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Political back bone

Political talk could be boring to some, but I have some things to say anyway. I understand that all politicians are habitual liars, it is what we pay them for. If we are going to have the need of these professionals in government, they better be the best of the best liars. The problems with this is we also expect them to be truthful with all of us. That’s just believing in the tooth fairy of sorts. To lie to our neighboring country’s, or in negotiations with our enemy’s is expected, they better be good at it. But to lie to us, as the nation who put them in power in the first place? Look when hiring a professional liar, what part did we not understand.? They lie!!

listening to their speeches is somewhat funny to me. They lie, and we all still tune in as if they would now be telling the truth. News flash ” politician tells the truth and forgets to lie!” Kind of like in the movie Liar, liar. Just like in the movie, they can not lie anymore? Just a dream, but it would be great! Look at it this way. When Anthony Wiener was sending pictures of his junk around the net, and the media was trying to have him confess to it all. He may have just said ” You are all right! I did send my junk around the net by tweeting It.” If only! But that would have shown some back bone, despite of the lack of judgment by him for tweeting it in the first place. To then lie about it by saying instead ” Someone hacked the account.” Wrong! ” It was just a joke, ment only for a few!” Wrong! It didn’t matter what he was saying, the problems was, he didn’t understand that he is a target for scandal, as all public people are. So his choice of behavior was the problem not the lie. But true professionals think they are the best of the best. So he behaved, as was expected.

We are always forced to have to read between the lines, with everything politicians decide to say. It becomes a guessing game of sortes. In this way we guess, then the politician comes back to say ” No, that’s not what I ment to say.” and spins a new angle to the same old lie.

Give yourself some political ex-ray vision glasses to see through all of the political theater of the day. They all strive to be the best in the olympics for lies. These olympics are held in DC. in the government swamp. The swamp is a cesspool of sorts, awash with seemingly endless moneys, and political BS. So the want-to-be politician is just a mud wrestler of sorts. With no real back bone. Yet claims to have a backbone of steel, but it is a backbone of steel fashioned more like a slinky toy, than a rigid backbone for the proposes of leadership through strength. With squared shoulders holding his or her’s head high. The politicians head is held onto the body’s back bone with a spring, giving the head the effect of a bobble headed toy, just a bit more rigid than the back bone. Only being able to moving their heads to the political winds of the day. using the words that they do, being half-truths at best. They find themself’s up right, only do to the fact of the endless pools of liquid money they swim in. Like being in water everyone is weightless, give the impression that they are able to stand upright on their own.

Without some kind of principles, values, or the use of moral high ground, they are only consumed with their party’s victory in any elections, thus hoping more in turn for their own reelection. They sell the most valued asset they own ( Honesty ). With out honesty to keep themself afloat in this pool of limitless moneys, they stretch their slinky back bones out to the max in order for their feet to reach the bottom of the pool, and in keeping their bobble heads above all of the BS.

It is there by no surprise to me that when in this kind of position the politicians of the day doesn’t wish to make waves. The attitude of moderation, or at least the hope of compromising, as being the best way to keep government moving, without making waves. If we only would drain the swamp of government, we could all see that these slinky backbones bobble headed politicians have as much ability to hold themself’s upright as trying to build a tower of jello to great hight, in order to reach the sky’s. Yet these professional liars, would try to convince us, with gifts of more moneys to some, and to the rest of us new taxes. They would then say. ” We could build the tower of jello to the sky better!” But what would be the purpose of that?

Eat more jello, before there is a shortage caused by these futuristic dreamers, who only live in the swamps of DC. and feast on the political BS of the day, washed down with the drink of endless tax payers moneys. All the while nodding their heads to the political winds of the day, telling the same old lie, that BS doesn’t stink!

Did anyone hear the weather report……………?Oh! You say a BS storm is coming?

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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