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Politically tarred and feathered?

The political landscape today  in general, is just a reflection of society. True change to this system and the political process, will come when the people in mass get tiered of seeing their own true reflection represented by the kind of leadership in the nation!

The perfect political system does not exist, just as there is no real perfection in people. Discovering this truth or even considering it is just as easy as looking at one’s self and comparing to what is believed to be perfection. No doubt your own spouse, or friends, boss, or even your dog! Would just as soon tar and feather you with their knowledge of your imperfections.

It is also the same with these political leaders of the day. The internet and other media will ultimately and continually confront the fallibility in society’s politicians, professors, police officers, even priests or preachers, and yes our president as well. Society is ever increasingly becoming jaded, cynical, and skeptical with the unmasking of these pillars of society. We all have seen sports heroes, politicians, corporate America, actors, actresses as people for the most part turn to greed. All to get it! In their view, as long as I get it faster than the other guy is able to get it! But just what is “IT”?

So what if we manage to get “IT”?  What is cost to ourselves, our families or careers? So! Are self adsorbed as to give up on the ideas of right, or wrong, the positive or the negative? To justify our actions, choices or positions in life? Have we become so blinded or blindfolded with self, that we do not realize the power of influence that we have by how others see our reputations?

All the while just what happened to the popularity of having a good influence, positive attitude, values, and principles, which we would apply in everyday life? Did I just suck the popularity right out of the integrity deficient room / life?

Integrity or the lack there of is more of an inside job. People struggle with integrity issues because they look towards others; they then justify their own actions with in that prism. The greed of their own wishes leads them into the circumstances of forgetting their own principles, values, or the direction of their moral compass, at the great cost of their reputations!

“Character is made in the small moments of our lives.” Quote Phillips Brooks

Our political leaders use the justifications for their own actions within government saying.” We must come to some sort of agreement for the sake or the good of the country. We will not certainly get, all that we want! But with compromise we will work towards our goals.” That should works well, if we were deciding about just where to build a bridge! But what if the question is the difference of right or wrong? How is compromise to work then, with out loosing principles, integrity, reputations, and our moral compasses? Some things can not be compromised, in public, or privet, or in the back rooms of some kind of deal making posses, without loosing reputations in the process. Yet people look to the other guys and what they are doing as all of the moral justification needed, to justify their own actions or the lack there of.

The tea-party as a political force in today’s politics is now getting the attentions of our leaders in government. They would like to see them defined as radicals, uncompromising, rigid, moralists, and wreckers of the democratic way of life! Yet it is only an over sight, of those in power that do not wish to look at themselves as having given up on principles, and convictions of a higher integrity within themselves. Today’s public has one of the lowest out looks on our government’s abilities to govern. No surprise here when we look at their integrity, principles, values, moral standings, and how they used these, or not, on how they have voted on policies, and laws of the land.

The short slightness of elected officials, as to being open to self examinations, and reevaluation of ones self is the problem! Their actions have become clouded with the attitude of “the end justifies the means!” So their decisions have been as such, without the proper usage of principles, values, consciences, and integrity, only to suffer the loss of reputations with the public voters. Even at a place in time when the public has much of the same problems.

Government official’s solution to this lack of reputation is? LIE! Deceive! Discolor the tea party’s true reputation! Blur the political landscape in such a way as to deceive those who are uninformed, or use the system of paying off with political favors, that on their own look like briberies,given to those they would love to have voted for them. In the end nothing changes and the system remains the same. Yet the longer this is the case the greater mistrust the public has of the political officials, and their control comes into question, if not in jeopardy!

The influence of the tea-party on the process in government thus far has had a huge in pact on our leaders influence! For instances for the first time these “Kings and Queens of government see that the ways of doing business in government must come to a change! A different’s in doing business from the old ways, to new ways of doing business to yet remain in power. Yet this is the biggest problem  for them . Those that have come to rely on the briberies, and free give always, (the old status quo) are looking at these politicians as sellouts if things do not remain the same. Realizing if they change the status quo they will lose something. On the other hand those that have been compelled to support the old status quo with out seemingly being listened to, are also looking for changes to take place to a more even playing field so to speak.

So the reputations or the lack there of, is the focal point within the politicos in government. The tea-party has and is the loudest voice shouting out to our government saying “Enough already!! Give us some true Principles, values, integrity, different direction of the country’s moral compass, a different direction with national debts and the way we pay them off, in the most uncompromising of ways, that not only concedes this generation tax burdens as being to large, but will reduce the next generations need, to be enslaved by a bigger tax burden yet to come!”

The tea-party is just a magnifying force of the populists hoping the government will finally be listening to the people wishes. If they could see there folly, they may regain some of their reputations, as well regained some of the government’s influence over the people.

Integrity is not determined by the circumstances! It is the willingness to do the job at all cost, while preserving what (principles, values, integrity,reputations) one may have or try to gain for themself, while choosing the best way to go. Having integrity will never have you looking over your shoulders, or worrying about, what will happen now!

So here we are if the government gets its way “same-o, same-o, status quo!”           “People of this nation as well as the people of the generations yet to come will get tarred and feathered!!”

If the tea-party influence grows in strength, based on unmovable values of principles,  and integrity!                                                                                                                                 “Then polititions of government or a good number of them will be tarred and feathered!”

Politically  speaking in either way, there are  some that will have to endure “GETTING TARRED AND FEATHERED!!”

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