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Words have new meanings!

          Have you all noted that all words are not used the same way as they once were? Maybe not the same way, or used in the same sentences, or by people who apply their meanings to them. Or is it that we no longer alow people to express themself’s the same way?

          political speaking, we can not use the same words as someone in the streets. Just a fact and I do not make the rules here. But saying the four letter words like …. oop’s just about let some fly! You get the point? You would never have a politician saying those kind of words in front of the masses, right? So it is safe to say that political correctness has and will change the way people use words, some for good and some for worse. But what about other words where the meanings are being changed by political correctness? Like.. do I dare say them now, and here….. well you bet I will! I’m not for one for stopping when a point should be made. The word is ( Racist)!

         Have you ever been called this just because you disagree with the people who you were with? How about just because you disagreed with a politician and their views, policies? Welcome to the party so to speak! The word has been hijacked from the true meaning and given a new definition. The political correct one. NOT! People just apply words like this just because they can not argue with brain power, or the art of persuasion. You happen to disagree, and bam! Hit with small-minded BS, (political correctness).

         It is not that I do not believe in the fact that racists and racism, has not been damaging to everyone in the world, not only my country. But to call one because they disagree with….. (You fill in the blank) then you are the misguided user of the word. You are insulting those that have truly been on the receiving end of racism!

        More than that, it is the misguided soul that uses words like that  is leading us down the road of loosing our GOD given right to be out spoken with free speech.

          “Free speech was designed to protect offensive speech, for non offensive speech needs no protection.”

           It’s not that we should go out to offend  people with speech of ours, but just to keep in mind that no one like our governments should control what is offensive speech. Ya, the four letter words well that’s just over the top. But to be called racist just because someone doesn’t like what you are saying or what you’re words mean for real…. that’s something else!

          The old word (Speakeasy) used to have a meaning also. A place to go to get liquor at a time when liquor was illegal to get. So people would go to the speakeasy’s and get drinks. I say it is time to apply a new meaning to this word, just to catch up to those who would apply, misguided ones of course, like new meanings to the word racist.

          (Speakeasy) definition: to speak easily, freely about anything, and should be given the fair chance to explain with other words in a most persuasive way possible.

          Enjoy free speech, and speakeasy!

          “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” G. Beck

          all the best!

Smile! Someone may be smiling back.

Just a quick thought for my new blog readers. Being new to blogging makes someone nervous at first. But what the hell! It is just me talking right, like a small voice in my head, just who is going to … ah ya, caught you trying to look into my thoughts by reading them. Right? Okay!Have at it, my first.. well kind of thought put out there. I will give you all a moment to catch up to my thoughts….. Now that we are all on the same page the thought of the day is.. wait, wait for it, now! Smiles! Easy does it ! Nothing to big just smiles. I mean try it, just smile at a stranger and what do you get back… well most of the time? Smiles. So that it for now. You have you’re mission , find someone just anyone will do, and give them no explanation, just a big smile!!

all the best!


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