apple juice. Yet the government inspector said it wasn’t a good lunch! Yet we are to believe that nuggets are?

Well let me see along with Bill Cosby as my mentor and teacher of the past and a fellow parent as well. The bread = grain, the turkey = protean, cheese = dairy, banana = fruit, fruit juice = sugar. That’s almost as good as the chocolate cake she must have had, or would have eaten in my house.

What she got was… Chicken nuggets = something like chicken, but then parts, is parts and many parts are eatable! So I guess that passes for protein, Veggies = yuck for most kids, there for they aren’t eaten! So just some more governmental wasted funds / taxpayers taxes thrown away, fruit = may be eaten if I had more time to eat them, and only if they are sweet or have been sweetened by sugar, milk = does a body good, unless you’re lactose intolerant. In which case your classmates will keep you from drinking the milk. Now that one is good at least. Who would like to try concentrating on doing your school work, while having an insane amount of pressure by gas in side of you, untill you can’t hold it any more?

How can a big government decide on what is good for everyone, when everyone has or may have some health conditions to consider?

Prehaps some religious practices to consider with diets? We wouldn’t want to tell some muslim kid to eat pork now would we? Yet people of America when we act as steeple and let the government tell this little girl and her mother, her lunch is bad, and then charge the parent for lunch served. None of us or should I say hardly any, fire off a letter, or raise holy hell about it! By telling government to BACK OFF!!

Chicken nuggets aren’t always baked. More like fried in some kind of oil. Fried foods aren’t good for you, or so they say. But who are they anyway? If schools take away turkey sandwiches from little kids, and replace them with chicken nuggets, as the testament of just what good healthy food is! Or is it chicken nuggets with veggies, that makes fried food healthy? If fried foods are the definition of good health then we should, and would, fry everything we eat! Right? Teachers know best? They have the degrees in …. teaching! Is that why there are almost all ways overweight? perhaps it is time for practicing what you preach teachers / government workers? Just like the teachers on the food network! That’s right, don’t look all surprised. TV is the teacher in most households away, from the public school teachers, and then last but not least the adults. Okay! The real last but not least, of these teachers are the teenage kids who are also young parents. Who are then thrown into the adult / parent / teacher mix. But not every household has one of these truly last teachers on the list.

Some times kids with no help from their own choices in life are truly ” Damned of the do, and damned if they don’t!” It would be easier if we as kids could be delivered by stork. Like they all were in the olden of days. They could then pick some rich persons house to be dropped off at. Rather then the teenage parents place, who lives with Mom’s / and or Dad’s, who also, mooch off grandparents by living with them. While mooching off the nipple of government. You know the place? The one where there is only 3 bedrooms and like 12 people living in them / revolving through them. Yet these households are supported not by grandpa’s hard work, nor by his grandiose size of SSI check the government gives to him for everyone. No but by hook or crook and some smooth deceptions of the social net. The governmental agency designed to promote the most irresponsible of next generations out there in the world today. No wonder we all fell for that slogan, from the last election ” Hope and change!” Expecting it would give some ill-gotten real change to the irresponsibility’s of everyone out there.

As for our kids in the public school system, who really has any responsibility of raising these young people to be great adult people? Is it a government who says you need to be more responsible with what your feeding your kids? But then changes the definition of what responsibility really is, from time to time. Or is it the very people who seemed to accept the responsibility by providing a better lunch in this case, then the school did for this little 4-year-old girl. Is it a government, or governments employees, or agency’s, responsibility? Is it their responsibility to under mine the little girls impressions of her Mom / and or her views of what good food is? Is it right for the little girl along with the misguided government worker to cause her to think her Mom was feeding her something that was bad? Why would Mom do that? She could have thought, and probably did think.

Government is truly to big when they decide for you, as what is best! But when they decide to lead you or your children down that road, or give the impression that parents aren’t giving you good food so we will!!! Well Parents! That should have been the declaration of war from the government against your family, your freedoms, and pursuit of happiness!

How can government say some people don’t feed their kids with good food and then provide through the welfare system the ways and the means to buy, that what usually amounts to the most unhealthy foods out there. Not to say, but also at an amount of excess. Where are the good cooking classes in school, to teach people about good foods / health? Does government and government-run schools have the right, who by their actions, and slight of hand practices, and through manipulation, then teach the young, anything good as being bad, as well anything bad as being good? Taking the unchecked right to do so from parents with regards to their kids, isn’t the job of good government, but a government in gauged in mind-manipulation of the younger generations to be mind-numb zombies? Who will do the job of keeping an eye on the education offered to our kids, if we are unwilling to do so? If we are going to let government assume the role of doing everything for the people as giving the new meaning to the phrase Freedom. Then let the people sue you for everything, when life turns out different then expected because you as the know, it’s all government fault, for not having provided it in the first place!

