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The Human “will” is being terminated!

The tag line in the terminator movies “I’ll be back!” Is one to live for now days. Back in the movies the machines were taking over, and were wiping out the humans. So they, the humans made a machine and sent it back in time, to protect the father of the resistance of the future freedom fighters. The arch-enemy of the machines. Not that I believe in some parallel universe of sci-fi like world of reality. But we as human, we are in a fight for our lives with the best inventions produced by the best minds of men. The time-saving devices, the best of their kinds, the best that were able to be created by the unseen hands of some humans. The new competitors of our days…The machines!

Misguided ideas of futuristic men and women? Who’s only focus was to make life easer for everyone. Just look around in your everyday life, you will see something of some sort, a machine that will make it all possible for you and others alike.

It just sucks to see in the news every day or night, that unemployment is now at or near 9%. Every politician and government agency is always spouting about having to find ways to create new jobs. Saying ” We must find policy’s, and or new ways to have employers to start to hire new people.”

You know president Obama was somewhat right with his observation. If you haven’t taken the time to watch the video clip, well click the link. Its short! http://youtu.be/yIBhg1v4bMo

At the turn of the century most of the population was employed. About 20% of the population worked in agriculture. Despite the work force working in agriculture, and a good portion of the rest working people working manual labor jobs. Finding a job to do, was somewhat easier, if your were willing to do manual labor.Some how manual labor has become a bad word these days. It implies having to make a bigger effort then a free hand out. Remember the stories of grandparents who used to tell us about. Having two jobs and still going to school, and raising a family all at the same time?

By introducing automation, doing more and more things in an efficient way. Cutting out jobs for the less educated in the work force. All though we have convinced ourself’s that Americans don’t like to do some jobs that require manual labor in our day and age. Some would all so insist that’s why we need immigrants legal or other wise ( Just a way of saying illegal immigrants ). To do all of those kind of jobs.

Some of the jobs that we don’t have anymore are; elevator operator, Ditch digger ( jobs that backhoes as well all kinds of modern machinery do) lots of farm work was automated like this. ( that’s why 1 or 2% of the population now days works on a farms. Yet we produce more food today for the world then we did at the turn of the century.) All kinds of office work has been automated by computers, or through computerization. This is why President Obama mentioned ” ATM’s”! One only has to look to the american auto workers who are being replaced by robotics. It is labor intensive to build cars, so if there is a way to automate it? It will be done! Because there is a savings to produced by robotics, at the cost of someones job out there.

There are only two major things that have given our modern America high unemployment. All though there are lots of smaller issues that also contribute as well. The two biggest of these, are produced by policy’s, attitudes, lack of leadership, and a willingness to educate. Setting good examples is a good leaders only job of sorts. You know “lead by example.  Don’t ask anyone to do something that you as the leader wouldn’t be willing to do!”

1) An intensive to promote a sense of entitlement; Like the social entitlements, to put it plainly. unemployment insurance has become just an unrealistic expectation. A) people think they should get paid for being in-between jobs. All though, refusing to take a job if it means cutting into their unemployment. B) The welfare benefits. Just the same things there. People evaluate taking jobs and getting off these social systems based on if they get more in a pay check then in benefits. ( Despite the fact they may not have education, or taken the time to improve talents for higher paying jobs.) C) Most people who have been on the system, also knows just how to play the system. ( Cash jobs under the table ) D) there should be a government effort to teach people to save moneys for themself’s. Just in case of the great unknown in life! Rather then promoting irresponsible living, and rewarding more of the same. Just to name one of the biggies and a few smaller ones. I do not wish to paint with a broad brush here. But to close ones eyes to this kind of getting around the system, or promoting a life style that traps people with in the system, is to only deceive ones self totally!

Not that the belief in, not having a willingness in helping people in any way, is appropriate! Because that just wrong! But I do believe that people should be helping people. Rather than the government helping in ways that are total inefficiently, or supporting poor policy’s that only aid the misguided charity’s ( preformed by government agency’s) who then miss the mark of actually helping. Most people feel that it isn’t wrong, gaming the government system, so the abuse of any system set-up by the government will be fair game to abuse if given the chance. Corrupt systems do have a habit of promoting some corruption all on its own.

Ben Franklin said some such ” We the people have a national religion of neighbors helping neighbors.” He also said such of “We should only help those who need it, to a point of those people remaining yet still some what uncomfortable. So they will still make an effort themself’s.”

2) This leads us to the biggest of the two problems; Machines! We may have invented them, to be our slaves of a modern age of sorts. After all it’s not hurting anyone as in humans. (they are things made of steel, not flesh and blood! Working without the need of rest, with no way of organising into labor unions, none of these will ever go on strike. They have no need of food! Unless you consider electric power as that what they may use as food. Most of the time it is only humans who will be the ones who complain, the machines only aimlessly keep on working for our society’s benefit. So the so-called mad scientists may think. If there is a job that is also repetitive in nature we can build a machine to do it.

The result of this mechanization, computerization, improvements to productivity. Has resulted in ourself’s getting relaxed with an ever easing of our lives. Always looking for the guarantees to all of our uncertainties in the world, as well as our very existences. Even to the point of guaranteed life its self.

Example: Cars and soon to come trucks that have the abilities to parallel park, without us controlling the auto through the presses. Reasons for automating the parking presses is ” Its safer for other auto owners who would other wise have damaged other cars, do to the abilities or lack there of by other drivers. This would eliminate risk!

Soon we will have little reasons to make a reasonable effort, for that what we want in life. Machines for just about everything. Used to have us do little else. Then having them look out for our deepest desire. Leaving us in search of new interests for our idle hands.

Now I know where the saying ” idle hands are only useful in the devils workshop!” comes from. No surprise then, in a recession there is also a rise in crime.

There has to be a way to inspire people in helping out their society, in exchange for some social benefit, they to may then have wiliness to do some manual labor, showing some pride in the fact that we are Americans who still believes in the pursuit of happiness. Not ! happiness bought about by or paid for by free handouts, despite all of the machines of automation!

A life basing it self on a life of just looking for free handouts. Strips the self-worth, self-esteem from the individual. Only inspiring the person to a life of total dependency at best. Filling the rest of the individual with envy for those who yet still see the American dream, through individual efforts on the way to success. True slavery is the keeping of individuals from making, or benefiting from their own efforts, a total successful life, or a life better for their kids. http://youtu.be/bavou_SEj1E As well as a false sence protecting them from themself’s, or so it seems. But allowing people to live with their own poor choices, and the responsibility’s of them. May teach them through the college of hard knocks, not just to repeat the same old mistakes, in preparing them for their own future successes.

Charity should still leave people making their own efforts. This will inspire people to also return in giving charity to others. The foundation of future success for everyone.

Loosing the feeling of being useful in life. Not having a sence of taking a reasonable action for your own success, or a sence of giving back to a society who has given of its self to you. Will lead to a slow self-destructive view of uselessness, also known as the terminated will.

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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