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NO! not the hairy stuff!! I’m not going to eat hairy stuff!!

“NO! I’m not going to eat that hairy stuff!!” I said to my mom, as plop, it was served upon my plate, and that was it! Stuck with the hairy stuff! Do you remember the first real decision you made without help from your parents? I say no help at all from your parents, you know? You may have picked out a shirt but it didn’t match those pants, mom would then say “how about this shirt with those pants they will match better.” Trying to teach you about matching your clothes. So you would be  guided with your choices in life by those over baring parents, you think! But my day is coming! That’s right, choices galore! So when, or should I say what age, and what choice did you make all by yourself? Do you remember?

My road to my first choice, was kind of like this. Sit back and enjoy the ride, so to speak. My parents came from a different country all to make a better life for, well, ME! I’m sure, they thought it to be real good thing for them as well, and my sister, I will have to admit it. Damn! (This story was to be all about me!  I screwed it up by including my sister), okay back on track. So being from a different country they had well rules that were different from my friends. At first it was no problems with that, but when your friends start to ask “Why do your parents have you do….” it was somewhat acquired. Though they loved me and sis, they would not give up on traditions. They were just going to do things their way and that’s all we needed to know! As for why it was going to be this way? They always pulled rank! “because we are the parents, and that is that! Stop asking!” Yes I was one of those kids to ask why a bit too much at times. But one has to know things right? I saw it as it was, my job for now, and I had to do it well ! My Mom just thought, it was my attempt to drive her crazy!

Rules of the dinner table were as follows; you eat everything on your plate! No if’s, or and’s, or but’s! You heard this I’m sure? If not you missed out! Just saying. My parents thought that food was to be an experience of life. Enjoy new things and textures, tastes, kind’s of foods that you never heard of or seen before. Was to experience something great. “But what if it is yucky!” I would ask, putting the emphases on the word  yuck! But what is a six-year-old to do? Got to ask, and asking “why”, was just out of the question for now! “You must try it and treat your self to an experience of life, if you really don’t like it, then, well, you know it, because you tried it, not because your friends say it’s yucky!” MOM explained like a teacher in school would, she had this way of making a mouth full of tacks sound smooth and creamy and real likable. I fell for it, a time or two, but caught on real fast and started to ask why!

Rule two; By trying new foods you will always honor the cook. They are trying to serve good foods for their guests, in preparing it, just the way they know how, so that it tastes good. The cook is using their talents to their best of their abilities, so we will honor them and make an attempt to eat what they’re making for us. You can guess at the questions, I had by now for my mom?? So moving along to number three.

Rule three; No matter how it tastes you never dishonor the cooks attempt at cooking! You should always be happy for the foods you have and are able to try.” Okay mom! I will try to do all that.” I would reassure her. Not believing me, she would again repeated herself. But sometimes I tried not to answer her, but she would then tap me on the shoulders and say ” are you listening to me?” Life is rough for a kid in my position. Have to act right, and do the right things, and say it just so… Just what gives? The pressure of trying not to embarrass my parents when they are foreign, and unfamiliar with American traditions, is just hell I tell ya! But what is a six-year-old to do? In short!! Rule three was ” Don’t embarrass my parents!”

The dinner party was to be at 4 o’clock, early dinner. Just so there wouldn’t be a rush to leave because kids have to get to bed. The parents would all be talking around the living room, while the kids would be running around most of the rest of the house, at times outside for a quick game of hide and go seek! When dinner was about to be served like 15 more minuets before, the call would go out. “time to wash up for dinner… do you all hear me? Calling all hungry kids 15 more minuets till dinner.” Because we were starving, and after playing hard, we were real hungry, we would then drop everything to wash up.

As the server was placing all of the food out on the table I could smell all the goodness of it.” I wonder what kind of foods these people like?” Then I thought.” Hope they like the foods we eat?” My sister slapped me on my leg! “What?” I asked in a scolding voice. “You are talking crazy! These are americans they don’t eat mom’s kind of food. It is probably yucky!” She was doing her best in scaring me! The anticipation was starting to get to me when… “Okay who is hungry? Come and get it!” The host said with some excitement in her voice.

Mom jumped to her feet just to catch up to me and help serve me up. While waiting our turn to dish up, I was looking around people, just to get a better view of what smelled so good. Then it was our turn, mom would ask,” would you like to try this?” all the while giving me the look of .. remember what I told you all week-long about…. I shook my head without saying anything. My plate was filling up nicely when mom noticed saying, ” no vegetables yet!” She looked around like she had missed them but no, she found them at the end of the table. Steamed collard greens with spinach in butter sauce and lemon slices. All of the true ingredients of yuck! Play dough looked good compared to that, slimy green wilted long string monster greasy hair. “Mom!!” I tried to say while getting her attention. But  she plunged the fork down into the monsters green hair, as she started to pull some out of the dish, like a fork of worms wiggling, the stringy strings started to move from all sides of the dish. My eyes got wider and wider as mom and the fork lifted the green yuck higher and higher in trying to separate some for my plate. I’m sure I was thinking, “OH! CRAP! Sis was right! What the hell do americans eat!?” Right before mom could plop the green yuck down on my plate, like it was dangling over the plate, I could take no more of mom not listening to me! “NO! NOT THE HAIRY STUFF! I’M NOT EATING THAT HAIRY STUFF!! I yelled at mom! My mom was frozen in time. She could have crawled into the cracks of the floor from the embarrassment! But it was green hairy stuff, come on mom have a heart! Because the rules were the rules? I sat there, not eating at all! Finley mom found some heart for me! Some time when the cook wasn’t looking, she slid my green hairy stuff off my plate  and placed it onto hers. Once it was gone, I scarfed down the food so as to keep up with some of those rules! But I made sure I didn’t get any of the greasy monsters hair juice in with my other food as I ate it.

Mom is now 81 years young, and we were just reminiscing about this story. “You know?” she said.” We never got to go over to those people’s house again?” smiling as big as ever! “At the time I could have killed you from the embarrassment, but now.. we did have years of fun telling this story at their expense, and for our amusement! You should thank me for letting you live!” she said with a laugh, and a hug! “How dare you embarrass your mother like that!” Scolding me now 40 years later, again laughing. ” Well mom how dare you try to kill me with having to….. No! I will say it like this.. I’M NOT EATING THAT HAIRY STUFF!!” Yelling out as loud as I could in repeating the past. Both of us laughing with tears running down our faces.

