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Line cutters

Line cutters the true scourge of all of humanity. Ya these people haven’t taken the same time that everyone has to stand in line. So why should they think so little or if at all, to then cut you off! That’s right you! Cut off! As if you really didn’t exist at all. Not even so much as a cheap excuse for doing it just cut right in and that’s it. Maybe just a quick look over the shoulder, as for what or why they do this, I really don’t know. Cutting in front of some stranger, because you have entitled yourself to that position. That one just in front of them, is what puzzles me. No real need to check by looking over your shoulder. Yes If it is me you cut off. I just like you. Will probably be pissed off. The looking over your shoulder is like twisting the knife in my back. The least you could do is also say something…. Like I’m sorry, excuse me, my friends saved me this spot… honestly any one of these are just as unbelievable as the next. But the effort would make it appere that you recognize that your being rude at best.

Line cutters are just uncaring people who think they should be spared, having to spent any of their precious time behind you or even in front of you, standing line. The thought of having to wait is foreign to them. prehaps Mom & Dad just got them everything with the first peep out of their adolescent mouths when they were baby’s?

Line cutters unlike people who cut themself’s, are out to do for themself’s at your expense. But the self cutters cut themself’s to draw attention to themself’s. no real harm to anyone other than themself’s. More of a physiological condition only on a self-destructive level. So the line cutters may look at this action of not caring as a so, so behavior. No crime, no real damage, no problem? That is till it happens to them.

Is it me or is this action more of a girl thing then a boy thing? You can decide for yourself. It seem to happen more by girls to me. Prehaps it is that girls tend to use their sexuality to get things from guys, just because they know on a subconscious level guys will accept this kind of behavior if you give them an impression of… or some such.This doesn’t excuse the action of line cutting though. It is just a cheap state of mind that created this kind of mind-set. But have you ever cut someone off by accident? If you have, it’s the women that raises all kinds of a fuss for your unintended mistake. Cutting a guy off even by accident may not even be known or made known to you. Maybe guys look at this as some potential danger in life. We must pick our battles you know? These days people shoot first and ask question later. That is screwed up by itself.

Can this attitude apply to driving? In my experience more so! You never hear the voice of an angry person calling you every name in the book followed by the exclamation point of the middle finger. The two are separated by our domes of silence, of our cars / trucks. The only audible noises that one can do, is lay on the horn and give the traditional salute of the one finger kind. Speaking or yelling despite the separation by our domes of silence, only gives the same affect of watching a kung-fu movie. Where the audible of the people’s voices are just off a bit. I think it is a loss in translation that causes these effects. But it is fun sometimes to fill in your own subtitles with their mouths just flapping at you.

The biggest problem I particularly have with this kind of driver is, they have a lack of respect of my time as being of the same value as their’s. The person cutting into line by squeezing their nose of they’re car in between my car and the next guys in front of me is also assuming that I’m paying attention. I could be texting someone, having a business phone call, trying to eat something, pouring hot coffee down my throat or just down the front of me because you *$#@ cut me off! I have always thought that someone in between two lane is fair game to play some bumper cars with. Just kind of role-playing games we need to play while in traffic. I have insurance! So why not? Why does this remind me of the game we used to play in school Smear the queer, or kill the carrier. Just a thought.

Better yet this state I live in, has the solution for everything. We solve everything by making things worse. Just to speed things up because line cutters make waves of slowing traffic moving in the opposed direction of the true flow of traffic, do to the one person who cuts someone else off. Such a brilliant solution. They decided to,wait for it… Give the power to just two police officers for the whole state, with the only job to pull over people who cut others off in traffic. So these guys can do their jobs all so well. They play hide and go seek with the lane cutters on high traffic off ramps during rush hour traffic. Haven’t they ever seen the people who slow down to see what is going on with all those flashing lights. Was it an accident? AW shucks it is only a lane cutter getting ticketed. With that they take off. With all of the damage already been done. Traffic jam, now for a mile or more.

What is the solution for this deterioration of people and how they view themself’s VS. others? I don’t really know! Other then maybe turnaround is fair play. Unfortunately, this means that more and more drivers will do it. This will lead to adolescent kids watching their parents drive like this. Then thinking that if it is good to do in the car, maybe we can just do it at the movie lines outside of the theaters. Maybe brain washing would then be the plan. Short movies as advertising before the real movie. The kind of short show to teach people just how to treat others with consideration? I’m slowly allowing my mind to go back to the thoughts of bumper cars, and school again.

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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