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The prehistoric diet! New years resolution.

The prehistoric diet. Have you all heard of it? The newest thing out there in the diet world, or so was the thinking at least. I do not diet, other than place myself on a see food diet from time to time. Eat what I see. That is! Being blessed without having a weight problem to this point of my life is truly a blessing. Big is beautiful!

For people who do this kind of thing ( dieting ) it could be a great thing! Once you out run T-Rex. Who is also on this prehistoric diet, looking for his / her see food diet entre. It would be easy to conclude that exercise is for, working off extra calories we all eat. If we don’t do this well…. T-Rex doesn’t mind a little dirt, sweat, or even fat with his meal. But like a cat T-Rex would like a small challenge. So run a little okay? No need to worry about if this diet is going to work or not. Have you ever seen a fat prehistoric person? T-Rex did! Last nights dinner.

Welcome to the jungle od diets cornivores!

The point of all of this is not to make fun of fat prehistoric people, they don’t exist. With all of that running from T-Rex you know. Burns a lot of calories and keeps them slimmer. The hunter gather thing as a way of life. May just have something to it. How

much running around does it take to go to a store just to do all of your gathering? Doesn’t burn all that much calories, to run around in an electric cart, up and down isles in the store. Those carts can move fast, but sense T-Rex is prehistoric, no need to out run him. But when you have the last candy bar, gallon of ice-cream, and french fry’s, and ding-dong’s, and the last 3 packages of bacon, you just have to move a bit faster than other modern-day fat people! Thinking just where is T-Rex when you need to slim down the heard? Instead of looking around over your shoulders at them trying to chase you down, just put the hammer down on that electric cart! You know! Your best impression of ” Gone in 60 minuets!”

Did prehistoric man / women have this kind of problems? After a great big kill of something gin-normas . They could overeat like modern people. But what turns out to be, to-much for modern people, it is just a snack for the prehistoric people. Maybe they had to though. Running around looking, and avoiding being eaten, burns lots of calories so who cares if they have 1 lb of meat, or 3 lb’s! This kind of diet is closer to Adkins protein diets no doubt. No Baked potato swimming in gravy’s or butter here.

Modern people must take a note from prehistoric people. We the modern people have lots of years of knowledge passed down from one generation to the next. But how was this over looked. The fact that not exercising leads to a T-Rex size of a person. Prehistoric man may not have known about exercise. But he too, wished to live longer, so run like hell he did! This has its advantages, besides slim people. Prehistoric man always had slim chicks to look at. Not much sitting around doing nothing here! Also he never had to hear “does this skin make me look fat?” ( all he had to do is grunt. The word “FAT” didn’t exist, nor did those kind of people. T-Rex and all! You hear what I’m saying?) I do think the two piece swimsuit / evening ware / all day ware, was just because they looked better in those “B” movies of yester year. Or could it have been more like the limits of the prehistoric mind. But these people seemed truly a head of their time with this. But probably do to a shortage of animals skins. Our reinventing of the two piece swimwear was just to get a better look I think?

But with this diet they do cut out all the bad stuff though. So ya! It does work. Without the bad stuff as in no oils, fats, salt, sugar, proses foods, even meat. That one doesn’t make sense to me. What part of the hunter gatherer thing didn’t the makers of this diet understand? Yet you can eat as much as you like, even in one sitting. The diet says you can eat up to 10 lb’s per day of veggies, fruits, one olive for salt as long as it is in brine, oh ya that’s also all the fat you get. You get 10 almonds nuts ( But don’t tell the makers of this diets, nuts have oils in them. ), and some whole grains. What is some! Grains? In this case I don’t know. Just a hand full or some imaginary amount of pounds of them? Have always quit this diet by this point. After eating 10 lb’s of veggies and fruit you end up loosing a lot weight, by way of waste products do to the loss of your constipation! So when I have this fast of results. I quit! I’m a winner! Didn’t even get to the exercise yet, and got this kind of results! unbelievable right? But thinking about it, while spending quality time in the bathroom, exercising the only one muscle in the body at this point the sphincter. Exercising is just a disaster waiting to happen I’m thinking. But only exercising like this, leads to buns of steal. That’s great for my 501 pants look! There is real danger though, in other ways of exercising, like having to run for my life from the imaginary T-Rex chasing me, this may lead to having to poop my pants just from the fear of T-Rex and all! But then with all that fiber in me? Well have you ever had to run a marathon after eating a box of ex-lax chocolates? You will not feel like a winner, trust me! But that’s another post another time!

Prehistoric diets or not? The choices are many among diets out there. The point is we should only eat smaller portions if we don’t intend to exercise. Cutting all of the sugars and empty calories out will help too. But if you can’t stop with all of the unhealthy things in life. Just start to get healthy bit by bit. Try 4 lb’s of veggies and fruit at first. Then work your self up to that 10 lb’s supper star level.

Sweet success, You can do it!!

Make sure to have lots of extra underwear, and laundry soap on hand. Incase you should sh-art! Then watch all of the extra poundage come off you. If you need more success? Well then exercise some, like running. It was good for prehistoric man. And he never had to hear ” Do I look Fat in this?

Food for thought!

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


One thought on “The prehistoric diet! New years resolution.

  1. First off, I did not hijack your one dinosaur for my post. We both happened to think he was adorable in Google Images 🙂

    Any diet will work as long as you follow it. People want a quick fix. All it comes down to is eating balanced and getting enough exercise. It’s tough in the world we live in, but our bodies haven’t adadpted to sitting 10 hours a day and eating Oreos.

    Posted by mooselicker | December 14, 2011, 4:58 pm

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