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Diamonds by squeezing taxpayers!

Diamonds by squeezing taxpayers!
The government is always looking for new ways to get the last drop of money out of the people they are governing. So they come up with new ways to complete the job in a sneaky of way’s possible. After all people do not like to be squeezed out of their hard work!

Buffet said not to long ago, “the rich should pay their fair share for having become rich in America.” He also said, “I pay less by percentage of my income then my sectary does!” Well it is nice to know that all is well in the Buffet household isn’t it? But Mr. Buffet the tax code’s only job is point out the minimum payment in taxes do by the tax payer. That’s all! And if government does not like, to have spending controls, then it is government’s job to control their own spending! But that is a real bad joke!! Government is in the business of buying votes just to stay in power, and give the illusion to the people that they have a government of, and for the people! SHAME ON YOU! It is just a scheme!

Oh! Almost forgot Mr. Buffet, you could show some real rich leadership by paying more in tax rather than the bare minimum, or instead of donating 30 + billion to the Gates charity! But that would show leadership by example rather than bitch and moan! Government also is not a charity nor a very cost-effective way on running things compared to business like the one’s you run. “Is that the real reasons that you only pay the minimum tax, rather than an all in attitude”?

Government keeps on spending wildly, thus having to squeeze the people for the last drop of cash out of the economy, as well their wallets. It is if they think squeezing with great pressure on the people by rich guys like Mr. Buffet saying “They should be glad to pay”, that somehow they will create diamonds out of their Penney’s in their pockets!
I say “governments that do not check if Penney’s even exist in the pockets of the taxpayers of this land, may just be creating a bigger mess!! Placing a large amount of pressure on the already empty pockets of the golden goose economy will only succeed in squeezing the crap out of it!

All the best!

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