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The land of the bobble-heads

Are we nothing more than bobble-head dolls these days? Seems like we are just a nation who is always looking for the agreement. Rather then agreeing, to disagree! Much like a fascination of being a troubled voyeur. Wishing to live in a window shade-less world, just to get a view when we wish, of those we think to be famous. Trying to get a glimpse of what ever we can, who ever we can, doing what ever they do behind those closed doors. Don’t think I’m being unrealistic here. Everyone does it! You may not place your shoe prints exactly under the window seal. But your there!

Have you ever considered just how nice it would be if you could be famous? Think again! It is not all that cool when everyone wants a pieces of you. Just placing a name with a product and presto your rich, and some other product prostitute is calling you. At some point money is nice, privacy is still nicer. When your famous privacy comes at a premium. A get away on a privet Island could cost $50,000.00 a night! Just so no one can peer into your windows. So you can run on the beach. Live a life with your less popular family members. Ah the life of the supper stair.

From the first timer who has a dream to become the next thing. To the songs like ” Holly wood nights ” By Bob Seagar and the silver bullet band. About a small town boy being chewed up by all the glitz and glory. there isn’t anyone that doesn’t know before hand that they are about to be put under the microscope. Yet there isn’t any shortage of volunteers for the shot of the fame.

It doesn’t surprise me to much that we as a population have an unnatural fascination about the rich and the famous. Buying tabloid news paper, that don’t always report the truth. But still coughing up our hard-earned cash to read the latest news, hearing the gossip on the radio or TV, and in person to person seems unstoppable. Think about it? We need to know just about everything about everyone. ” Haven’t you heard? They are pregnant! You wouldn’t know with who’s!” That’s the kind of brainless conversations we can over hear now days. ” Oh Really! Do they have pictures of the fat belly yet? Or maybe they have video of the conception? Just sick! When we have to know every thing about everyone famous.

Do the famous, have views of us as ” the compleat idiots of the world ” who must look a lot like bobble headed dolls. Every place they go they see people who only cheer and wave and shake their heads much the same way of those dolls for entertainment. The famous then can build an unnatural view of the world. Leading themself’s to an unrealistic over inflated impression of self.

We build them up and love to tear them down. We all most have more of an interest with a fallen star then a rising one. Like a shooting star, they rise to the top but then we like to watch them return back to earth with a crash. Reminds me of the song “Shooting star” By the band Bad company. Drug or alcohol, broken relationships, it is all bad news but good news to sell. They’re people who make a living on getting famous people in pictures doing what ordinary people do just the same. We are so crazed! That we have to know by now, that we have just become the land of the bobble heads.

The land of the bobble heads:

The death of a very old king. Gave birth so to speak to a new very young king of a great kingdom. I think the size of the kingdom measured by population was about 40,000 subjects. At the ceremony of the changing of the kingships. All of the subjects were called to attend. Because they were loyal subjects, and they all came to the castle to take part.

Because being the king was new to fame and fortune, the boy king didn’t have the knowledge of fame and how the loyal subjects of his kingdom would view him. These people will hang on every word that is to be spoken and will do what ever you desire O-king. He was told. But the boy didn’t understand just what was ment. Fame was not yet something he was used to. Yet he liked to be the center of attention. Is that fame?

He got helped getting drest up into the kings finest of clothing. In preparation of the festivity’s. Dressed to the 9’s along with a long trailing cape made of leopard skins. Being outfitted in a kings garb was somewhat exciting to him. Just when he was finished, His councilors of the kingdom guided him along the way to the place he was to give the ceremonial address.

Stepping forward on the balcony to get a better view of his subjects, as well so they all could hear his first address he was overwhelmed at the view of 40,000 subjects all looking at him. He was spellbound at the least. Once the crown was placed upon his head as the new king. It was tradition for the new king to give a speech.

A hush over the crowed came as the king appeared to begin his speech. The king stepped forward to the very edge of the balcony. He then obviously picked his nose, brushed some loose hair almost knocking off his crown, but catching it and replaced it upon his head again.

40,000 loyal subjects picked their noses and repositioned their hats.

The king looked over his shoulder and was prompted to go on. They will do everything you say for they are loyal subjects. Reassured the king turned his head and continued.

” Hear ye hear ye! You are my loyal subjects, and I’m your king!”

40,000 subjects repeated just what the king said. The king stepped back and asked. ” Just what is this? ”

The kings handler said. “These people will do as you ask. They live for just what you would like them to do. So be carefull just what you say, for you’re the king and have this wonderful fame, they will do it to the letter.”

The king stepped out to the edge of the balcony and restarted again. ” Thank you for coming to this great feast, and festival. You are my loyal subjects and I. I’m your new king!”

40,000 loyal subjects repeated: ” We are your subjects and you are our king!”

The king still getting used to all of this new fame looked down with some embarrassment. Realizing just how high off the ground he was he exclaimed.” Oh GOD! How high off the ground we are?”

” Oh You are GOD! So high off the ground you are.” Chanted 40,000 people.

The king looked up quickly and the crown loosened and fell off his head. ” Shit !” the king yelled.

40,000 loyal subjects squatted and groaned!

The king turned and said. ” I can’t do this! Every thing I do or say they repeat. Even if it is a mistake! I can’t do this. Fame sucks!” He was shaken and angry and confused as to what to do next.

“Sir you must go and address the people. They are waiting for the start of the ceremonies and the feasting.” His handlers encouraged. ” It is you and only you that can start the celebrations. Your word is law and so they are waiting.”

The king listened to his council and returned to the very edge of the balcony. Getting his feet tangled in his cape he fell to his death.

So 40,000 loyal subjects pulled their knifes out and committed suicide.

The moral of the story. If your famous. Enjoy your fame. It isn’t good to look in the rear view mirror to see who is following you. Enjoy the trip, on your ride that your having with fame. You can’t possibly know just where your going if you always looking to others in the past ( The rear view mirror ) Fame is attracted to the blinding open flame. It will lead you to crashing and burning when your 15 minuets of fame is over if you let it, or possibly worse! Enjoy that what you have. Don’t let go to your head!

To those who are only concerned in knowing the latest things about the famous. Stop following so close to that which is unimportant. They put their pants on just the same as you, they crap the same as you, their money is the only and some times lonely dividing line between you an them. So it also is for you. Fame is attracted to a blinding open flame. It can and often will consume everyone! If you follow to close to the famous, you will be permanently blinded, or worse! Damned to pass up your opportunity for your own amount of fame in life. To a child, a parent is the most famous, or influential. Be carefull with the definition of what it is to be famous.

Now 300 million people should do their bobble-headed best and just agree by moving your heads up and down. Rather then following the kings and queens of fame, blindly down the road of self-destruction!

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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