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Less is more.

LESS IS MORE I TELL YA!!laughing yet? Okay, maybe a smile…. just a little one at least? Who ever came up with this saying. Should be enjoying less of something somewhere, having fantasizes about having more, at some point. Some stranger I never met before said this, some time ago really loud, forcing me to over hear them.. I just hate that though! I’m  just trying to over hear stuff for my blog on my own, but some times people just force the issueses.Their not saying these things to me, but in ear shot of me. So might as well have said ” hello everyone!” Just keep right on explaining, with your overly loud voices. I thought I had some talent in over hearing people. But as it turns out, I just hang out in places where just overly loud people congregate. So yes, they said it loud like…. ” are you listening to me yet?” and then they added ” Less is so much more! You know what I’m saying?” Their friend just nodded agreeing with them.” If they just put less of that perfume on that would be so much more! Like less is more! You know?”

No! I don’t know! I just don’t know if that is entirely true? Less over powering perfume, ex-girlfriend, salt on my food, and free loading friends, and I will buy in! But on the flip side. Less clothes on people at the beach….. ? But less clothes on aka.”fat people”, the word, and what it does means, along with ” LESS” seem out-of-place. Somewhat like a pregnant nun in a monastery! ( Not trying to make fun of the over weight people out there. Or pregnant nun’s in some monastery out there. But I’m asking myself just one question on the pregnant nun thing. Just how was that…..?). I digress! But sex sells! But some how Bathing suit company’s don’t even try to sell thong’s to the over weight. Prehaps it is in trying to avoid giving out a negative mental view, that the would be models wearing these swim suits would give people the wrong ideas. I guess the thought, and picturing these views in the mind is too much! Like picturing ass floss! Well you get the picture for yourself’s.So that’s how it started, with just how can it be possible that, “less is more?”

Swim suits at the beach? Just saying, is less really more?

Living in a state with lots of hydroelectric power. You know lots of dam’s, so we have cheaper power or so I thought. But in answering myself I have to say,No! Some how some environmentalist’s thinking holding back water, so we the humans can use the water to make more electricity for our homes, doesn’t make much sense. Less is more? Less water for the fish isn’t more. less water for hydro electricity now that’s more! But this mind-set only leads to more of a power bill. The fish is some what happier, the fishermen are somewhat sad tho. But with so much more water to fish? The fisherman’s complaint is, we have less fish in more water. Because it always boils down to how anything elects us or even more importantly me. The impact of it I say! Just having to come to the point, or some sort of decisions, that we make for ourself’s as to what is better between, likeable / unlikable? Less electric power with a higher cost to me, and my frozen fish start speaking to me and say “eat us quicker please.” Also less water for humans and more for the fish, leads to less water for showers for humans! The thought of that is just rank. Humans shouldn’t smell like fish. Less is more? Having less showers…? You know just what I’m thinking?

If we eat less, is that more? Weight Watchers, and Jenny Crag wouldn’t think so. Yet less of a body fat index is a good thing, along with a smaller food bill each month. Buying smaller clothes as well. But that is more of a, less is less thing?

Less alcohol consumption is great! Where is the more?

Less booty calls is defiantly more! Less sexually transmitted diseases between people who are living a more permissive lifestyle. Less unwanted pregnancy, as well less unwanted children, and fewer worries by nun’s or pregnant nun’s as well. It is all less, on these. So where is the more on all of the less booty calls? Maybe more horny people who are unhappily, stressed out, angry, or people who will then perhaps have a renewed need to look for a good relationship, rather than a life of takeing anything that will do. Less is more…? Confusing more then ever?

Less bills is…. less bills! That could lead to more money in the account right? Probably not. Less bills often leads to more spending of my money for fun, and less money in the account. So less doesn’t fit with more. Having my bills sent to someone else’s address will lead to less bills, and should help with the money problems. Or does it? But to pull this off, leads to impersonating someone else ( Identity theft!) This leads to less bills at first but defiantly more jail time after you get caught. This is true with this scenario for sure.

Driving my car less, does lead to more. Less gas consumption, does puts more money in the bank. Less maintenance on that car, does put the ca ching back on again. But some people all ready skip this maintenance thing and keep on driving. (Not recommended!) But you will have more time to yourself if you didn’t drive! But with less friends! Because you’re not driving the car. You may have more money to get all of those, less things, But then less, was for not!? Have to draw some guide lines for thing called,” less is more!”

Like less laundry, leads to more dirty clothes. Now I have to wear them to work!

Less work leads to homelessness, but feels great at least in my mind for just a quick thought.

Less entertainment, leaves one bord!

Running around a nudist beach seems like fun, and freeing. With less clothes, it will seem like, more of sorts. More feelings of being free? With all of those nude body’s tho, you would then have to be blind, not to see that being less endowed is truly less. ( guys don’t let it bother you too much.) I’m sure you have heard that size doesn’t matter, from someone before? And this should give you the feeling of more again. Or does it? This gives way to having some angry crappy thoughts of ” less is more? What BS!”

Less work, when at work? Yes that’s the ticket! So it may seem. Just have to present it to my boss and get him or her to agree with that?? This could backfire and lead to less pay, or unemployment? Unless you are all ready working for the government. In which case less is more, of a work place slogan!

Less worry? Well that is more!

Less laughter or smiles? No thanks! That’s just stupid, or too much like less antiperspirants. Using it only on one underarm, and alternate from day-to-day as using less? Half as much? Is that using less? Will this lead to half a smelly person? I choose to be the half of the people who don’t smell at all, using antiperspirants on both underarms at once every day. So less is more? Or more is less?

The more I just think about this, the less I want to think! The more I hope to resolve this soon. Because less thought on this is great!! All I wish to have is not less, but more peace of mind please. The less we wish to do, or have of something, the more unhappy someone else is. Just a fact! Do to the fact that they were hoping to sell you more of that thing? So for people to be happy we need more of everything just to be able to say to our friends ” I got more than you do!” They will never answer you with ” See that guy living in that box? The one over there. That one with less? Now that’s more!” No! They will always look at some rich guy or girl and wish they could have what he / she has! Rather saying “I wish………”

If you are one of those people, or prehaps you are the people who I over heard saying, “less is more.” with regards to the persons who was using too much perfume. How about being honest with your acquaintances. Just say, ” If you didn’t worry so much about the use of water, and how much water fish have? You maybe able to once again take showers regularly. Not having to coverup with drowning yourself with perfume! After all, the more you use of it, the more you prove that it will never become less.  The less you use of that perfume you’re wearing, the more everyone else will know that you are the one who is smelling like ass. Therefor less will never become more in every way. Just being honest with you!”

More honesty hurts at times, and less of it hurts us all!!

More is not less. But less is more of having less, untill you get to the point of having nothing! At that point, what ever little you gain, you will have gained a little more.

Is less, more?

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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