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Pandora’s Box (let’s take a peek)?

pandora's box

Should Obama care be forced on us? Like forcing fat people to get on weight watchers!

The unconstitutional state of Obama care is being fought out in court and more likely is heading for the Supreme Court soon for final augment.

What is wrong with Obama care? It is not just the cost of it, but the forcing of Americans to have it, or buy healthcare insurance! That is the argument that is said to be unconstitutional! Over stepping the power of government upon the limiting of power of the document we called the constitution! If these immoral politicians who are hell-bent on trampling this document succeed, then just where will their power grab be stopped?

Their reasoning could then be that (fat or obese people) and (made up by whose guide lines?) would cost the government more money for their health care. Could the government then force fat / obese people to get on weight watchers? Could it then be said “it is in the best interest for our society”? So it takes away someone’s own responsibilities in making their own choices for themselfs… Right?

Should the government be involved in, picking a winner among Private Company’s like weight watchers over Jenny crag lets say, but still forcing someone against ones own will to get healthy, and at their own cost, by governments mandate? Much like Obama care does now, it mandates having to buy insurance and at the coverage’s that they see fit for you. Or will it be at random like saying so to speak, just what places you can go out for dinner on the town? Could it be said that parents that feed their kids only fast foods, are abusing them? By forcing high calorie foods down their throats?Is a over weight kid a true signal of parents who do not care? So the whole country is FAT!! But is that the place for governments to get involved in our personal lives?

Freedom is making ones own choices along with accepting the responsibilities that go with that choice. No mater if they are good, or bad, or indifferent, to the one who is choosing them personally.

A government that controls the individual’s abilities of making choices, as well forcing the cost on to our backs is by definition  “TYRANNY”!

How far from true freedom have we come, when first It was fought for?

The fastest way for government to get people to change their habits is for the people to bear the cost of their choices.  Take the cigarets taxes, also known as sin tax! The cost of cigarets keep going up and the result of that added coast creates less smokers! Insurance is just a socialistic way of price control, that at its end only controls the competition in the free markets. Thus driving cost up!

Health insurance should only be (for those who choose to get it) much like a catastrophic health insurance police. According to their choices, as to what fits their needs. At least it would be by their own choices, as to what they would buy in the free market place? All other health services, like routine checkups, should be up to the free markets and the competitions between the providers of them. Paying out-of-pocket by individuals themself’s.

Some say government already forces people to buy car insurance! Is that right? I say they don’t force me to buy a car yet, nor do they force me to buy life insurance either, nor will they force me to go to weight watchers! Whats next? Telling us / you, “These are the foods that you must eat, just these certain foods / drinks”?

Its time government leads by example rather than by decree! First step for the leadership,if they would like to give us something new, like Obama care, then they should to come to a place of excepting what is good for the people is also good for them as well. They should accept it first! Obama care I’m saying! No different deals in retirement plans or health plans for government! It is a government of the people by the people for the people. We have 530 or so kings /queens of government with rules for themselves, and different rules for we the people. In short , we are going down the slippery slope towards “TYRANNY”!!

Free markets that are manipulated by government’s immoral policies have only a Pandora’s Box full of effects, of unforeseen consequences in them! Yet before, when government has just cracked the lid to peek inside, they came up with more of the same solutions to the old problems. As to what it was  leading them to peeking into Pandora’s Box to start with …? Clearly they are kids, that when looking at a button  they think to themself’s “That looks so attractive to push”! Just like kids they reason “what will happen if…”! They can not keep them selves from pushing it. When pushed, all hell breaks out! With unforseen consequences they do not like! Their solutions are, run for the cover of higher taxes, or bigger government programs! Hiding from the reality as well as refusing in excepting the problems that they created! They only offer us a solution by saying to us, ” We are faced with real big problems, and no other solution will do! We must do this for your own good!” But if they are the uncontrolled kids pushing buttons without knowing better, or knowing the outcomes, or results from pushing the buttons in the first place! Then…..!!!

How about not doing the same old failed policy’s of socialism?

I have a simpler solution for government: “A STRAIGHT JACKET”!

Do we the people really want government to open( Pandora’s Box )all the way?

all the best.



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