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Ever spent $17 million dollars before the age of 10?

Spending problems? Not that I have any! No! Not me! So we convince ourself’s when we are standing in line for that $5.00 cup of coffee? So what if it is the third one for the day, It’s my money and I work hard for it ! Right? So we go about our business for the day not even thinking that will add up to like $1,200.00 per year if we go on with this kind of spending spree. No problems, not at all! You see that’s chump change compared to the 17 million spending spree I had before 10. Yes, that’s right, we made it rain baby!!!! Nothing like saying fun! By spending mad cash! The best part was… but don’t try this at home okay? The best part was I had the bill sent to my DAD’s! Ya, that’s right, it was like I said “Hay dude’s just wish to party for real, and no worry’s, just send the bill to…. and gave them my DAD’s address!” Easy I tell ya! So have you ever spent $17 million dollars before the age of 10?

I know what your all thinking now. “How could you have… and send the bill to my dad?” Well I had to do something. I didn’t have a real job, but I did have some work to do around the house, that my dad wanted me do. All for no pay of course! So I had some cash constraints, but also I had big dreams, wants, wishes, and an overwhelming unstoppable spirit. In short I was hell-bent on doing what I felt like and being short on cash was not going to stop me!

It was right after coming back from an overseas trip, that my idea was hatched in my thoughts. Driving in a car to get from place to place was cool. But flying in an airplane for the first time was cooler! Ya, driving in the car was not for me. In my mind It was not to be anymore!. Just old faction.The uncool way to go for sure! Being too young, to drive the family car, how would I go about the business to get my parents to buy an airplane? Just the thought of being the coolest kid in school, just by arriving at school by airplane was the bomb! Making it happen was the full-time job, that I set out to do.

I started to bug my mom and dad to get an airplane! What is the big deal anyway? They can drive a car reasonably good for foreigners ( foreigners as in non native to the USA. Not to be confused with the rock-n-roll band ). But they all ways said ” We don’t have a driver’s licence for that!” But I wouldn’t give up! I was a stubborn kid I guess, or just filled with big dreams and I was not to be denied. Plan B; repeat plan A with the other parent, and when it is necessary go back and forth till I ware them down and I get my way.

Parents have this evil way…. Okay the word evil may be a little much. But they have this unlikable way to shoot down every wild idea of a kid. Or should I say “My ideas!”Shouldnt they be more supportive? After a while they ended the argument. That’s right! I pushed the issue to the point that it became a arugument.They would say ” I had it! no more okay!? Not one more word! Final! ”  I felt like correcting them on the use of english and saying ” That should have been THAT’S FINAL!” But why push harder than you have to? More likely I was shocked I’m sure, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. I would back off on that parent, and start-up with the other. I was one of those kids that asked why! A lot. Okay a bit too much then,( Why is this story seeming like confection all of a sudden )?

I wore my parent down to a point that they said “well if you’re not going to listening to us then just go out and buy one then!” I was so happy to finely get my way, I could have done back flips. But just before trying them, my mind went into the planing stage again. I asked my self “with what money? How would I do that?” Ah yes! The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and great ideas are a sin to waste. I watched cartoons like  “Pinky and the brain”, and “road-runner”. All I need to do is call Boeing up and order one of those fancy airplanes, and charge it! I saw people charge things all the time when my parents went shopping. No cash! That way just doing what all good Americans do. CHARGE IT!

Just how I got the phone number I’m not sure anymore. It was a long time ago now, but maybe my parents taught me to look the number up in the phonebook? typing the number into the phone was the easy part for me, had done this countless times before to talk to friends. Ring, ring, ring the phone rang out in my ear.

” Thanks for calling the Boeing company. How may I direct your call?” This voice answered.

I was so nerves, yet determined to follow through with the plan. I said ” I would like to talk to someone who,” I paused for a moment.” who can take my order for the new 747 airplane please.” Please sounded good and official and besides it was what I was taught. patently I wanted for this person to answer me. But there was some silence, did they think I was not seriously wanting to place this order? My thoughts ran wild through my head at the point. Or maybe they thought  It is a kid and… “Okay here you go. transferring you now to the order desk.” The person said, then with a click the phone played some music for just a short while then… ” How may I help you?” Asked this new voice.

Is this the order desk?

Why yes it is, and how may I assist you? Once again the voice asked me.

” Well I would like to order the new 747 with the works on it! Please.” I said it like, well as if I was ordering at McDonald’s.

There was some time of silence, ” where would you like it delivered, the airplane that is?” this person was just talking normal to me. They didn’t let on to me that they might have thought, this could be a prank. But they should have known this wasn’t a prank because I was seriously ordering this airplane!

” You can send it to..” I gave them my dads address as I thought this is great! We have an airplane! I was very proud of the fact that my parents gave me this task to do and I NAILED IT! So sweet I know. “Oh thank you very much for everything have a good day.” I said while ending the phone call. “Oh ya we have an airplane!” Was playing over, and over and over in my head.

The hard part for any kid is having to wait for any thing in life for some reason. Go figure! Well the day turned into weeks and then 4 months, and I was getting impatient with this. Just where is it! I thought. Complaining too much to my parents. I’m sure they got frustrated with it all. Handing me the phone they said. ” Give them a call! See just where it is, rather than complain to us about it. We can do nothing! Just call then!” Just like parents they pulled rank and gave me another job to do. I know it was my idea, but can’t they have help a guy out. Complaining to them was ok, but complaining to others was just being a bitch! Did I look like I wanted to be known for that? They still gave me the phone.

After getting of the phone I ask my mom and dad ” Just what is a strike?”

They would both answer at the same time “WhY?”

Some things kids, do not get. Because grown ups just like to make things hard on kids I Guess! The long and the short of it is. Well the short is, I wasn’t getting the 747. Had to wait till the strike was over and then 6 more months. To a kid having that kind of time to wait for, is well, never right?

Now for the long of it: Now that it was some 10 years later, and we had some relatives over from the old country. They all decided to go to the airplane factory and see this big building, as well as the airplanes. The building was the at time worlds biggest of its kind, and a sight to see.

The tour guide was old, down right ancient. After the tour she stopped the tramcar by this ginormous 747 and began to tell us about that this airplane. “This one couldn’t be delivered at this time. The leader of Iran could not take it just yet.” She began to tell us all. Little did I know at the time this big shot was ousted as their leader. After hearing this, my dad was just looking to embarrass me I’m sure he then said. ” Son hay they could deliver this one! Just give them the address once more time. Okay?” Then he told the guide this story.

The guide came up to me and shook my hand saying. ” There was this rumor going around Boeing for years, about this story your dad just told us. I just have to shake your hand, legends do exist! Thanks have a good one, enjoyed it very much. Hope you all did?.” She smiled and walked off.

Ever spent 17 million dollars before age of 10? Why Yes, I tried!

All the best!

Boeing is a great company. Cheers for the 787 Dreamliner of late! I may order one of those next?? Lets see!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “Ever spent $17 million dollars before the age of 10?

  1. That’s awesome! You were one hardcore kid, I wouldnt have been too scared to call them

    Posted by silentsarcasm | October 15, 2011, 12:21 pm

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