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Big wind project ?

Green energy is some what great, if only we can find the great answers for all the problems that this energy source has. Despite all the problems that oil, and gas energy brings to the table. When it comes to energy needs, there is nothing more consistent than oil, gas, coal. I don’t know just why these are so hated among green energy supporters? Oh I know! They feel like that the world will get hotter and hotter untill we burn in hell. The Al Gore types that don’t know why all the previous ice ages melted away without the help of humans driving their SUV’s all around the globe. But still contend that global warming will be the death of us all. Perhaps they should consider, humans burning fossil fuels is God’s way of reassuring that the world will never again have another ice age? Yet again I digress! Green energy is great as I all ready have said. It brings new and exciting ways to produce more energy for all our needs. But just as with fossil fuels it has its problems.

First problem is ” Unintended consequences!” Nothing is perfect in this world, nor should we as humans expect a perfect solution to our problems. Just take wind power for instance. You need consistent air flow aka. ( wind ) for consistent power generation. This places wind turbines in some scenic sights in our nation. Those who live there and enjoy seeing nature as it is. Really don’t like the sight of wind turbines on towers out in nature. So it is natural for them to hate wind turbine towers there! No real difference to those people who don’t like a coal power plant, nat gas plant, oil refinery…. But because wind is here today and may come back another day we need lots of towers up and ready to catch the power of the wind.

This build out of green wind power has come at an unintended consequence to some wild life. Bats, birds, and other flying things in nature. I say it like that because nobody ever considers insects and their mass murder by humans through our activity. Who really cares about creepy crawling things, we get more warm and fuzzy feelings from animals we can hold or see, or the ones that are just more likeable. In the end these creatures are playing an important part in our environment. Yet wind power is killing these things in record levels. How long will the reckless killing or the murder, of these animals go on? Untill we the humans spend money, that we don’t have on studys to see just how these actions of mass murder will affect human life?

Take bats for instances. These creatures control insect, that other wise would be feeding on our ( Humans ) crops of food. Even if the crops of the future produce some kind of oil to be burned in our cars, or to service some new energy needs. Who is to say that these bats that are being wiped out, wouldn’t be the ones to be eating the insect that eat the crops we then need? We need to have some common sence in all of our problems solving. In this case finding a real solution of saving our crops. Wind energy, and the over use of it only leads to new energy at the expense of bats, or birds. There will be always those people who really don’t like eating all that much, that will be ageist it all. If we then abandon wind power in one place, only to go to another place, who to say that some other problems will not exist there? In the end these towers of power will have out lived their usefulness and only be abandoned. This will lead to some people who have then come to rely on the power source, which has always produced their power needs. Just leaving them in the dark, or having to eat everything in their freezer just as fast as they can!

I know that those people who wish fo,r and hope for a perfect life in the world mean well. But they’re just kidding themself’s! Dreamers of sorts. Yet they have some good ideas, that even I could support. But the changes they wish for has a price, just as life has in every way, even the life that we all currently live today. To say that global warming is coming, and therefore we all must introducing ridiculous policies, promoting changes to something else? Is premature, unwise, and will only lead to disastrous unintended consequences!

To also say that man is responsible for all the global warming? Is also premature and unwise. Prehaps in  answering all of these questions, ” What happened to all the previous ice ages?” Or! ” Why they melted without the human influence brought about by SUV’s in the first place?” Is a better place to start. To go off in some half cocked way, in some direction just to say we are doing something. Is a waste of time and energy, in the service of failure.

Doing the unimportant, or the unwise 3 times faster than that which is of most important’s, is a fools guide to guaranteed unintended consequences and failure!

So to all those people who wish for a world of green energy Stop! Stop suing on the ” bats ” behalf! Start excepting that there is a price to pay for all of our energy needs, even the green energy ones. As being nothing but an expense to be paid by all life forms out there. Prehaps it is time to reevaluate. Are humans on the top of the food chain? If so! We must then stop sacrificing our own views of ourself’s, as being one of the least important concerns, compared to everything else?

All the best!

Maryland wind project sued over endangered bats.


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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