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Education theft! Parents a mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

Parents should be willing to do the mostly unwanted job of supper hero, for and on their kids behalf. I’m not saying that parents are not doing a good job all ready. What I’m saying is those parents that see a better opportunity for their kids and then despite the obstacles use the supper hero  cape to fly over it, or use supper human strength to lift it out-of-the-way, or just doing the more normal parenting job of going around the obstacle. What ever it is, these parents are always doing what ever they should, in order to give a brighter future to their kids / the next generation. What more can anyone ask for?

When it comes to the governments ideas of what is meant by receiving a good education in public schools, and what is actually being received, is of a some what a different’s of opinion. These days most parents are just becoming steeple at the governments requests. On the other hand fighting for individual rights, and fighting the government that seem only to listens to groups, like the public teachers unions, rather than holding them accountable. Parents finding themself’s in the positions of doing the supper hero thing, in order to benefit their kids. Doing the job of parenting at the expense of now being looked at as being the problem in public schools districts around the country. These parents have and will now find the very school districts, that have the job of educating kids, are only wasting money on what is called education theft!

In some cases some school district are hiring investigators to follow kids home to see if they are in that schools district. This is only further proof of American educations systems failing in the job of education, and the use of using their limited resources appropriately. It seem like the Obama’s government is only looking in pleasuring the teachers unions retirement pensions, with stimulus moneys, at the expense of the next generations education. That’s not leading! Nor is it playing the leadership role by the government, the school district, or the teachers. But when parents wish for their kids to get a better education in the neighborhood next to them, they are being arrested, and charged with education theft!

The government that uses investigators to investigate kids and their parents seem too much like nazi Germany, And the paranoid style of socialism with leadership only acting out against the will of the people!

According to a piece by American Thinker October, 03/ 2011 They Point out that parents in several states have bein charged and arrested just for education theft! States of Connecticut, Kentucky, and Missouri, all have had parents arrested, and await sentencing.

If parents are faced with having to decide between a poorly run school, and that education system, or a better school in the neighboring district. Should they have the right to demand as well put their kids in them even if it is an extra cost to them in getting their kids to school? Why should parents have to be compelled to supporting a school that for all intent and purposes have failed their kids? Why is the government also delivering an education at substandard level in districts that have predominantly poor kids / families in them? If only the department of education  had a better handle on putting a system in place for a consistent education! But I feel that the education that the government is only concerned with is educating the next generation of useful idiots!

Supper hero parents that are facing life with the governmental failure of doing the job of education, and the educating of the next generation, or should I say the future leaders of tomorrow. I have come to notice the  government’s views have become, only wishing to preserve the élite class in our society for the job as well the role of future leaders. The government’s job is to defend the rights of tax payers and the taxes that they have been paying, towards the job that government has said they will do. With failures of this kind, it is time we the people rethink the role of government in the job of education, as well making it available for everyone equally!

Parents of the supper hero kind, who are stuck with a do nothing government,who are faced with no real choices for their kids to be able to do right by them. Only placing themself at risk of arrest and being charged with education theft. This is wrong! Making America looking more and more less free every day. With no way’s for these parents, being able to afford private schools, not being able to get school vouchers ( something that Obama, as well the federal government have not supported, or are open to working something out along these lines.). Nor have these parents or families been able to qualify, or get into charter schools. This put’s the poor in a bad place, only having to take some responsibility’s for themself’s to make sure their kids get what the government promised to them, but has under delivered to them. What’s worse…… A failed education system putting kids at risk to have the kind of future that is nothing short than more of the same, or misleading the poor in believing that the government is the only thing able to help them out of poverty?

The thing that keeps capitalism working is that there is that chance of failure! The thing that is great about freedom is you can choose failure or success equally so! As long as you accept nothing is guaranteed in life, nor should anyone expect equal results from unequal efforts!!!

Government’s only job, with regards to education, is that the people get equal opportunity not a misguided socialist system of equal results! Leading the poor and their kids to such an education only leads to equal misery! Without failure as a part of the educational system, and replacing both the system and the educators that support it, and those that are a part of its failures. As a way in fixing the problem. Will not lead to the better educated child! Our kids will never get they’re moneys worth of education, that their parents taxes have been paying for! Parents should never have to risk their kids futures, by engaging in education theft, or so it is called. For only doing the job of providing a better opportunity, for their kids ability’s to be happy by way of ( IN THEIR PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!) Isn’t that the American dream? Equal opportunity’s????

Check out the American Thinker october,03/2011 article on educational theft!

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


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