Thanks mom for the memories!!  ALL THE BEST!

Talking to strangers….

Lets face it, we as people talk to strangers every day. As a perfectly good stranger practically to everyone else, I’m just going out and about. Just minding my business. Each day in the same way’s as you all are. I’m sure, I may, or may not choose to talk to you, depending on the circumstances. After all, you are being a perfectly good stranger to me, just as I’m trying to be, to you in return.  Maybe we are just wishing to be known as a stranger to everyone just the same. Or is it just,  when we were smaller, mom’s and dad’s said “Don’t talk to strangers!” But when everyone in the world starts out that way, as the perfect stranger that is. We should be asking ourself’s, should we be talking to strangers…?

I’m the stranger who is looking at you, as you are glanced up at me. Yet both of us are hiding behind our masks. On a good day we chose to be someone, who also has the quality’s in them, to bring the challenges to our ability to play the part. The power of deception, or just to deceive the unsuspecting, is this the challenging sport that we are choosing to play, as we live our life’s? Life seems to be a game, the winner to be declared, only by what we gain for ourself’s with as little effort as possible? Are we then the strangers that are parents warned us about? We are the king of our deceptive worlds covered in our masks of our choosing. Yet everyone may be the same predator of this wild, wild world, of who is who, yet trying to be no-one else, but the king of king’s! The ultimate predator of the unsuspecting! The question should be for everyone else that comes in contact with us, they should ask of themself’s ” should we be talking to strangers..?”

All of us have heard on the news, or prehaps you may read in the news paper, or on the internet, stories of disaster of sorts. Yes that evil! Those evil people  who have played out their evil plans on the unsuspecting, those who trusted too much. Prehaps these who were unsuspecting were just lonely souls that longed for some companionship, only to trust in someone wrongly so? The stories of abuse, murder, theft, rape, kidnappings, mugger mugging, gang slayings, shootings, arson, just to name a few. Some may have been by pure chance to have been involved in. But others were just plainly deceived, by deceptive evil plans.These people who would prey on other people’s in this way, are at first only stranger whom maybe just standing in front of you, or is it, just to the side of you!? With the disaster story fresh in the mind, the imagination can run wild, and paranoia can creep into the mind. I’m surrounded by strangers! Strangers who look so normal, who look so much like me! Are they also having the thoughts of looking around at others wondering about, if they could be…..? Do we just consider the evil probability only as a self-preservation tactic? Do we build walls to keep evil from impacting us, or to confine ourself in a self-imposed prison of salutary confinement!? Only just to be remembereding those words spoken as a question ” should we be talking to strangers?

The path way to hell is smooth and wide with a slightly downward sloping angle to it. Yet the minds thoughts may be enticed not to recognize the path, as being a dangerous one, just an easy one. The path to heaven is said to be narrow and a steep, made hard with obstacles in it, as well as steep drop offs on either sides. Needing to be careful not to lose footing along the way! Not everything easy, is worth it! Or so, it has been said. For things to be hard, in this way should give us all a sence of a job well done at its completion. totally for a sence of worth, and an increase of self-worth. So why do we all look for the easy way out, or the easiest way possible to get what we wish for, or wishing only for what we can’t have? Our own thoughts, can be just as confusing to our senses, just the same kind of confusion in looking at those actions of ours, or the true intentions behind those actions. Shouldn’t we be trying to reevaluate ourself’s? What if we do not? Do we then become the biggest strangers to ourself’s? No surprise that we all put a mask on in the mornings before we go out. It hides the demons we harbor, by our own thoughts, trapped in the deepest of dark cracks of our brains. In dealing with those thoughts, we choose our actions for this day. Not knowing the intentions of others that we meet along the way. We put up our guards, and build our walls. With this kind of knowledge should we then ask, Should we be talking to strangers?

The way we see the difference between the darkness of day, or the bright light of night.

This should be our eye-opening experience, as we are experiencing our self-imposed fright.

Just like when we were taught, to color, to stay with in the lines,

Why then… When we are given the chance to color, we just choose the colors of the blind?

The colors of the black and the white, seem to fade with time, into the only color that is gray.

So we convince ourself’s,with no lines to stay in, we gain more space to dance in, this wonderful day!

It is not the first glance that we take into our own thoughts, or into then the abyss,

It is having to judge our own motives that we totally miss.

It is the second glance that sucks us into the total darkness.

Being surrounded by, as well as looking at all of these perfect strangers, and then wondering which ones are worth my time? To be in search of a friend, or a love. To able to make or have experiences with! To share life with! To be able to share those inner most thoughts, or just listening to their’s. But these are perfect strangers! Should I have to evaluate the motives of a perfect stranger? In only having to reassure myself by evaluating your risks, as to who will best fit!? Why didn’t our parents just tell us to beware of others and the motives they must have. certainly they must have realized, that we all start out as strangers, untill our first spoken words to each other! Or were they just telling us to beware of the stranger with-in? Should we be talking to strangers?

All the best!

Evolution quirks, or GOD’s sence of humor?

who made who??

I don’t care much about what side of the argument you are on, about ” evolution vs. creationism”. I’m just bringing it up like this? Yes I’m doing it! Because I hope you all have a sence of humor at least, or have a tendency towards having a willingness for the use of creative thought and the many possibility’s there in. Is evolution filled with crazy quirks? just look at the many anomalies in the animal world that are funny looking, for no real reasons. Evolution says that ” all must evolve to accommodate changing conditions of the environment.” Or at least, so that some can compete in a changing world. The creationists may say it is GOD sence of humor. having created everything, as well as allowing for a changing world, animals will also having the ability to adapt by cross breeding naturally. If this is the facts of both views, then both could have happened over extended times to account for the diversity as well as the different types of fossils found.So then lets look from my point of views who made who? Evolution quirks, or GOD’s sence of humor?

