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Psychic mind play, or assumption

Looking for something to do. My wife and I decided to go to the biggest fair in our neck of the woods. It came every year this time of the year. They had lots of things to see like hobbies that people entered in some contest, farm goods, the biggest pumpkin ( this years winner was 987 lb), games for kids, rides, and shopping things, like for adults (home improvements or seen it on TV type of stuff ), and of course food and more food. As we were sitting down to eat the biggest hamburgers that you have ever seen. They were at least 8 inches across in size. definitely a two-handed operation in order to eat this one for sure. It was at this point that I saw a line of people waiting for something in a tent like thing. But what was in the tent like thing? Then I saw what it was, through a space in the crowd. It was a ” Psychic “.

I asked my wife ” Just what would you ask a psychic at a fair?” She shrugged he shoulders as if to say I don’t know. She had a mouth full of the burger, and couldn’t say.

She was on to something. I wouldn’t know what to ask, net alone, asking someone at the fair’s psychic booth. Do they really know something of my future? I think not! I’m a non-believer I guess. Come on! Your not a believer are you? If so why don’t the psychic’s just tell you what you were going to ask and the answer as well, before you even ask it? Just a thought!

Do you know to open a booth at a fair it is only a matter of money. That’s right, just pay the fair, and the state a setup fee, and you’re in. No licence to get. No degree to get from some college. But on that note lets face it, what college teaches the arts of psychic learning? There is no proof of accuracy. No ratings need to be post for the public to see in your place of business. Just a tent of some sort, pay some fees, and have the big brass ones to tell the public just what they wish to hear, in a believable way. And ” Poof “! A new psychic is born.

Are people just in need of some kind of reassurances that the future will be good for them? But what if there is someone who asks “How long of life will I have?” Hope the cards come up right, or your psychic has the nerve to just lie. But wait! Why lie? That implies that he / she knows something worth that $5.00 you paid for that question. I mean if the psychic sees you, and your over weight, and eating two of those big burgers all by yourself. Well then it is a real good guess that you may have a shorter life then someone else, who is just eating right let’s say. It is just making good odds, then placing the bet / guess. Not to pick on the over weight. But just as an example the psychic is then just a odds maker, who gives out vague answers to people. In turn they can interpret for themself’s good or bad or in-different.

I just think people make assumptions about the psychic, and then ask their questions. Making an assumption is dangerous though. By doing that, you’re not really looking for a real true answer. Assuming that this person knows the future better than the next guy, just opens the door wide! For you becoming an ass. You have heard the saying “When you assume anything you usually end up being an ass, or making one out of yourself.” I’ll give some examples to you all out there. Like you need it? But some may not know, what we should already know.

I had a ex-girl friend that thought she was becoming a psychic. ( this was an assumption on her part) With no track record of predictions, that came true or other wise, or lets say with some kind of accuracy on previously predictions made. She was convinced that she was now a new psychic. A fantasy of sorts. “POOF” ! Just like that. She said to me one day.

“Your going to have an accident, that may, or will be serious, or even fatal!” She paused. took a deep breath and then said. “Your not my future. So I’m leaving.”

I had come to know all ready, for a few months now, that she was going down that road of well… How do I say it without being too crass? Okay! Well she was a crazy bitch! I never told her this at the time but she had some ideas that were off the charts. Like this one wasn’t? Ya right, I’m believing that, so you all out there are too? Not! By telling me this bit of info, then telling me this was because of her dreams. Also saying to me that some have or will ( her dreams ) come true. Then saying to me,” You just don’t know all that was to come, or to be”. Simple fantasy was all the proof she needed In her small crazy mind that she now was a psychic. Like I said POOF! Down, crazy train tracks we go!

Just how this hit me was a surprise at first. But then I wised up quickly. She was history, I knew that, and that is that. So I had to play some kind of lasting mind games with her. Why not! She is crazy. In her world, it was upside down and inside out from reality already. So I thought, She will never know the difference.

“That is just shocking! But your sure?” I paused just to get her looking back at me. ” Come on! Help a guy out here. If you know something tell me some details so I can avoid this crap for myself.”

Psychic’s can’t change the future, we just see it at some times.” She was seriously trying to explain this crap to me. ” I can’t tell anyone  anything of my life either. So get use to it! accept it for what It is.” Thinking she was out the door she turned to leave. More convinced, that everything was coming true as she had stated it.

