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Evolution quirks, or GOD’s sence of humor?

who made who??

I don’t care much about what side of the argument you are on, about ” evolution vs. creationism”. I’m just bringing it up like this? Yes I’m doing it! Because I hope you all have a sence of humor at least, or have a tendency towards having a willingness for the use of creative thought and the many possibility’s there in. Is evolution filled with crazy quirks? just look at the many anomalies in the animal world that are funny looking, for no real reasons. Evolution says that ” all must evolve to accommodate changing conditions of the environment.” Or at least, so that some can compete in a changing world. The creationists may say it is GOD sence of humor. having created everything, as well as allowing for a changing world, animals will also having the ability to adapt by cross breeding naturally. If this is the facts of both views, then both could have happened over extended times to account for the diversity as well as the different types of fossils found.So then lets look from my point of views who made who? Evolution quirks, or GOD’s sence of humor?

Lets look at the dung beetle. What changes in the environment caused this insect to decide that dung was the rage? Is it that playing with dung, or even eating dung, or using dung in the reproduction proses was the best idea of some insect that ultimately evolved into the dung beetle? What environmental changes took place that this insects life in dealing with dung was the best way for survival? No! It’s not talking about dung that makes this somewhat interesting or funny. It is seriously looking at this from a point of evolution quirks vs God’s humor in creating this insect. Who made who? Maybe God saw that the job of house cleaning needed to be done and the dung beetle was the house cleaner. Or maybe God just got a kick out of some army ants that saw the dung beetle as being a good lunch and planed an attack! The dung beetle struggled with his large ball of dung rolling it half way up a hill when he lost his footing and the ball rolled down hill. Crashing into the army ants planed attack from the blind side. The moral that is to be learned from this “The best plans may end up, with you up to your lower lips in dung, don’t make waves, just move on to plan B!”

Okay what about the “Baboon?” Not that they’re aren’t, any other primates in the world, but why so many of them? ( Primates I’m saying! ) It is said that in the world there is 1 or 2 new primates discovered every year or so. Because they are animals that also have thumbs like humans, that makes this interesting to me. If evolution is on going, then shouldnt we be running into new humans as well? I say yes!  I have met a few in my travels in San Francisco, New York, and other nameless city’s of the world. All of which these humans were different, than most of the rest of us. I’m sure you have met some as well? But what made the Baboon the superior evolutionary quirk? Just what do they have over other primates? Ah yes you guessed it! They have that colorful butt! But why? What evolutionary reason could there be that said that this is the change you need to survive? I get the new things like evolving to have thumbs. But what’s it all about having the need for evolution to come up with colored butt’s? May be there was an “Al Gore” of primates that said the climate was changing, and the other primates thought ” You are crazy man!!” and gave him a royal ass kicking that caused his offspring to have this happening from then on? Not entirely out of the possibility! But what is this colorful butt all about anyway? What is its purpose? Evolution doesn’t cause changes just to make a change like humans do, or does it? Like for no reasons at all, just change? Is evolution about the change only for diversity sake? I have seen some human butts in my day and none were that colorful, some bigger then some others, they may have been changing daily, but not with color changes. But if you alow for some thoughts of God’s sence of humor to enter your mind well …. Just think about it! What are the possibility’s here?

Let’s now look at the ant-eater! When ants were big and all kind of things liked to eat them, the ant-eater didn’t have a long snout, or did they? Evolution said ants you must get smaller so you don’t look so much like a good lunch, and so it was. The humor side says maybe the ant-eater liked to lie too much! Who knows if the ant-eaters can even talk, they may? If so they could say like, “no good ants here!” as they are feasting on a whole mess of them. A flat-out lie! So the snout grew? Truth is I don’t know just what or how it all came to be. But it is fun just to think about the possibilities.

Oh just one more. The cheetah ! Fastest cat on the planet, but about a million years ago this cat was maybe the slowest of them all. So evolution impress on this cat, that it will some day be the fastest around! Why not slow everything else down by evolution? Starting with the predators of the world. But no! The fastest cat? So everything else had to just get a bit faster! So not to be eaten! So the only things that a cheetah could catch where the one’s that made a mistake, or were taken by surprise? Is evolution in this way saying that “only the smart will survive??” Because the stupid will make a mistake and be eaten by the slightly slower cat? How about this, God just like’s the chase of it all. Maybe he is placing bets on the cheetah’s abilities, or on the pray’s ability’s to get away? Isn’t that what is being played out in this game of survival. It makes sence that the stupid get eaten. It takes some smarts to know or recognize that change is coming. Or is ignorance bliss?

So gorilla’s changed into humans, according to evolution? Then why do we have gorillas still to-day? Are those just the stupid ones that didn’t get that “change memo”, or realize change was  coming, or listen to Al Gore? Isn’t he much like a fossil? Or do the gorilla’s look at us, as the stupid ones? Maybe we’re the ones who graduated from the college of evolution’s useless knowledge? So our body’s changed from the form of the gorilla to human, is that just the evolution of our body’s, but not our minds! But changes just kept on changing? By what or whom? So what is a gorilla thinking when they see a human, or look at what we do? How we interact with each other may be just stupid to them as they look at it all.

What about humans then? Notice anything funny about them? We as humans are trying to save everyone smart and stupid alike. Not a bad thing I think, or what are we doing, when we do this? Are we just upsetting the ideas of evolution by doing this? Maybe we are doing Gods work, and preserving something for God, in the stupid things we alow stupid people to be doing, rather than allowing for they’re extinction. God must in this way laugh a lot, just as there are more and more stupid people to laugh at! Why couldn’t evolution just alow for great pain to be caused by acting stupid???? Or why didn’t God alow pain to be realised by us for doing the stupid thing we do? By not having this kind of pain is GOD Saying ” I made you with a brain, So use it!!! Or is evolution just telling us our brains have yet to catch up, to the change of our body’s? So is it evolutions quirks or God’s sence of humor?

All the best!


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the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “Evolution quirks, or GOD’s sence of humor?

  1. Very funny indeed. Thanks!

    Posted by Baldscientist | September 24, 2011, 2:53 pm

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