Lets look at the dung beetle. What changes in the environment caused this insect to decide that dung was the rage? Is it that playing with dung, or even eating dung, or using dung in the reproduction proses was the best idea of some insect that ultimately evolved into the dung beetle? What environmental changes took place that this insects life in dealing with dung was the best way for survival? No! It’s not talking about dung that makes this somewhat interesting or funny. It is seriously looking at this from a point of evolution quirks vs God’s humor in creating this insect. Who made who? Maybe God saw that the job of house cleaning needed to be done and the dung beetle was the house cleaner. Or maybe God just got a kick out of some army ants that saw the dung beetle as being a good lunch and planed an attack! The dung beetle struggled with his large ball of dung rolling it half way up a hill when he lost his footing and the ball rolled down hill. Crashing into the army ants planed attack from the blind side. The moral that is to be learned from this “The best plans may end up, with you up to your lower lips in dung, don’t make waves, just move on to plan B!”

Okay what about the “Baboon?” Not that they’re aren’t, any other primates in the world, but why so many of them? ( Primates I’m saying! ) It is said that in the world there is 1 or 2 new primates discovered every year or so. Because they are animals that also have thumbs like humans, that makes this interesting to me. If evolution is on going, then shouldnt we be running into new humans as well? I say yes!  I have met a few in my travels in San Francisco, New York, and other nameless city’s of the world. All of which these humans were different, than most of the rest of us. I’m sure you have met some as well? But what made the Baboon the superior evolutionary quirk? Just what do they have over other primates? Ah yes you guessed it! They have that colorful butt! But why? What evolutionary reason could there be that said that this is the change you need to survive? I get the new things like evolving to have thumbs. But what’s it all about having the need for evolution to come up with colored butt’s? May be there was an “Al Gore” of primates that said the climate was changing, and the other primates thought ” You are crazy man!!” and gave him a royal ass kicking that caused his offspring to have this happening from then on? Not entirely out of the possibility! But what is this colorful butt all about anyway? What is its purpose? Evolution doesn’t cause changes just to make a change like humans do, or does it? Like for no reasons at all, just change? Is evolution about the change only for diversity sake? I have seen some human butts in my day and none were that colorful, some bigger then some others, they may have been changing daily, but not with color changes. But if you alow for some thoughts of God’s sence of humor to enter your mind well …. Just think about it! What are the possibility’s here?

Let’s now look at the ant-eater! When ants were big and all kind of things liked to eat them, the ant-eater didn’t have a long snout, or did they? Evolution said ants you must get smaller so you don’t look so much like a good lunch, and so it was. The humor side says maybe the ant-eater liked to lie too much! Who knows if the ant-eaters can even talk, they may? If so they could say like, “no good ants here!” as they are feasting on a whole mess of them. A flat-out lie! So the snout grew? Truth is I don’t know just what or how it all came to be. But it is fun just to think about the possibilities.

Oh just one more. The cheetah ! Fastest cat on the planet, but about a million years ago this cat was maybe the slowest of them all. So evolution impress on this cat, that it will some day be the fastest around! Why not slow everything else down by evolution? Starting with the predators of the world. But no! The fastest cat? So everything else had to just get a bit faster! So not to be eaten! So the only things that a cheetah could catch where the one’s that made a mistake, or were taken by surprise? Is evolution in this way saying that “only the smart will survive??” Because the stupid will make a mistake and be eaten by the slightly slower cat? How about this, God just like’s the chase of it all. Maybe he is placing bets on the cheetah’s abilities, or on the pray’s ability’s to get away? Isn’t that what is being played out in this game of survival. It makes sence that the stupid get eaten. It takes some smarts to know or recognize that change is coming. Or is ignorance bliss?

So gorilla’s changed into humans, according to evolution? Then why do we have gorillas still to-day? Are those just the stupid ones that didn’t get that “change memo”, or realize change was  coming, or listen to Al Gore? Isn’t he much like a fossil? Or do the gorilla’s look at us, as the stupid ones? Maybe we’re the ones who graduated from the college of evolution’s useless knowledge? So our body’s changed from the form of the gorilla to human, is that just the evolution of our body’s, but not our minds! But changes just kept on changing? By what or whom? So what is a gorilla thinking when they see a human, or look at what we do? How we interact with each other may be just stupid to them as they look at it all.

What about humans then? Notice anything funny about them? We as humans are trying to save everyone smart and stupid alike. Not a bad thing I think, or what are we doing, when we do this? Are we just upsetting the ideas of evolution by doing this? Maybe we are doing Gods work, and preserving something for God, in the stupid things we alow stupid people to be doing, rather than allowing for they’re extinction. God must in this way laugh a lot, just as there are more and more stupid people to laugh at! Why couldn’t evolution just alow for great pain to be caused by acting stupid???? Or why didn’t God alow pain to be realised by us for doing the stupid thing we do? By not having this kind of pain is GOD Saying ” I made you with a brain, So use it!!! Or is evolution just telling us our brains have yet to catch up, to the change of our body’s? So is it evolutions quirks or God’s sence of humor?

All the best!

GOD is missing!!

Two little
boy were excessively mischievous. In short they usually went looking for trouble,
and had great success in finding it. The parents of these boys knew that if
there were any mischief it was probably their boys involved in it. The mother
of the boys heard that there was a preacher in town that was quite successful
with disciplining disobedient kids. So she went to the preacher and asked him
to speak to her two boys. The preacher agreed to look into doing what he could
do. He insisted in seeing the boys individually. The mother decided to send the
younger one first, in the morning and then the older one in the afternoon.

When the
door open and the little boy entered the preacher’s office, the preacher
thought to use his big size, and deep voice to his advantage. “Come on in and
have a seat in this chair.” He said with a slight smile. The boy came over and
sat down lightly, then settled in.

The preacher
scratched his chin and then turned quickly saying with a loud deep voice. “Where
is GOD?” The mouth of the little boy dropped open and was truly amazed in hearing
this kind of question.

No real big
reaction from the little boy, so the preacher thought to try again. “Where is
GOD Son?” this time saying it with more of a deep voice from deep down inside
of his diaphragm. The boy’s mouth still hung open but his eyes widened.
Becoming bigger and round.

The preacher
again used his thundering deep voice and said. “Just where is GOD boy?” The boy
couldn’t take it he got up and ran out screaming on the way out. He ran all the
way home, ran up the stairs and into his room and into his closet slamming the
closet door shut!

