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No strings attached

No strings attached relationships seem like the new trend of today. But are they really. Seem people like to come and go as they wish throughout their lives unencumbered by excessive baggage. Usually this means other people in tow. I’m not saying or talking about kids. But even sometimes kids I’m sure feel like this. People and relationships that I hold at the center of this conversation, of which most people these days. Just like a life free of the attachments of strings, with all sorts of relationships. I don’t think it is only the young or the unexperienced people who enjoy this kind of relationships. Most people look at relationships as an obstacle to freedom to do anything, anytime, spontaneously. This then can lead to the expectations of having it all, with no strings attached.

1) Work is probably the biggest string that is always attached to us, or should I say to everything we have. We buy everything on credit these days, so we have the bills as the strings to our lives to prove it. This leads to excepting, having to engage in some what personal relationships with people at work. No one goes to work at a job, with the ideas of making new friends. But this is a possibility. Some people may even complicate things for themself’s by adding the romantic aspect of the already strange quarks of working relationships that exists at work. But working is just a self-indulgent necessity for a paycheck, just a way for paying for what ever we haven’t had the will power to save up for. So we value being able to work just slightly above having fun. People may also be fun, but not totally necessary in looking for or finding something fun. It is not surprising that people who show up for work on monday always start looking forward to their friday / weekend. It is just a mental exercise. A cheep way to cut all strings for a few days, a fantasy of some sorts before the reality of having to reattached same old strings just in time for work again. Aw Mondays, love them or hate them.

2) Friends are a source of some of those strings also in our lives. We tend to have just the amount of friends as we have spar time. All though family is valued just above friends. So if we had to rate a list of spar time relationships they would be 1) family 2) best friend 3) friends with similar interests 4) acquaintances who also call you a friend 5) people who you have done something with in the last 6 months, and maybe available to do something when everyone else is occupied with doing something without you.

3) Romantic relationships had to be placed in the number three spot because, this is a part of life that people may just have different kinds of relationships that may be defined as romantic relationships. Obviously, someone you have just met, and maybe you’re giving them the chance to go towards romance will be far down the list of any list you may have. But as the relationship heats up, will then they may move up the ladder. If you are a hit it, and quit it kind of person. Your more of a no strings type. This kind of relationship will always be lower on the list. If you have more than one romance at one time person. You to may rate these people as a way of finding importance of them, to you. But they will never achieve the status of being put higher on the list then three. If you fall in love and still not to in love to a point of marriage, then you may move them into the number 2 spot. Fully excepting as well understanding you are excepting a new string in life. But one that is somewhat more important than just friends.

As explained then you can see that we are attached to some kinds of relationships with others in life. The struggle is trying to maintain the razors edge tap dance of having and maintaining relationships. No matter if, we are the kind of person who is the balance beam acrobat type. Who can do all kinds of razzle dazzle kind of moves, that impresses the audiences like in a gymnastic performance. Or if we are the kind of slow-moving and calculating type, who’s always looking at the pro’s and cons to everything.

If we only look to every relationship as somewhat of an incumbrance to our life’s. Taking away our ability to be free and spontaneous. We may reconsider this. Truth is we need relationships in our lives to some degree. The challenge is finding the degree of importance of each one. Just diving into one because we are spontaneous. Usually puts us, into life’s blender of sorts, set to liquify. But avoiding relationships or at least limiting them will put us in a place of needing help and finding out we are all alone.

So we can see strings of life as something that is only pulling us in every direction, all at the same time. Or we can see these strings as just frayed pieces of our security blanket in our lives.

Strings of life can also be life rope of hope. Giving us the ability to climb out of a hole with the help of others. Just as strings of life can also be the rope that binds us, rendering us helpless.

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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