“But would you let some one just walk into traffic when a bus was going to hit them, or would you just be a cold bitch and say It is, what it is?” I set the hook! Now all I was doing was playing her, she didn’t even see how this was going. She didn’t say anything. She put down some of her things, got some paper asked for a pen, then wrote something down and asked for an envelope, placed it in, sealed it up, and placed it on the top shelve of the book-case. ” Don’t read for at least 30 days. By the way I’m not a cold bitch!” She exclaimed. Satisfied that she had given some proof of her new powers as a psychic.

As she was going I sort of quickly when to the door and called out. “I have had some dream just like you have, just like that! They came true too!” She looked back with the kind of look of your full of crap! ” No really! And I can give some details!” I said trying to rub it in a bit.

“Okay! Ass! stop making fun, and get use to it! I’m leaving!” She said with a determined voice. As If She thought I wanted her back.

” Ya! What I see in your future is higher taxes, death at some point like all of us, and your really crazy, You may want to get that looked at. Your assuming that you’re a psychic and you know what kind of person that makes an assumption are! ” She smiled and flipped me off, as she drove off.

Well at least my track record is better than hers as a psychic that is. That was 15 or more years ago now. I’m still kicking! Oh, and what was in the envelope? The time frame that she saw me getting into that accident! In short she was wrong on everything! Just her fantasy or the voices in her head. She now is or was paying higher taxes, well when she did, or for the while she was working at least. She to is still kicking ( alive ) but the end will come to us all guaranteed. She now lives in an insane asylum! She should have gotten that looked at sooner, If only she would have seen me as a co-psychic, that is, and listened to me. But for a get well card I sent her the envelope with the note she had written to me years earlier. With a note saying. “psychic.. I see! You should have seen this coming then!”

Example number two: This guy and girl lets just call them lovers. They were expecting a child any day now, and decided to go to this fair to get some relaxing in, out on the town before becoming parents.. Just in front of the psychic’s tent she asked while they were waiting. ” Have you ever cheated on me?”

“What kind of question is that?” He responded.

“Well we are standing in front of a psychic and I could have asked them.” She said teasingly.

“Honey, no need to be afraid. The answer is no! So ask away if you must.” He responded

“Don’t you wish to ask me the same question?

“No! I know the answer all ready.” He responded with confidence.

And the assumption was made. When we believe in something that is nothing more than our own believes, with nothing to back it up, then you may be… There were times in the relationship that were rocky. He could have questioned these times, but didn’t. If he would have believed in the psychic he could have asked. But to this guy it was entertainment, nothing else. Over confidence or making a bad assumption left the door wide open, or is it that, true love is blind?

Day came that the baby was born and all of their friends and family were gathered looking for the baby’s arrival. The nurse came out and presented the newest member of this family. The father instantly saw that the baby was a different ethnicity then his. “There is a mistake here! He can’t be my son / daughter, child! There is a mistake here!”

” No! This is your kid.” exclaimed the nurse. ” You can believe it or not? But your wife just went through hell giving you a healthy kid. So give some………” The voice was being drownded out with disbelieve. Thoughts instantly going back to the rocky times in this relationship.

Prehaps so, a mistake was made? But maybe he should have asked the psychic at the fair? Maybe he shouldn’t have made the assumption in the first place? There should have been some time in the relationship where… Well You shouldn’t make rash choices in believing something or getting paranoid with life, and the events in it. Just look at the possibility’s of things that could be, in terms of odds. What is the likely hood of that? Or just the possibility’s of what could reality be? That is what a so-called psychic does! But never assume to know anything without proof, you’ll end up the broken-hearted ass!

I suppose you could still ask the so-called psychic if…. ( Fill in the blank space ) But it might be well worth your time to check the percentages. The times they are right / wrong! I’m batting 66% or 2 out of 3 on my predictions that is. Just-say-in.

The future is not determined by some psychic telling you what to choose because of what they supposedly see for you. But to live life by the choices that you will make, then moving forward into the unknown possibility’s, we all call the future.

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


One thought on “Psychic mind play, or assumption

  1. Have you ever watched Penn & Teller Bullshit? They pretty much tell you how all those con artists get away with things like that. I’d love to go to a psychic sometime, but I’d rather get lunch for the money they cost. It all really comes down to if they’re wrong, big deal. They still have your money and you’ll be angry.

    There are two kinds of people, carnies and rubes. Don’t be a rube.

    Love the Weekly World News dog pic by the way haha

    Posted by mooselicker | October 8, 2011, 12:30 pm

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