His older
brother came running in to see what was happening. Opening the closet door he
saw his brother sitting in the back of the closet scared and with wide eyes,
looking back at him. “So what are you doing in there?” He asked expecting some
fantastic story or ½ truths.

The boy exclaimed
excitedly. “We are so screwed! GOD seem to be missing and they think we did

All the best!

Thanks Rennie for sending me the story.

The sphincter and the dictator just saying! (far side humor)

Okay the subject is some what racy, but some things have to be compared to. Not to be salacious, but it is true. This comparison I mean. They the sphincter, and the dictator do an important job in life. Like it or not, a fact is a fact, and the truth has no agenda! What do these two have in common? I can see people rolling their eyes at this point. The answer is, “Oh no! Not too much, other than similar jobs!!” Being familiar somewhat with both it is easy to draw some quick comparisons, like… “We all know what the sphincter job is because we all have a working one on the job. But we don’t all wish for a dictator to be present in our lives or on the job.” Both demand some use of force, and command and control while they do their jobs. If they are left alone, then all is well to some degree, some will work together, or separately just the same, and with equal efficiency. Both will assume the ideas of being the supreme controller of their world, but both often have an inflated impression of self-worth, as well ego! So it is with the sphincter and the dictator…. sorry just saying!

The job of the sphincter is not a glamorous one, but necessary one. Through the sphincter flows all kinds of useless debris passing on its way to the dust pan of history. In the times of plenty the sphincter just goes along with the rhythm of life. No worry’s! All is well. But there is times when the responsibility’s of the sphincter is elevated. In the times of plenty more work than usual will be required of the sphincter, and this can lead to an over worked condition. Leading the sphincter to believing that his job is under appreciated. What is a sphincter to do? Like most plans that are put together when one is tiered out from over worked conditions. Most plans sound great at that time, but implementing these plans is the challenge. Starting out thinking that a diplomatic solution as being the best way to go, the sphincter places a list of demands at the door steps of the brain.

1) Do to the over worked conditions, there will be a mandatory rest period of time in which the sphincter will have a rest from all work! The new working hours will no longer be on demand, but have a set hour, during there in, the sphincter will do all of the work that working day!

2) During any stormy season that comes about from time to time the sphincter will only alow 3 such periods per day to a cure during one 24 hour time frame! ( no exceptions! )

3) It wouldn’t hurt to have some recognition of a job well done from time to time, from all of the other body parts. Just as a moral booster, in recognizing the sphincter’s contributions in making life… well more bearable.

The brain said ” absolutely not! I’m the brains of the operation and I will not have it!”

So the sphincter moves onto plan 2. Using a tactic from any good union, the next move is, go on strike! Not saying that unions don’t have their share of good old sphincter’s within their midst, nor am I saying that unions haven’t made some good contributions in life. But these kind of thought gives way to the idea while on strike, lets just hold out for total take over of it all! So it is!! The ideas of becoming a dictator is born.

The sphincter may be successful with the strike, or not depending on political conditions of the times. but the attempt is made. power is the most intoxicating drug in the universe! So true to form the power-hungry ( or addict ) will make an attempt to grab power. But most of the time this power grab is short-lived because people don’t like to be forced into a situation without leaving them or giving them any choices in the matter but one! “Your going to like it!!!”

The dictator is just the same as the sphincter, looking for an opportunity’s to place himself into an insignificant but powerful position, that society will not like to live without. That once acquiring this position gives the would be dictator not only the will, but the confidence, for a takeover by force if necessary. Success will lead to a bigger power grab, or even the ultimate power grab of dictatorship! The intoxication of the drug also known as “power”, is to be somewhat like…. the feeling of being a GOD on earth, or a supreme dictator. Truly in the minds of such individuals it is just the same. A God / or a lesser God (like a dictator) still is able to ruler over everything!

In the dictators quest for power, he may try to perform magical tricks, Leading him in collecting greater powers, as well to give the impression that his rule isn’t so bad. Magic like spending mad money on projects that helps his supporters, or even putting money directly into pockets of his supporters. In their eyes he is fantastic, and move to give even more support to him. Much like the sphincter, he to must at times perform magic trickery to fool body parts that he, and he alone is up for this job of new ruler over the brains. So he performs the trick of resembling, despite the mouths best efforts, in destroying the recognition of a corn on the cob feast! And..” Presto!!”

The dictator has somewhat the same impression, but for both the tricks only last for a short while. Then bigger tricks are needed, And this gives way to even bigger tricks, untill the law of big number catches up to them. No more tricks in their bag! To hang onto the power they have, and continue their intoxication, the use of force is pulled out of the bag! But like I said, people don’t like to be stuck with out a choice in the matter. “Your going to like it!!!” Isn’t choice or a good out look, when you haven’t made the choice yourself.

So like the sphincter, the dictator will also enjoy power for only a short period of time. When societal pressures build up to a point that even the sphincter cannot hold back the pressures any longer, the dictator will ultimately pass through the governmental sphincter, on his way to the dustpan of history.

Moral of the story is if you do not learn from history’s mistakes, then you may find yourself being controlled by a truly human sphincter! If you are in a part of the world where there is no history books available to learn from, look to your own sphincter’s history, learn from his failed attempts to take over as supreme dictator!

Even thou great magic tricks have been preformed in the past like the disappearance of some ears of corn on the cob. Don’t be fooled by the sphincter’s magic trick and their reappearance! The sphincter is just a cheep dictator, an opportunist of chance, but when it is all gets boiled down they’re both the same! In keeping yourself from voting for a human sphincter, recognizing that power is a drug, and changing leadership is just like sending those who have the power in the present, to rehab!! Being up tight with one kind of leader for too long is just constipating!

In life I understand the need of a sphincter, but a DICTATOR?

That’s the sphincter and dictator just saying, ( Far side humor )

All the best!

How to embrace the life you never planed on having.

