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Poverty… disadvantaged or a disability?

           It was said to me one day that “poverty is a disability“. But really.. do you believe this to be true? If so how can this be? After all, isn’t a disability brought about, if it must,  not by having to choose it for your self?Like being involved in an accident that leaves one disfigure, or is it much like being born with blindness, one leg shorter than the other, no hands, or paralyzed, or a mental conditions, and so on. Besides having some kinds of a medical conditions these could have been brought on by accidents or by birth, they are beyond someones own choices in life. Yet just because someone may have been born to parents that are also poor, doesn’t really give anyone in that position the right to claim a disability. Prehaps one could claim that being brought up in that kind of environment is a disadvantage, but little else could be claimed. So then, poverty… disadvantaged or a disability?

          Yet politics of the day seem to like to place the notation in people’s heads that being poor is a disability. It is all in the attempt to change popular ideas and perceptions of the way poor people are looked at by others, even to the point of trying to protect the poor from their own views, or opinions that they may have of themselves. It is much easer to accept having a disability rather than having to accept having some choices in the matter. We all get to choose if we remain in the places that we first start out in! Making it easer to alow someone to give themselves the excuse for taking on the victims role, as well as driving the point home that it is beyond ones own control in life. There for taking public assistance to help out just because! Leads to the first step in addiction, much like crack cocaine it seems fun at first, but then it leads people down the road of diminished self-esteem. Once people lose their confidence, as well their self-esteem, it becomes difficult at best, to break the chains of this kind of material and mental addiction of the victims role, by way of public assistance. It is not wrong for public policies to help those that need it! But what is wrong, is calling it helping others like the least among us, by means of supplying a comfortable existence without a reasonable effort as well. To supply every need to the point of compleat comfort without expecting anyone to make a reasonable effort in the proses, will rob the soul and self-worth of those that need encouragement the most!

          Why has government not played a bigger role in the lives of the people they govern? What is wrong with encouraging people to take some responsibility’s for their own existence? The more that government complicates policies and manipulates these people’s lives for their own reassurance of reelections, then nothing will be accomplished to helping those that are the least among us. There is only mistrust , anger, manipulations, and prolonged poverty. The USA as one of the wealthiest nations on earth should have the policies to guide people to make better choices in life, rather than guiding them to take advantage of others as a way of getting further in life. This land of opportunity should not have, or encourage the attitudes of victim hood, but should remind as often as possible that we have equal opportunity not a guarantee of equal out comes! The government that doesn’t teach or remind it’s populist on what made this country great, but only alow’s for the kind of attitudes that doesn’t support individual independence, will only be sowing the seeds of completely dependent future cry babies,  having the attitude of just looking for free handouts. In return they will be more than willing to do the job of voting politicians into office that will give them everything, even to the point of this nations bankruptcy. at which point there will be nothing left to govern, or tax! If this is the future of this nation, then we all are all heading in the direction of becoming disadvantaged, as well as having to make an effort in becoming comfortable with poverty, with no moneys even to help those that may also have a disability! So then, are we a nation of charity, are we willing to help those who really need it? Will we be a nation that helps people to a point of forgetting their own choices at the expense of responsable living, that which will only lead to our own bankruptcy as a nation, these actions of poor choice as a nation will guarantee having to leave those who really need help on the outside looking in! Government can not fix everything in our lives, no real use in asking our politicians in trying to do so! Poverty… disabled, or disadvantaged?

All the best!


About mindwarpfx

the truth has no agenda! a mind is a terrible thing to waste! not to pass on a smile that you receive from someone else is a missed opportunity and a lost moment to make a difrence in someone's life! To have choices made for you is to be held captive, to choose, is the first steps in freedom, to except responsibility is to fly and be free to experience life!


2 thoughts on “Poverty… disadvantaged or a disability?

  1. you are right poverty is not a disability,specially for the people in USA.Where you can get free education poverty should not be a disability there.

    Posted by sabreena | September 9, 2011, 10:12 am

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