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Parental pride!

Parental pride is in everyone who has become a parent. Who can look at their bundle of joy and not feel some pride? It’s not like ” Woo hoo look at what I helped make!” but the pride that builds up with in our own self’s. Prehaps it could be better explained as the fantasies we have, or can see for our children, and their futures that they will most certainly choose for themself’s. But we are not fortune tellers, with the abilities of seeing it all ( start to finish ). It is just wishful thinking on our part. So it is the building up of our parental pride, based on our fantasies that have yet to become reality. It is parental pride that will urge us to cheer on our kids to some success we see them in having. Over looking the kids own dreams, hopes, wishes, fantasies. All for parental pride.

Do you ever believe that adults are just relieving their own childhood, through their children lives? Even some people give the impression that they had children because they feel some sort of self-worth by having them. At times you may read stories of people with children that seem to have placed themself and the kids into a situation that only would explain it this way. I suppose it could be said they are having trophy kids, or living their own lives through their kids. In trying to regain lost past trophy’s. I seem to get this feeling when I see 6-year-old kids in beauty pageants. Where these little kids are dressed up like adults, and act like adults. What happened to kids left to be kids in their innocence, to enjoy their youth?

Parents seem to go to war with other parents at times just because of these fantasies, or feelings. Haven’t you seen a parent that can’t accept a coach’s decision to bench a player in some team sports. You know, the kid is having an off day. The coach only reacting to his / her playing that is off. The parent is like! ” What do you mean? How can you bench my kid? They are the best player you have and you benched them?” How about the school players on the school teams. Parents may react like this. ” So his or her GPA isn’t all that! But you need their play in order to win, how can you bench them?” from the parental reaction it seem like the glory of a winning team is most important. Or some pasted fantasies? Shouldn’t the kids and school GPA’s hold the most importance in the minds of reasonable parents? If not! What does this do to society as a whole or the mind-set of the next generation?

I have long thought that adolescent adults in choosing to become parents much too young. Doesn’t really do any favors to society. Adults who are nothing more than big kids at best. Or adolescents who are trying to play the role of adults, are not the best of parental role models. The facts of having working equipment to produce a Xerox copy of themself’s doesn’t make a fully equipped parent to inspire success. What will the future become? What will future parents be like, if they ( kids of the present ) are patented like this?

So it is at times parents are just an embarrassment to their kids, doing the job of parenting. But at other times kids are the parents embarrassment. Can’t really blame the kids or hold them to a greater sense of responsibility then that of their parents. If parents or future parents can’t except the possibility’s of being potentially embarrassed by their kids or even have the mental fitness in finding solutions to these situations. Please rethink the use of sexual equipment!! The Xerox machine maybe broken, or at best the copies produced may not be crisp and clear copy’s. With this type of copying you can’t just start over by tossing the copy into the recycling bin, and hitting the copy button again. Yet we have all read stories like this in the news.

Some parents should have to go through a parental licensing process. ( scratch that! All potential people who would like to become parents. ) Some of these stories are just crazy. If this is the way parents in society will parent as a whole. Just what is expected in the future, when these kids grow up to become parents? Some of the more interesting stories in the news of late are……

Obviously this parent was absent when pressing the Xerox copying button : Child brings mom’s crack pipe to school for show-and-tell : http://bit.ly/pSSX6h via @CBSNews

Should we as a society spend moneys on providing welfare services to parents just because they hit the button, and did so at any age? Or should we spend money on people who would adopt kids and provide great environments to be raised in? Taking these kids out of such environments? What is in the best interest to these kids? I would think number two would be a better expense of welfare dollars, with the least cost to society as a whole.

In this story it is the reaction of the victims parent / parents, as what they thought to do with this situation. Don’t we as parents teach our kids through our own reactions to the everyday interactions of life? Sometimes without having to say anything to our kids, or having to use some fancy way to give them instruction? I think these parents just dropped the ball! Only by their reactions. Does this boy think he is better suited to be a victim? A lesson taught by his parents reactions to it all? If genders were reversed what kind of hell would these parents have created for justices? Florida Boy Attacked, Stripped Naked in Public, and Videotaped By Three Girls — Resulting In N… http://wp.me/p6sYP-9jH via @wordpressdotcom

If we are to use some parental pride. Then shouldn’t parents also teach to our kids how to take some pride in ourself’s? Maybe this guy just isn’t the best for this job. But what happened to mom? Just because kids make mistakes doesn’t mean we as parents should then show just how to make even bigger ones, at the childs expense. Eugene Foster Arrested: Arizona Man Allegedly Sends Nude Photos Of Girlfriend’s Daughter http://huff.to/rT6X2c via @huffingtonpost

I think some people like to hit the Xerox buttons in life just to see what will happen. But to hit the button over and over, even after seeing what happens is just stupid! I would expect adolescent kids to make such choices. I’m not saying that kids are stupid, but some adult, who also may be a parent, making such choices? At what point will a parents common sence kick in as to just what kind of impact will my actions have on my kids and their futures? Does society have some responsibility in kicking some ass and or chewing bubble gum? When will society run out of bubble gum? Leaving some common sence ass kicking as the only thing left, in presenting a diploma in the college of hard knocks? http://huff.to/syp12W

Up till now I have just given you some of the stories that I have found on embarrassing parenting, and the impact this kind of parenting may have on our kids. To bad that kids embarrassment is some thing everyone just assumes they will have to deal with it. But at what cost?

Knowing your own limitations is a must! So parents here you go! Next time you decide not to cheer on your son / daughter onto some sort of excellence in life. Or decide not to rise up, to the occasion in helping them in becoming all they can be. Helping them through the negative times as well as the good times. Keeping them as safe as possible, teaching them good values. As the job of parenting. But only deciding for yourself’s, in having what you want. Even if it is just having kids because you think they will make up some sort of pasted lost opportunity’s you had in life. Your kids may only have become the reflection seen in the mirror. Yours! Whether that’s to be something great or some sort of embarrassment is for everyone else to decide for you. You may be the one and only person cheering for some sort of success they have accomplished.  But knowing, or having a working knowledge of what is it to have accomplished success, or in being successful is something you must first have learned? Before you can be a parenting role model in teaching it!!!

When having some parental pride! Would you be proud of saying to your friends and family, or everyone in life. ”  THAT’S MY KID “?  http://huff.to/s7OYrf

Remember there is no rules book as how to be a parent. Nor is there any guarantees on how kids will turn out. Just a thought of how do  we ( society ) control that what is seemingly uncontrollable through education?

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


One thought on “Parental pride!

  1. It’s so complicated. Kids aren’t accessories and need attention, consistency, and goals. Seems like childhood has gotten very very long – with excuses rather than responsibilities.

    Posted by philosophermouseofthehedge | December 28, 2011, 6:10 pm

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