If you think this is ridiculous? Then wait for the government who will be all to willing to place you on a weight scale before you get to go shopping for your food at the store. Nothing is more insulting than a governmental agency saying your too fat! Request to go shopping for those extra calories is denied! You may have different thoughts thinking that’s impossible! Over barring governments have happened before, so then what if this happens to you? That is no more ridiculous than a government employee replacing a turkey sandwich with 3 chicken nuggets as being the quintessential healthy lunch for our kids. Then having the balls in giving a bill for lunch to the child to take home to Mom, expecting her to also pay for what she already provided in the first place. All the while turning our kids ageist us by poisoning their young minds with Mom’s, and Dad’s aren’t feeding you good food!

Good government wouldn’t act as the pied piper, trying to take our kids / and their youth from them. By over taxing the parents with new regulations, taxes, and hoops to jump through, for those who wish to be responsible people / parents. All the while telling the youth of the today they can act with no regards for the consequences of their actions, just as long as you slap a condom on it!

Society’s best solution for preventing unwanted pregnancy. The pregnancy of liberal ideas, which leads to the over growth of the sub-human thing that just can’t be aborted! Also known as Big Government! Is just telling those governmental liberals, ” We are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore! Take your lower lips and stretch them over your liberal ideas and then over your own heads and swallow!”

That should also have the same nutrition value as 3 chicken nuggets fried in oil!

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”: http://bit.ly/yew4R6 via @AddThis

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Got it made in the shade…

What does it take for a fantasy to be foiled, leading into disaster of sortes? Fantasy’s are just that a dream! They are just for fun, not to be acted upon. We all have had some kind of fantasy of some grandeur in our lives, especially when we are faced with tough things to go through in them. Rather then living on a hope and a prayer. We should all see our lives as imperfect, they are just the tests that will make us stronger in the end.

” Don’t worry about the things that life gives you, and are beyond your control. But worry about the things that are in your control, yet you choose not to control them.” Unknown quote.

Making improvements or just trying to improve the excitement level in life, doesn’t mean that we should delve into the wrong side of behaviors. The dividing line between good and evil. Yes I do believe in those two things as the influence to every choice that someone can make. It may be fun to fantasize about being in the “Great train robbery”, and getting away with it. Then being able to rest and relax in the sun. Reminds me of the Van Halen song that goes like ” Got my toes in the sand, got a drink in my hand, Bills are played and got it made in the shade and all I need is a women! Under stand?” Okay I singing and dancing around the house, making like I’m the rock star that I am. But that’s the good kind of fantasy, being in the great train robbery is the kind that leads to prison more than likely. The good and the evil kind of fantasies, which can lead to the wrong side of choices.

If we are trapped in life, beyond our control by choice. Do we then have responsibility’s for our actions? Do we have the right to act out of vengeance for why we are in this mess in the first place. If life gives you lemons make lemonade?

Being trapped in a wheelchair isn’t easy on so many levels. As to why we may find ourself’s in such a place in life? Isn’t the true question to ask. It is just life’s lemons! So these people who have to endure this kind of existences may find it somewhat easier to fantasize about a different time and place. Just to pick up spirits a-bit. There is that song again… Bills are paid and I got it made in the shade. Oh smile and laughs a-bit, at the very least people!

A fantasy of sorts, are the escapes that people need in life, just to take a break from the reality. It is when the lines of fantasy and reality’s blur a bit, or when we strap on beer goggles and view the possibility’s in front of us. You know the 3 or 4 look like the 10’s. In some cases and after a few more cases of beer the 1’s look like the 7 or 8… maybe even 10’s and you just won the loto of love. But then you are really drunk, and aren’t able to perform. With a splitting head-ache the next morning the only thing you are able to remember is ” Man that woman had the deepest voice I have ever heard! ” Then reality kicks in… Was that a… Oh God no! Tell me it isn’t true! When imploring a fantasy into your choices leave the beer goggles to someone else.

Choosing between the good side of life or dabbling into the excitement of, the evil side. consider the consequences of choice. If you are in a wheelchair consider the price to be paid for new-found excitement.

Stan was making his way up the street towards the convenience store. This day was the same as all the rest. It was sunny, with a slight breeze from the sea. Stan hardly took notice of the day at hand. He was transfixed on his destination. He commanded the wheelchair with total control. His skills of the joy stick, guided his wheelchair around obstacles with ease. It didn’t matter if he was passing others walking along his path, or up or down the sidewalk ramps, his speed didn’t slow down much!