Just what do you think about motivational speakers? Do they really work, on reacquainting some individuals with the motivation to go out and live life? Have we all come to be frustrated, with living to a point of not knowing how? So we need motivation!? Or is it that we never have really answered all of our questions, that we may have on living life? I certainly don’t have all of the answers either. But I guess you didn’t get the big dusty old book of the top shelve in your parents house with the title of, ” Life’s great rules book!” or was it ,”Don’t plan to much, life is disappointing! It’s all to make you stronger.” or this ” Success in 5 minuets a day!” But what is life’s success? Is it money, houses, cars ( luxury cars, or for “kids”, cars like in “pimp my ride!”), hot women, trips, jobs ( not the kind of jobs like… do you want fries with that? But important jobs.) and ect.. is that success? So just how do you prepare yourself for life, when you grow up? How do you embrace the life you never planed on having? do you know?

Watching the show entertainment tonight on TV. one night. I saw stories about “burnout in hollywood”. It was hard for me to relate to these people who seemed to have the world by its tail. They were ( I mean the people I’m talking about) all good-looking, they had money, homes, could do anything they wished for, and seem to have no problems finding good-looking people to be with or have as a spouse, in sharing life together. So what gives, working too hard? Having some troubles on how to spend their money, or where to spend it, or was it that they already have 5 houses full of stuff, and have more than one of everything? ( You know sending some my way was over looked from your lists! Thought you would like to know.) But for real! Was it the money, or finding the time for the spending of it, this clearly wasn’t the problem! Yet, here is the stories about burnout. After the show I had a better understanding. Drugs, alcohol, parties / over indulging of them all, loves and lovers that used them for  ATM’s!! All of these things would ware on a mind and the self-confidence or the esteem it controls. Mental conditions were also part of it, but was not mention. The condition, where one would think that everyone wanted their money, and they had little else to offer. Was this a way to live a life, where everything came your way because a lucky break, or your good looks, and or acting skills as the talents you possess. Success seemed like a curse on these people for some reasons, and life was just tarring them down despite a bright future. Maybe they never totally knew how to embrace the life you never planed on having.

motivational speakers, financial planners, business managers, groupies, also known as body guards, religious advisors, just to name a few, as these people had come to be trusted in there lives. They all were being paying for services that should have also included in it, looking out for their employer first! Right? But the folly of that is everyone looks out for themself’s first, then the employer. If they feel like they were about to lose their jobs because of what ever. They will find a way to build up the importance they bring to the table and try to give an impression that they are ir-replaceable. That’s “looking out for number one.” as we all know it. No one likes to be faced with, or have to deal with, the uncertainties of life. Few of us really control everything in life, and few of us control the things that we can in life. Both will give the impression that life is totally out of control. This is only a half truth, we can control some things in life, like where we are going to live, the kind of house we live in, what car we drive, who are friends are, and when we will do things with them, just to name a few things in our control. But the things we don’t control entirely is natural disasters, health, relationships, when we die…ect. I think you get the picture. What is important, ” is to choose to control what we can, and not to worry about the things that are beyond our control.”

So how do we then find value in our lives? If it isn’t the things we have, or do so much, what is it then? Do we give all we have away to the poor and then we will be happy? Trying to be there for all of our friends, or family, along with work, leaves not much time for ourselves to re-charge the batteries. So how can we find some importance with this life and then being able to embrace it?

There was Jill, laying as comfortable as she could in her hospital bed. The rush of all of the doctors, and nurses going from place to place tending to other patients, didn’t give her to much of a chance for peaceful rest in her bed. Her thoughts ran wild at times with questions. Why? Why me? I’m still young and for me to end up here is just… She was interrupted with a nurse checking up on her. She said ” How are you felling?

” Just okay, considering.” Jill answered. the nurse continued to check the all of her vitals signs. Jill was going in for surgery on a brain tumor. Risky at best, but doctors are better at this sort of thing now compared to a few years ago. The nurse finished up and reminded Jill ” next time we see you we will be going in for surgery prep. Okay?” Jill nodded, not so reassured that all was going as planed or will be okay. She tried to close her eyes to rest by staying calm. Out of the self-created quiet she had made for herself, she heard a voice. opening her eyes, thinking here we go, she was surprised to see a little girl.

“Hi. My name is Beth, what is yours?” Beth had a small voice, with a low tone, her face had a white kind of color to it but pleasant to look at. She was standing there looking at Jill with a smile, holding onto a pole with a drip bag attached to it,and a cord that ran to her arm.

“oh! Hi, I’m Jill, nice to meet you but.” Jill was cut off by Beth.

“So what do you have?” Beth got closer to Jill.

“Well.” Jill stopped briefly to gather some thoughts. How much do I tell her? She is so little, will she understand? ” I have a brain tumor, and will shortly go for surgery.” she said in deciding to spill the beans.

“Oh! Sorry for that! I have cancer.” Beth said. But Jill didn’t hear all that she was still saying. Her thoughts ran crazily through her mind. How is it possible for this little girl to have cancer, she is so young and hasn’t had a chance. Thoughts were interrupted by Beth saying. ” So ya. They did everything they could. Now I’m just here so they can make me more comfortably. But I would rather be home.”

” So You are…” Jill didn’t wish to scare this little girl but how do I say it, she searched for the words.

” Yes, I’m going to die here.” Beth said, but she didn’t have a sad voice. Strange, that she had a relieved kind of disposition about her. “But you will get better.” She added.

Jill thought about this young life that was okay with the cards dealt to her. But why? If she had this kind of problem like this, why is she not more, like angry, upset, disappointed, scared? Yet she was nice to talk to. She seemed like more concerned with how I’m doing rather than how is was. A nurse came into the room and interrupted the two. ” Have to give you this shot to get you ready for surgery okay Jill” said the nurse. Beth was at the foot of the bed just looking on as the nurse did her job. The nurse finished up and said “this will take some time but will make you drowsy.”

Beth inched up closer to Jill when the nurse left the room. She lifted up a raged stuffed animal that had been attached to her pole. “Here! This will help you sleep, and make you convertible as well.” She handed it over to Jill. ” You can give her back after your better, or you can keep her if you like.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Thanks so much.” Jill exclaimed sleepily, just trying to be kind. “I will give her back to you when I get out so she can make you comfortable again. okay?” The little girl placed her hand on Jill’s and just smiled back.

The nurses came back a few moments later and did final prep to roll the hospital bed and Jill out to surgery. Beth was over to far side of the room looking on. Jill though drowsy tried to look at her new-found friend as she was wheeled out of the room. Giving a small hand wave to her as she went.

