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Broken chips! But not my spirit!

Ever go to the store and buy a big bag of chips, and some dip, and go home getting ready for the game? You put out everything and place it on the table all neat like. Filled the coolers around the room all so you don’t have to run to the kitchen to get one. You have dusted and cleaned up, and even vacuumed the carpet. Now you have some party favors in the oven like pizza, pigs in the blanket… and so on.

Friends start to show up for the game and engage in some small talk. One of them grabs the bag of chips and opens it up, to pour them into a bowl. But to both of your surprises, the looks on your faces tells it all. The bag of chips looks like chunky flour. Just what happened? You were careful about how you handled them in getting them home. But what the hell? These chips are about the size of dimes at the biggest! Ya there is some big ones, but those are the only ones to dip something with. The rest of them are too small!

Now the bag looked alright. It wasn’t crushed! Nor did it look to have any damage to it. You saw the kind of chip that everyone liked and you picked them up. Picking the bag from the front of the display case, and off you went. Only to go home to your embarrassment. So what happened to the chips. The store abused them in handling them? The chip manufactures and the shippers of them just screwed you? Or just what?

Well Yesterday I went shopping and saw just what happened. It was a cloudy day with scattered rain showers. In trying to avoid the rain, as it was blowing under the umbrella. As I was approaching the electric eye of the automatic door opener. I heard the fast paced clicking of high heals shoes behind me, along with running kids trying to keep up. They passed me by in a rush! grabbed a cart and swoosh the next automatic door opened and they went in the store. Grabbing my cart I followed into the store.

When shopping in this store you seem to run into people as you go through one aisle to the next aisle. By run in I mean the same people. Starting with the produce I pick out just what I like, and move on. I try to go around the store in a way that no one else will go. So I get in and out as fast as I can. But at times you may feel as a fish, trying to swim up-stream against the flow of people who seem to be going the same way as everyone else. A shopping non-conformist I must be. But it works for me.

I also like to watch people and see just what they are buying at the same time. When you see kids in the produce aisle, you just have to wonder just what did these kids do, so to be punished this way by their parents. They look like they are so thrilled about the whole process of shopping for food. Finley parents send them on a gathering mission. I think, just to entertain them, or to give them something to do so they don’t have to be a bother, or just to give the parent a break.

” Well go and pick out just what kind of pop you like then.”  ordered the mom.

Their kids looked so thrilled already! But it has to be better than produce? Their thinking I’m sure.

“Okay mom!” they respond as they rush off.

Up and down a few more aisles and there they are once again. Coming right at me. The kids are just  complaining and or fighting with each other, about whose turn it is to ride the front of the cart, or who’s turn for pushing it. The  kinds of lame jobs that mom has them do, but expecting them to share with each other in doing it. All to give them something to do while she tries to shop.

“Stop pushing the cart into people! Watch out as what you’re doing?” ordering them while she picks out some caned goods. ”  Stop it! Do you want me to….” She stops short as I approach in ear shot.

Smiling at them as I pass by, and on my way I go. Glad I’m not like that or have that many kids to go shopping with. Over my shoulders I’m still hearing. ” Stop! Just stop it! Okay why don’t you go and pick out a bag of chips you want?” Was the last ordered command I was able to hear her say. As I disappeared moving around the corner and onto the next aisles.

Two aisle over and what? Not again? But yes, here they are. The kids are running up to the mom and her cart. Her peace and quiet all but over, lasting only for a short time. I was once again approaching the show. I was beginning to feel sorry for her. Her kids were all tossing their bags of chips into the cart. Each kid had two bags in hand if they didn’t toss them in yet.

” No! No! I said One bag!” The frustration was growing to a braking point I’m sure! ” You pick one out among yourself’s and put it into the cart and put the rest back with the other chips and where you got them!” She said as she picked the bags out of the cart, handing them back to kids that didn’t have one in their hands already. Some of the kids tried to place the chips back on the shelves in the aisle that we were on. But mom caught them. ” No! Back with all of the other chips, in the chips aisle!” She added with a stern voice, Then a smile so I could see it. She must have recognized me in passing, from one part of the store to the other. I smiled back and on my way to do more shopping.

Finlay I get to the chips aisle. Finishing up my shopping, and now for the chips that I would like to have. They are the last thing to go in the cart. That way, they will not get broken up I thought. putting them in the top of the cart where kids would sit if I was shopping with one. But then out of the corner of my eyes I caught a sight. These kids that were to bring those bags of chips back were playing keep away with each other. Some were just twirling around and banging the chips into the cans goods at the end of the aisle. All in all, they were just breaking up the chips in the bags I’m sure! Just chip abuse! I was thinking. Then they saw me! Recognizing me they quickly stuffed the bags into the places that they came from and ran off!

I looked at my bag and put it back as well. Then I looked for the same bag at the top of the display and the very back of it as well! No way any kid would have or could have abused these chips I thought. Carefully placing them back were I had removed the first bag. Remembering the chip disaster of a ball game with my friends that I had! As I was leaving the aisle I realized that most of the chips were at kid eye leave so they see them, and coud easily reach them. Mystery solved! Don’t ever pick chips from the front of the display, unless you plan to use them as some beading, for some crispy chicken recipe. They are only then pre-crushed for you. As for those of us who would like to dip some chips into cheesy sauce or salsa. Remember to pick from the out of reach part of the display if there is one. If there isn’t one of these places to pick from? Then go to a different store who does.

Now I also came up with a different tactic, used for buying unbroken chips. Ask when the store restock the shelves. My store is a 24 hour store so they restock the shelves around the 10 pm time slot. At 10:15 pm I’m now shopping for my chips from now on. That way there fresh out of the shipping box. If the chip dust thing happens to me again? Then there going back to the store I tell ya!

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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