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Monday night football.

Monday night football doesn’t seem the same now that the song ” Are you ready for some football?” by Hank Williams Jr. has been scraped by ESPN. I simply do not understand that when someone is asked to give their opinion on a subject that they can’t then give their views. But they are expected to give come clap trap political correct answer to it all. The unfairness of it all is that  people of the media, can get away with what ever they want to, with the regards to giving their own opinions, when they clam to be unbiased in any way. They use their power to wielded over people like a bully in grade school going after your lunch money, by giving the impression they can make you or break you.

Hank Williams Jr. got himself in trouble when he made an analogy that was a bit racy, or over the top, salacious, and even seen by some as extreme! But it was the best way to make the point, that two groups were on opposite sides of most issues that they would have or at present would be supporting, or as unlikely ever in coming together to the same opinions.

He said. ” That president Obama and speaker of the house rep. Boehner, golfing together.

Was like the Nazi leader Hitler and Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu playing

a round of golf.”

Because Boehner is more of a balanced budget guy, and Obama is more of a tax and spend guy! They are just opposites of each other. They are just as far apart as the sun and the moon. They are not going to get any closer any time soon.

Okay! If that is his opinion then what is the brouhaha all about? He is entitled to an opinion, or is he only entitled to have an outlet to his opinions as long as it has been pre approved by the network? After all they asked the question that Hank Williams Jr. thought he might make perfectly clear as what was ment by it! Were they all at ESPN pissed-off because he was so clear? No way to spin the story but a negative one towards Hank. Did they forget about free speech? Did they over look that free speech was designed, and for protecting offensive speech? Because non offensive speech needs no protection! I guess that ESPN didn’t get the memo about free speech, or the flip side, did they get a memo that they are now expected to becoming the enforcer’s by stifling free speech.

No matter what way, if you do not like other people’s opinions then don’t ask for them. Try the delightful art of interviewing someone with only asking ” Yes / No” questions. But then stick to the examples of leaving your opinions at home as well. Leaders need to lead by example, rather than by decree.

If the government has some how gotten involved in what the media can air or not. Then it is your job to fight for your free speech, as well everyone else’s free speech rights. Remembering when Hitler’s quest for supreme power came into being, by the slow erosion of everyone’s rights.

First they came for the other guy and his rights, and you did nothing!

Then they came to your neighbor’s house to take his rights, and you did nothing!

When they came for you, there was no one left to help protect your rights!

What Hank Williams Jr. said was nothing short of the same thing that other people haven’t already said. Boehner has been refered to as ” Holding the country hostage, a kidnapper of the economy of sorts.” The tea-party was called ” un-American, obstructionists, terrorists…” Just because they disagreed with the political left. apparently to be un-American is to disagree with the other sides opinions? If you all would just look towards history you may see that our founders disagreed with each other often. But they used the little known art of personation, so as to convince the opinion makers of the day. To be able to perswade someone, you must have healthy debate, in order to present your views.

Just to be an idea terrorists of the day, like those of ESPN or other media outlets, Weather by their own opinions or by the opinions of someone else, directing them more towards a political correct one. Is just wrong! Hank Williams Jr. opinion today, and maybe ESPN’s opinion tomorrow? Sorry I have to call it as I see it! If your asking for an opinion then buckle up for the ride and except  what kind of answer you get! Political correctness and the people who have this kind of attitudes are fast becoming the new thought police. With the government as the writers of the new dictionary of political correct terms, all to judge everyone’s thoughts by!

Advice to ESPN! When you or some other network interviews someone with an opinion question, then except the hard-hitting answer that you may not personally like as nothing more than a sack! Take the loss of yards, and get back in the game with the next play! If you must hate? Then hate the game not the player!! Other wise how can you ever be ready for some football? If you’re only playing defence, then expect to lose! In making a point of two opposing sides that are totally opposed from each other than expect more analogy’s of two opposing sides as examples, just like the political people (Hitler and Netanyahu) or (the devil and God!)

” A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth as well falsehood, in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people!” Quote John F. Kennedy

Ps. Not referring to the point that Hitler is the devil but close, nor I’m not referring to Netanyahu as being God, just impossible! Keep with the ideas of free thought on this side of insane please! If you can?

Now what time is the monday night football game on? All so I can fire up my Hank Williams CD! Are you ready for some football?

All the best!

Ps. I must say that ESPN didn’t do the orignal interview that is the main point of this piece. But the reaction of ESPN on a political point of view when they are a sports network as the real issue. Sorry for the confusion if any.


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


4 thoughts on “Monday night football.

  1. You see this as a free speech issue, ESPN see’s it as a “branding” issue. If the sports network feels something or someone is hurting or has the potential to lower the value of the company’s product it’s obliged to correct the problem. Suggesting Mr. Williams was a victim of political correctness, distracts from the real problems political correctness portends. ESPN severed it’s relationship with Hank JR because of a public relations issue. An unfortunate necessity, I think.

    So Tonight, Go Bears !


    Posted by Doug | October 10, 2011, 2:21 pm
    • How can this be a branding issue? His answer was given to their questioning of his politcal views. So his ( Mr. Williams views) are as unattrative as they are to some are his still his views. How that becomes a branding issue by way of some kind of a public relations issue, all when asked a question and then answering it, is just a cop out by ESPN! If they did not know his views then stay clear of political questions and do what we all like to have. Football ones. The real problem was not the answers of cander from Mr. Williams but more of ESPN not liking his examples, or political views.

      Posted by mindwarpfx | October 10, 2011, 2:41 pm
      • It wasn’t ESPN that asked Mr. Williams a political question. The exchange took place on Fox News. Fox and Friends to be exact. And Mr. Williams is not the first high profile person to lose a gig due to the NFL broadcasters fear of any political and NFL co-mingling. Both Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann were shown the door.



        Posted by Doug | October 10, 2011, 3:09 pm
      • Yes I should have made that more clear about who was interviewing. But The real problem is that ESPN and political issues should not be one and the same. We have plenty of rap artists that have more hot issues in song then the opinions they my also have, yet they get air time. No network seem to make a big issues of it. Seem unfair. But ESPN can do what ever with pulling Mr. Williams song if they wish. That is freedome to choose to run their bis. as they wish.
        Thanks for your views. Like it much. Will also check out your blog as well.
        All the best!

        Posted by mindwarpfx | October 10, 2011, 3:19 pm

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