When Jill came out of surgery, and was in the recovery room, she was still holding the ragged stuffed animal. Her thoughts went back to her little friend Beth. Wondering how she is? Hope I can see her soon to give her back the stuffed animal again. But .. what if.. no I’m not going there. She thought! A nurse entered the room to look after Jill and how she was doing. Jill tried to reach out to get the nurse’s attention. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” she said again, and again.

” Yes, can I get you some thing?”

” Ya. the little girl who gave me this stuffed animal. How is she? Or how can I give her back her stuffed animal? I would like to tell her it worked, and now she might need it more than I do..”

The nurse interrupted her. ” You need to be quieted down, and try to rest now.” Re-tucking blankets up.

“But she has cancer and may need this just to make her feel better!” Jill insisted.

” I don’t know what or who you’re talking about. There are no little girls or kids in this hospital. They would be in children’s, not here.” The nurse finished up with making her comfortable and then added. ” now try to rested up, you just got out of surgery. Okay?” Jill nodded. puzzled about it all. The nurse left the room and once again Jill found herself in an empty room by herself.

Like Jill we are often given a new lease on life, not by avoiding death by chance or luck, but realizing that we make mistakes and we have the ability to repair them. For Jill she realized that not always looking at ourself’s and the places we are in at life is the best for us. It makes us only have unrealistic outlooks, or expectations. Being happy is being comfortable with who we are, and knowing that we can always do better. So while we are trying to do better we should always share with other people who have less than we do. Just the act of kindness to someone who we may not even know goes a long ways for us. Much like the burnout’s of hollywood, when we only see ourself’s, in everything that we do, and we only do everything for our self’s. That is totally what will be limiting ourself’s with our actions, experiences, and things we have, draining us out, leaving us empty as people. Only looking for the next thing. But when we share with others, even what little that we have, or how much we have, would alow us to be filling ourself’s up unlimited, far beyond our brims.

We should recognize as well come to realize, that we all didn’t ask to be living, in this time, and place. But we all must choose to travel down life’s path way to its end. Some experiences are best to have been experienced by ourself’s, but they are few in number. Life was ment to be shared with people. Making it our goal to share ourself’s with others will make the experiences better and easer, besides you never know when you will be the recipient of get a helping hand from someone else in this way. When you’re only goal is looking at yourself, your missing out on the views in life, and the experiences that are beyond yourself. How then can you even begin to embrace the life you never planed on having?

“Would you like to be remembered by what you had in life, or what you were able to do with what you have in life?” Quote unknown.

Alow yourself to be venerable in life, is to be strong-willed in the living of life. Rarely do we get stronger if we don’t exercise ourself’s, by experiencing challenges in our life’s experiences, as well as overcoming them, is life’s exercise to strengthen the sole, and maximizing the living of ones life. Some of those challenges we will win, and some we will lose. Overcoming those challenges, along with the help of others, or by us helping others, or just our hard work, is what makes the winning sweeter! How will you embrace the life you never planed on having?

To give is better than to receive,and by far more in powering!

All the best!

Honestly… little white lies ?

WOW ! What happened to honesty? Honestly…little white lies, just become the new honest? Don’t parents teach their kids that telling a lie is bad anymore? I guess not, because people in general just use dis-honesty to their advantage, or to gain an advantage. When they get busted (and they all do) they use the excuse of ” It’s just a white lie! Not a big deal.” Or ” well in the realm of lies there is, black ones, and white ones, that wasn’t so bad!” Implying that they should be excused for their little white ones. But when they are on the receiving end of someone telling them a little white lie. Hell hath no fury like a liar scorn! I know ! I borrowed the saying as well as changed it to fit. But for real, the complaints of those liar’s being lied to is just like that. If it wasn’t bad enough that they lied to others, as well didn’t think anything about it. In their mind it was a little white lie. But that bastard, or bitch, that deceived them in the same way.” How dar they lie to me!” They say with the kind of anger that makes the son of satan tremble!

Religious people do it as well, all thou not as much, but just the same they believe the black / white thing about lies too! religion should have taught them better. Not to make perfect people out of religious ones, but they are  supposed to be aware of what is going on between good and evil. Having said that, yes I believe that a lie is a lie! It is just something that someone used in order to take advantage of someone else by their own choices. Because of that they believe in the lie, they make a choice based on a lie, they wouldn’t have chosen to do so…. if they would have known. So yes it make it an evil thing, or at least an evil lie. A church going individual that knows this and yet continues to act out, with this kind of dis-honesty, must certainly have their motives brought into question. Most church going people do teach their kids not to lie, not to sway anyone to believe something untrue. But liar’s are found at, and as well go to church in a regular way. People that go to church in a regular way, also as a habit have a value system that says that a lie is evil, or at least real bad. Everyone myself included seem to have a problem in calling someone out when they lie to them. The more public the liar’s the harder this seem to be. Why?

When you consider that politicians are professional liar’s, and lie on demand like a train dog, why are people who can figured this out, not interested more, in call them out on it? Why are people not more outraged, when they get lied to by our politicians? Yet ready to rip into people that they know that lied to them! ” Well, you can’t trust layers or a politicians!” so everyone say’s. No surprise that so many layers are also politicians right? When you look at a politicians job descriptions you would find these quality needed in order to be able to be an affective politician, as well-being able to do the job outstandingly so. Son of satan is trembling once again!