With a swoosh of the automatic doors opening, Stan rolled into the store. The clerk greeted him with a smile, but Stan hardly took notice. Moving through the narrow pathways of products offered in the store, his chair stopped in front of the coolers where the beer was kept. Stan struggled with the doors and retrieved a 12 pack of his favored beer. With a slight movement of the joy stick and the chair wheeled around and made its way to the checkout counter and the clerk.

” Will that be all sir?” The clerk again, then smiled at the costumer.

Stan hardly heard what the clerk said to him, do to the accent of the man speech. Glancing only for a moment making eye contact he responded. ” Ya. There is!” Producing a knife, and pointing it at the clerk, he then made full eye contact. His eyes looked cold and determined, noticing the clerk surprised look along with some confusion as well. He knew he had a narrow window of opportunity, with the element of surprise. He ordered! ” Give me all your money! Now! Do you want me to do something? I’ll flay you like a fish! Lets go, all of it now!”

The clerk was robbed twice in this month, last time by a 16-year-old who pressed the gun into his mouth. This time he didn’t fear the robber. This punk in a wheelchair of all things… I’m going to knock him out of the chair and call the police. He thought. Backing up at the same time away from the cash resister. Moving slowly with the stealth of a lion about to attack his pray.

” Hay! Didn’t I tell you… get your ass over to the cash, and give it all to me!” manoeuvring his chair to counter the movements of the clerk.

“Just take the beer and go!” He commanded, at the same time pointing towards the door.

“What? Old man…” Stan was puzzled and didn’t quite know just how this was playing out. Trying to work it out in his head at the same time trying to look intimidating. The voices of his conscience was telling him to get out with the beer. Yet the arm holding the knife was influencing him to go for it all! “Dud I’ll cut you… just give me the money! You’ll get it back from the insurance.”

The clerk now was moving around the corner by a candy display, in full view of each other. For a short moment of time they didn’t move, or say anything. How could this wheelchair bandit think he would have even a half of a chance with robbing anyone? The thoughts of a former police officer, the job he had in his country of his origin. He was now looking for the right opening to strike.

With the speed of a striking snake! Stan was now bitten! The fight was on! The clerk was in an award position for fighting, like he was leaning over a counter, do to the position of the seated robber. His arms were flying around striking Stan in the face. Stan was maneuvering to avoid the lashing strikes as well trying to hang on to the knife and beer at the same time. The other hand was trying to direct the movements of the wheelchair in full retreat. The clerk was trying to unfasten the seat belt that held the robber into his chair. The legs of the aslant didn’t seem like they could maneuver, so the belt was keeping him up in the full seated position. Just what the seatbelt was designed for. His intentions were to knock the robber out of the chair and then move the chair out-of-the-way and call the police to arrest him. With the seat belt keeping this from happening, he now was trying to hit him, along with trying to turn him over completely! Wheelchair and all, if he must!

Stan realized quickly this clerk wasn’t to be messed with so he went to plan “B”. He struck the man in the legs 3 times quickly, with the hand that was holding the knife. Each time the knife plunged into the clerks leg the pain was registered on the face with the look of disbelieving agony. The clerk fell backwards, holding his leg and letting go of the wheelchair robber. All the while yelling at him in his native tong. Spinning the chair around and out the door. Stan realized I could have killed the man for what? BEER! Thoughts were bouncing around his head like BB’s in a railroad box-car, with “what the Hell!” and ” How do I get out of hear with all my ill-gotten loot of Beer?”

Down the street just as he had come. At a fast pace and with great manoeuverability weaving around people and obstacles. The skill of having used the chair for a while. With the sound of the sirens in the distance he decided to catch the next ally. Swooping into it he headed towards the back and then around the end of the building.

Suddenly Stan lunched forward, stopped only by his seatbelt, as his chair came to a compleat stop! If it weren’t for his belt he would have been thrown to the ground in front of his chair. He quickly looked around and assessed the problem. With his heart still pounding he slowly realized he was trapped in loose sand. The biggest problem for a person in a wheelchair. A hazard I suppose for living neer the beach. Caught like a fly on fly paper. Stan waited for the inevitable end of getting caught and arrested. With only time on his hands he thought… If I’m going down for this may as well drink these beers or they will get warm.

The name that was used in these events was the work of fiction, but the story is true. Read the link and read the true story. It should help in pointing out there is always a different way to find excitements in life. Even when the end of the stories are the same. You got it made in the shade…. you’re finding yourself relaxing with your toes in the sand, and a drink in your hand, and your thinking…….?

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