1) Look good in your appearance. reference ( Obama )

2) Be able to think quick on your feet, by choosing words carefully, and responding well to questions, all the while looking like you know everything. Remember also to looking good! (aka. look like a know-it-all !) reference ( Bill Clinton, Obama )

3) When you don’t know what you’re talking about, then lie! If your backed into a corner with questions you know nothing about then deflect the question to someone else. Who will then lie for you or on your behalf. If you’re all by yourself no one to deflect too, then lie your ass off! Not forgetting to be convincingly! smiling a lot helps with the deception!  reference ( Joe Biden , Obama )

4) When caught in a lie denied it, denied it, denied it and quickly cover with a better lie. reference ( Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Obama )

5) When representing this country to foreign leaders, or having to negotiate with other country’s / and there leaders. Then remember that this is the big time of liar’s convention. Lie most convincingly! No second chances here! Success here is being  able to tell everyone in the most convincingly of way to go to hell!! All the while they will look forwards to making the trip, getting very excited to get the directions on how to get there from you, is good!! deceptions are working! Remember to smile a lot, looking your best, dress you’re best, lie you’re olympic gold best!! reference ( Bill Clinton, Maxie Waters )

6) When arriving home and having to reporting back to the people in an address of some sort, remember you got into this office by being a convincing liar. look like you just returned, having removed satan’s balls with your lies or at least look like you’re the olympics champion, and you just received the gold! Keep a straight face, look you’re best and continue to do what your good at. Lie! Lie! Lie! reference ( Obama , Richard Nixon ) reference ( Hillary Clinton ) For removing the balls of satan thing!

Knowing that most of this nation is religious, like 97%, why do we have politicians, so willing to run for office, knowing they will have to lie! Yet they also have so little regard for the principle of truth, that is they make it, more easily to recklessly abandoned those principles, at the sometimes telling their children. ” Don’t do it or you will go to ….” No wrong use of words!! ” you will get GOD mad at you! So don’t lie!” Somewhat empty words or advice coming from a  self-proclaimed religious professional liar and or politician! Would you feel comfortable giving this advice to your children? Or what would you do, when they offer up the excuse ” Well there is something called a white lie mom / dad.”? It’s maybe a good time to reevaluate! If we are not teaching the next generation not to lie, that it’s not good! When, will we expect the same out of our leaders, like politicians, MOM’s, DAD’s, kids, or everyone in society, when we all are interacting with them regularly? Will we be better prepared to call them out? Or at least take them to task on some responsibility for poor decision. Or are we all going to have the attitude of ” honestly…. little white lies?

“It takes just as much faith to believe in a lie, as it does to believe the truth. The difference is a lie doesn’t exist without your believes in it !!”   Quote unknown.

All the best!

Do you turn your ears off?

So do you turn your ears off at times? You know just when this has happened to you at times… Right? Maybe not quite those words, but some person was trying to get you’re attentions and said something like it. Truth is it was a busy day and I was just in a hurry, the things I had to do were like, presentations to give, papers to sort, phone calls to make, meetings to set up, and all on a dead line. “Now let me get some coffee, so I can get my caffeine rush on!” I was thinking. But right out of the ordinary this office social butterfly came up behind me, and started to talk to me. You know the kind of things… just about anything and all about nothing.

“Well what did you do over the weekend? Anything fun?” She paused just for a moment  just short of letting you answer. “We were out camping, and you know, it was the best! But coming home was….” You’re mind is starting to drowned her out with the thoughts of how, as well as what you have to do first. Then you’re ears pick up the person is still talking to you. ” then we went to… ” Does it ever end? You’re thoughts are just about fed up and still the blah,blah,blah,blah,blah. It just keeps on going!

suddenly she said In the kind of voice that sounded upset “ Do you turn your ears off?

You heard that! Loud and clear, whipping around only just in time to see the back of the butterfly walking away, even as the words you were about to say are starting to leave your mouth, but  you stopped short of saying them. “Great she is going to tell everyone in the office… if she only. Damn! can’t she see I’m busy?” You’re minds thoughts are stroking you’re ego as you try to gain your motivation to keep on going with your business of the day.

People are already thinking that you are a loner! Because you are just doing the job you have, for that moment in the day, when everyone else is finding the time to waste time with idle chitchat. You look over at other office mates to see what they are doing, “are they talking about me? Do they think I’m…” thoughts are running wild in your head. “Can not let it bother me!” talking to yourself in a muffled low tone, hoping to build some self-confidence.

Truth is, the office maybe looking at you just because of nothing, but your impressions are just getting the best of you, or could it be the complaining of the social butterfly about the attention she is deserving but not getting. These thoughts just will not leave you’re head! Just how can you keep this kind of distraction from happening over and over, and how can you let the others know that you can have fun just as they all can? You are likeable! But just how can they get that impression? What is there, that I can afford to do to change all this social mess?

I think the best way is, like looking at a black and white photo with just one small part being red in color. You’re eyes automatically go to the red first, and then to the rest of the photos details. So the trick is becoming the red object by your hand, or by other means, as the rest of the office is looking at the black & white picture you’re presenting for the moment. Easy right? Okay may it will take some practice but entirely possible.

On you’re way around the office you will find a moment to confront her ( The social butterfly) but she should be around other people, or at least in ear shot of other people. That way they’re will be a possibility for others in being able to hear what you are about to say. At that moment you find the opportunity, then you will say.

“So you had fun camping and you had a great week-end? Sorry I didn’t get all of the story. Deadlines and meeting to set up and ….oh well, you know how it is! It was very interesting but couldn’t apply all of my attentions to hearing it, but could we get a drink after work, so you could tell me all about the parts I missed?” Then as you start to walk away slowly but still looking busy. ” Check you’re schedule and get back to me if you would like! You know,about that drink?” You add at a slightly louder tone.

Fish on at this point! You see, she now is, along with everyone else that was in ear shot, at a point of knowing that you’re work comes first, but you can still have fun! Also she now is being called out in a round about way, to answer the question, “is she truly a social butterfly or just a poser looking to waste time at work and just doesn’t like to do it alone?” A kind of friendly non-violent slap in the face but verbally so! All the while you become the red object in the black & white picture to everyone else. No way anyone can mistake you for being the office bitch, that no one wishes to talk to! You are just the over achievers / productive one, and maybe the boss will also see you can handle a difficult situation with a co-worker. Maybe you will not be bothered so much at busy times when you have so many deadlines. Oh the possibility’s! Who know just what kind of doors will be opened to you..? A raise in pay because of the productivity, you may also find out, you are to be the social butterfly out side of work. It is all good to just fantasize about the possibility’s.. right?

This coffee is really good this morning, and as you take another sip, you get interrupted, almost swallowing wrong and letting out a small cough, all caused by someone tapping you on your shoulder. “Are you listening to me, or do you just turn your ears off?

All the best!

10 years ago and yet feels like yesterday.

                        In remembrances of 9/11 we all were differently impacted by those events on that day now 10 years ago yet feels like yesterday. With the shock and disbelief I was glued to the TV that was giving out the reports that day when suddenly…. It’s hard to remember without some feeling bubbling up to the surface once again. It is truly amazing and shocking as well, how time has passed by, and yet it still feels like yesterday.

Was it the approaching anniversary of those horrible events that got me thinking about it again, or was it more about those images on TV from that event, or is it every time there is another terrorist attack in the news that reminds us over and over? Just how hard do you think it is for those loved ones of the victims of 9/11 whose days just seem to be somewhat empty, being reminded by another terrorist attack that someone else will have the same feeling of being incomplete, and or having unfulfilled dreams?

One thing is clear to me, those terrorists on 9/11 had choices that they made! They made the choices of hiding in the dark of night, just to plan evil plans and events for their misguided ideas of terror! Just as we are able to make choices every moment of every day, the choice of good or evil! I happen to believe that this country is a good one but not a perfect one. Despite all of the problems we have and all of the financial troubles, we as a country still try to do the right things. The history of the world is filled with civilisations and empires, built, and dominated by leaders of tyrants! Freedom is yet young on the world stage of ways to govern. Maybe it is America’s 15 minuets of fame brought about by the events of 9/11 ? Other countries have some of the same freedoms as we do in the USA, but none have, or have had as much of it, or for as long of time, with the ability of its populist to be able to speak out ageist its leaders / governments. But that is all good and well, only the smallest part of what makes a country good or bad. It’s the people who have the strange ability of living free, with that gift they are more willing to share the experience with others. Individual choices of good and evil, is the major differences expressed more openly through being able to live free. I believe that freedom and the more a government alow’s for its people to have it, the more these people will go out of their way to defend it as well share it, with others. The experience of freedom is only as great as the cost is, in order to keep it!

I wish to thank all of the first responders, the fire fighters, police officers, medical staff’s, and the men and women in uniform in our military! All of you  pay the highest price for our freedoms! So that we can be truly free from fear of all of our enemy’s both foreign and domestic, or from the disasters within our borders and lands, both natural or man-made, no madder if it is caused by accident or purposefully.

For those who were called to duty on 9/11 in the face of disaster, fully knowing of the dangers and yet keeper’s of faith, along with that strange ability to maintain a reassuring face, for your loved ones as well as the unknown strangers alike. Who while buttoning your last buttons of your uniform, were still able to fight the fear from within! Who chose to run towards danger, rather than run away from it all in fear! All for honoring their call to duty, to attempt to save, by all means possible the least among us, who gladly would choose to exchanged places with a stranger, to encourage hope, strength and peace, to whom at that time may have given up!  Welcoming the chance to walk through the valley of the shadows of death, and fear no evil, all in the days work! Hero seems to small of a term to be calling you, but heroes you all are. Missed but not forgotten! 10 years ago, yet seems like yesterday!

Poverty… disadvantaged or a disability?

           It was said to me one day that “poverty is a disability“. But really.. do you believe this to be true? If so how can this be? After all, isn’t a disability brought about, if it must,  not by having to choose it for your self?Like being involved in an accident that leaves one disfigure, or is it much like being born with blindness, one leg shorter than the other, no hands, or paralyzed, or a mental conditions, and so on. Besides having some kinds of a medical conditions these could have been brought on by accidents or by birth, they are beyond someones own choices in life. Yet just because someone may have been born to parents that are also poor, doesn’t really give anyone in that position the right to claim a disability. Prehaps one could claim that being brought up in that kind of environment is a disadvantage, but little else could be claimed. So then, poverty… disadvantaged or a disability?

          Yet politics of the day seem to like to place the notation in people’s heads that being poor is a disability. It is all in the attempt to change popular ideas and perceptions of the way poor people are looked at by others, even to the point of trying to protect the poor from their own views, or opinions that they may have of themselves. It is much easer to accept having a disability rather than having to accept having some choices in the matter. We all get to choose if we remain in the places that we first start out in! Making it easer to alow someone to give themselves the excuse for taking on the victims role, as well as driving the point home that it is beyond ones own control in life. There for taking public assistance to help out just because! Leads to the first step in addiction, much like crack cocaine it seems fun at first, but then it leads people down the road of diminished self-esteem. Once people lose their confidence, as well their self-esteem, it becomes difficult at best, to break the chains of this kind of material and mental addiction of the victims role, by way of public assistance. It is not wrong for public policies to help those that need it! But what is wrong, is calling it helping others like the least among us, by means of supplying a comfortable existence without a reasonable effort as well. To supply every need to the point of compleat comfort without expecting anyone to make a reasonable effort in the proses, will rob the soul and self-worth of those that need encouragement the most!

          Why has government not played a bigger role in the lives of the people they govern? What is wrong with encouraging people to take some responsibility’s for their own existence? The more that government complicates policies and manipulates these people’s lives for their own reassurance of reelections, then nothing will be accomplished to helping those that are the least among us. There is only mistrust , anger, manipulations, and prolonged poverty. The USA as one of the wealthiest nations on earth should have the policies to guide people to make better choices in life, rather than guiding them to take advantage of others as a way of getting further in life. This land of opportunity should not have, or encourage the attitudes of victim hood, but should remind as often as possible that we have equal opportunity not a guarantee of equal out comes! The government that doesn’t teach or remind it’s populist on what made this country great, but only alow’s for the kind of attitudes that doesn’t support individual independence, will only be sowing the seeds of completely dependent future cry babies,  having the attitude of just looking for free handouts. In return they will be more than willing to do the job of voting politicians into office that will give them everything, even to the point of this nations bankruptcy. at which point there will be nothing left to govern, or tax! If this is the future of this nation, then we all are all heading in the direction of becoming disadvantaged, as well as having to make an effort in becoming comfortable with poverty, with no moneys even to help those that may also have a disability! So then, are we a nation of charity, are we willing to help those who really need it? Will we be a nation that helps people to a point of forgetting their own choices at the expense of responsable living, that which will only lead to our own bankruptcy as a nation, these actions of poor choice as a nation will guarantee having to leave those who really need help on the outside looking in! Government can not fix everything in our lives, no real use in asking our politicians in trying to do so! Poverty… disabled, or disadvantaged?

All the best!


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